Self Love

When one becomes aware of the One Mind and the One Thought awareness is permeated and filled with the presence of oneself. When one is in tune with and accepting of the One Mind and the One Thought, all of reality is in harmony.
To the degree that you love yourself is the degree to which you will see love in your awareness.
Everything that is within your reality is an expression of yourself. You would speak of wars and things that are not pleasant. The degree to which it intrudes upon your world and your interaction within it is the degree to which it is yours.
It is difficult to fully express to you that your world, this projection of what you experience and what is going on in your immediate reality, is a complete and direct projection of your own self, your own worth, your own self love.
The more you can accept that self love, the more your life will be in peace and harmony, no matter what is going around you. There can be peace in the midst of chaos. When you can stand within and look out with the eyes of love, you are in the One Mind […]

June 27th, 2009|Love|

Defining Love

Love, let us define love. Love is the absolute awareness and recognition of another individual’s aspects. We understand as we speak that this may seem to be rather sterile; yet, think of that which is spoken. Love is the awareness and the recognition of another’s aspects.
That recognition is the bond, the absolutely necessary connection needed to reach the consciousness of All That Is; love is the bridge.
When one does not have that recognition they are unable to link to the other aspects of themselves they encounter in all whom they meet. Love in and of itself is a state of consciousness, even more than an emotion. Love is a universal construct beyond the human concept of love. Love is the state of the universe. It is the only reality that exists.

Ponder this in your day that love is the recognition of all aspects of yourself that you encounter. It is the link that binds you to All That Is.
Love is a necessary bond, and it is how you connect the pieces of yourself. It is truly a human emotion, in the universe it is a state of consciousness.
The negative ego seeks to undermine that awareness of oneness with the […]

March 26th, 2009|Love|

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