The following excerpt is Chapter 9 from Mastery, The Method and The Meaning.

You have mastered the physical plane of existence when your conscious thoughts and spiritual being unite, and as a result, your life expresses the creative consciousness of creation. As a result, your actions, words and thoughts reflect that union.

As a master, you experience the physical plane of existence in a new way; for, when you are united to the consciousness of creation you see all that you encounter, be it the grass beneath your feet, the animal you consume or the individual that you interact with, as an expression and participant in that consciousness.

Though in dominion in your life, you are never in dominance. You neither seek to control nor can you be controlled; for, you alone are the master of your own destiny. You honor all things and judge nothing that you observe. You only see God in all things because you have experienced God in you.

The master merges into oneness and sees the self as inseparable from the physical world. The master’s touch, or presence, is that of the creator itself; for, the master becomes the incarnation of the consciousness of creation. The master experiences creation […]