2812, 2016

Reflections of The One Mind

The concept of individuality probably inflicts the greatest injury to the concept of All […]

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2804, 2016


What separates the thought from the manifestation is simply integration.
As we have spoken, you […]

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306, 2015


When you give in true service, unconditionally, without expectation, it always serves for the highest […]

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2705, 2015

One Liners from The One Mind

The greatest gift you can offer another is the awareness that they are loved, […]

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2005, 2015


In ancient times sacrifice was an important part of most religious rituals and was […]

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1305, 2015

Metamorphic Transcendence

From a Caterpillar’s Point of View
The imagery of the metamorphic process of the caterpillar […]

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