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Keep on Keeping On

Does the world exist in you? Or do you exist in the world? Does anything that you perceive exist? Are you a dweller in reality or is reality a dweller in you?

When you understand this dynamic you understand the creator and the created, the container and the contained. The only thing that truly exists is consciousness; […]

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All That Is is made up of the potentiality created from the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul. Every thought creates, therefore each individual’s creation varies just like the waves of light through a prism. The thought creates the definition and the potentiality is the choice. Choice, creation, and definition are […]

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Weathering Nature

Weathering Nature, Weathering Human Nature
Storms have troubled mankind throughout the history. It is part of living on this planet. The lesson to be learned, or at least brought to consciousness, is that humanity does not work with nature. If an area is prone to earth quakes, why build great cities? If an area is […]

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