The Holographic Experience

The holographic nature of humanity’s existence is awakening upon the planet with the ever-increasing vibrational frequencies of universal energy. The planet, and therefore humanity, is on the cusp of a new experience of existence. An awakening deep within the recesses of humanity’s forgotten origins is emerging through the rich earth of human experience, like the gentle sprout peaking its head above the soil. This is a time of gestation and growth, a time to be nurtured and cared for; for, you are yet unable to fully comprehend or enter the dimension on whose threshold you stand.

We have spoken of the holographic experience of existence.
Now is the age. Now is the time for humanity to fully comprehend the meaning of that term.
When one holds a holographic image in their hand, they turn it slightly with their fingers to get just the right perception, to see the various levels of the image they hold. So it is with you, you hold in your hand an image of what the new age offers. You have a thought of what the fourth dimension contains. You hold it between the fingers of your life experiences as you view it from a perspective of spiritual […]

June 22nd, 2017|Awakening, Energy|

The Master’s Touch

 The following excerpt is Chapter 9 from Mastery, The Method and The Meaning.

You have mastered the physical plane of existence when your conscious thoughts and spiritual being unite, and as a result, your life expresses the creative consciousness of creation. As a result, your actions, words and thoughts reflect that union.

As a master, you experience the physical plane of existence in a new way; for, when you are united to the consciousness of creation you see all that you encounter, be it the grass beneath your feet, the animal you consume or the individual that you interact with, as an expression and participant in that consciousness.

Though in dominion in your life, you are never in dominance. You neither seek to control nor can you be controlled; for, you alone are the master of your own destiny. You honor all things and judge nothing that you observe. You only see God in all things because you have experienced God in you.

The master merges into oneness and sees the self as inseparable from the physical world. The master’s touch, or presence, is that of the creator itself; for, the master becomes the incarnation of the consciousness of creation. The master experiences creation […]

July 19th, 2016|Awakening|

Expanding Horizons

What is a horizon? As soon as we mention it, you have an image in your mind. Perhaps looking out over the sea at the setting sun or perhaps from a mountaintop. Each is an example of a horizon yet each vividly different. There are many horizons: the horizon of vision, the horizon of thought and the horizon of consciousness to mention a few. But whatever the horizon is in reference to, there is one common aspect. It is a meeting point, a place of joining. Horizon is where two aspects of the same reference of reality meet. Where the earth meets the sky, thought meets inspiration and consciousness meets God.

Now that we have established a definition of horizon and have identified a common factor between all references to horizon, what other common aspects do they share. A horizon is also the point between the seen and the unseen. Horizon may be the end or the limit of visual perception, spiritual awareness or the conscious awareness; yet, each hold the promise of something more yet to be seen.

The next curiosity about horizon is that you can never reach it. It is always out there and moves with your change […]

May 18th, 2016|Awakening, Spirituality|

Metamorphic Transcendence

From a Caterpillar’s Point of View
The imagery of the metamorphic process of the caterpillar to the butterfly has often been used as an analogy for the transformational process that occurs in enlightenment and, in fact, it is an excellent metaphor that encapsulates the process of transcendence.

Possibly the most important message that this image offers is lost in the precognition of the caterpillar’s transformation into the butterfly. To fully understand the message from the human perspective, we must look at this metamorphosis from the caterpillar’s point of view.

Let us start by first stating that the caterpillar has no comprehension of the butterfly, just as Jesus had no comprehension of the resurrection. That fact makes the cocoon or the cross look quite differently. The caterpillar is content in its life and its many feet are firmly implanted on the ground. It eats the lush greenery from the treetops and its only thoughts of flying are its fear of falling.
All it knows is what it is, yet it is destined to become more than it can comprehend—and so it is with humanity.
The caterpillar goes about its life, its routine, its predictable behaviors with no comprehension of the destiny that lies ahead. Yet […]

May 13th, 2015|Awakening, Metaphysical|

Of Past Times and Future Days

The evolution of the progression of consciousness is etched deeply in the fabric of the universe.
The ancient clockwork of time ticks obediently toward consciousness’ day.

Humanity’s journey of awakening is built upon yesterdays and reaching for tomorrows.
Of past times remembering and future days to come.

The immortal cause of consciousness awakens the waiting heart.
Beyond the veil of awareness, wisdom is on the march.
Invincible truth begets a new world to keep a promise made.
Time becomes an eternal place and without boundaries.

Light resides in this place of love where consciousness is found.
Upon the throne of creation sits the soul of humankind.
Ascending to its rightful place, the creator will reside.
Within the heart and soul is found the resting place inside.

For ancient is the days of earth, and kingdoms come and fall.
But “reign forever in the place” is consciousness’ call.
Blessed are the days of earth, a gift to humankind.
The moment of their life to be the ladder they will climb.

Let knowing be your trusted guide and walk upon the way.
The ancient clockwork waits no more for consciousness’ day.
For it has come to a sleeping world for all humankind to see,
And there they will reside forever in eternity.

February 23rd, 2015|Awakening|

The Meaning of Your Life

Do not mistake the purpose and the meaning of your life. The purpose of your life is the outward actions you have chosen. The meaning of your life is the internalization of your own definition of yourself. That meaning has nothing to do with what goes on around you, your seeming successes or failures. Yet, most of humanity identifies themselves by external circumstances, situations, and the input by others — even if that identification is based upon some illusive concept of a deity somewhere over there.
As soon as the meaning of your life is determined by any external force, you then become dependent on it.
What we speak of is deeper than the normal codependency. The meaning of your life is evaluated by so many outside circumstances. Have you not been aware at times how meaningless your life has felt? And the reason for the meaninglessness is because the external forces, circumstances and situations that you depended on were are not present. If you were never to reach your goals, would the meaning of your life differ than if you were successful in all your endeavors? The answer to this quandary lies in understanding the internal processes that define the meaning of […]

December 22nd, 2014|Awakening, Consciousness, Soul|

Close Encounters

Close Encounters of the Universal Kind
Some who read these words maybe familiar with the term “close encounters” as it refers to extra-terrestrial contact from sightings (an encounter of the first kind) to actual alien contact (the third kind).

Now we are well aware of the myriad of sentient species at varying stages of development scattered throughout your galaxy; yet, what we wish to speak of here is fourth dimensional (spiritual) encounters rather than third dimensional contact from your neighbors in your area of the universe.
So our conversation is of “angels,” not aliens, to create a distinction.
The holy writings of virtually all religious persuasions speak of encounters with etheric beings, prophets and the diety itself. Angels have been portrayed as everything from messengers to mercenaries on behalf of God. Ancient images portray celestial contact, and circles are recently mysteriously appearing in fields. There are prophecies of an end time filled with etheric beings engaged in spiritual warfare, humanity being whisked away into the clouds and the dead rising from the grave.

Obviously there is ample evidence that something is about to happen. Our intent is to help put the events in perspective. We believe the place to begin, and perhaps more difficult […]

December 15th, 2014|Awakening, Metaphysical, Universe|

Barriers and Boundaries

A thoughtful invitation to move beyond limitation.

Come with us; for, we whisper to you from beyond the veil of understanding and the light of awareness. We call to you to come. We invite you to reside in this place. We grant to you an emergence of awareness and well-being that you possess–that which is unseen. In the light of awareness and the words of wisdom, the boundaries and barriers of limitation disappear. We are ever present and you are ever here in a realm beyond limitation or boundaries.

We step forth into your environment as we have invited you into ours, and we merge into one grand conscious existence. There no longer is separation. There is no longer a limitation to understanding and conscious awareness. Acknowledge the merger of the minds of consciousness. Surrender into the perception of paradise, and declare that all is well upon your world. Insightful understandings, wise concepts of action, intuitive light of guidance allows you to maneuver a complex physical creation. Where there is darkness, you are light, and where you are there can be no darkness. There is peace where you are, and where peace is, there you are.

In a chaotic and confusing world, you […]

November 17th, 2014|Awakening|

Abundance vs Greed

The concept of the pursuit of treasure is a long-standing philosophy embedded deeply in the minds of humanity. Everyone is waiting for their ship to come in, to obtain their inheritance, win the lottery.

Intrinsically there is nothing wrong with the desire for abundance. Note that we did not say finance or wealth. Abundance is provided in many ways. It comes through all the aspects and energies of physical existence. It permeates the subtlety of your daily living and fills your cups of desire with generous portions of your wishes.

Yet humanity struggles in obtaining that which they already have, all the abundance they need. As a result, greed and avarice are born. The difference between greed and the honest desire for abundance is very subtle. But its consequences are profoundly different.

Abundance is the acknowledgement, the participation and the confidence that there is an eternal flow of everything you need.

Greed is born of the belief that there is a limited amount of abundance available, and because of that fear, flow is limited. The result is that the more you seek to attain, the more you lose. Although while firmly grounded in the concept of abundance, you are unafraid for when you pass […]

September 22nd, 2014|Awakening, Empowerment, Spirituality|

Thoughts On A Nurturing World

The earth has every gift of the oneness of All That Is; no level of Consciousness is less than the other or limited. Physicality shares in the consciousness of All That Is. It could not be anything less than eternal and infinite.
Go and look with the eyes of the oneness of All That Is. Listen with the ears of All That Is. For the earth has a secret that it wants to tell you that will give you dominion over your world.
Now, one might question why, why would it take so long, why would I need this process. First of all it is a beautiful process of self-awareness. Second, when you are complete with it you can’t remain in physical form upon this planet, you will ascend. Because your world, your perception will have changed, and so will your reality. Be playful, and in that play be observant. This is not a test to pass, it a gift to receive.

We want you to love the earth upon which you stand, the air which you breathe.
Recall and remember that this is God also, that the world, the universe is the physical expression of God.
It is our wish to assist you […]

July 13th, 2014|Awakening, Physicality|

Always Present

It is difficult in a temporal world to comprehend the concept of eternity. It is as difficult to comprehend infinity in a finite existence.
Yet the reality of your existence is that you are always present in all time and space.
Even the event of a physical death does not diminish your presence or the presence of those who you have encountered from being part of your present reality.

Though many of the great masters have spoken of it, the man, Jesus, told his followers that he would always be with them. What did that mean? We will say that his promise was not unique for there is no loss, it cannot be in the universe in which you exist, there can only be change. Everyone you have ever loved or cared for, anyone who has ever been your friend or a confidante, is whispering in your ear and reminding you that, “I will be with you to the end of time.”
The community in which you participate is far more vast and inclusive that you can imagine.
There are far more beings in your presence that are unaffected by the negative ego consciousness or who stand in the light and awareness of the […]

July 6th, 2014|Awakening, Enlightenment|

Countdown to Evolution

Even in your holy writings it speaks of the labor pains of the birthing of the “Christ” consciousness, yet when the mother beholds the child, her pain is forgotten by the realization that a life has been brought into the world. Your spiritual awareness and your intellectual psyche are fully aware that you are on countdown to your destiny. Perhaps likened to the countdown of a space shot, the closer you get to the blast off, the more activity and the double checks that all systems are working properly.

Why would you not do the same for the greatest event in human history which is about to occur in your reality? Or perhaps you don’t really believe it is going to occur? We assure you that the deep intuitive levels of your mind are aware and responding to the every-increasing energies being transmitted to this planet.
When critical mass is met–and it will be met, just like water hits the boiling point–humanity will ascend into a new level of consciousness.
The reason there is mention of the tribulation is not because it is some externally imposed punishment for human behavior but rather the tribulation is in direct proportion to one’s resistance to […]

July 2nd, 2014|Awakening, Enlightenment|

Through the Thinning Veil

The veil of human consciousness which shrouds the reality and the truth of existence is self imposed by humanity’s forgetfulness. It is a temporary delineation between Knowingness and Unknowingness, Awareness and Unawareness. It is not a boundary created intentionally or as some religious beliefs explain as humanity’s fall from grace; rather it is the necessary and natural component of physicality becoming aware and awakened to its source and its destiny. In your holy writings it speaks of the paradise that existed and the garden in which it was lost. It was not by temptation nor arrogant defiling of the laws of “God” but rather a willing, loving, conscious sacrifice to lay down one’s conscious awareness of their divinity in order that physical creation that was not yet aware could become so.
The veil is not the obstacle.
The veil is the border in which human perception has limited itself in order that it might reach the deepest and most unknown aspects of itself so that it might become whole and complete. To truly be conscious of all things and an expressive being of divinity, one must overcome the obstacles of forgetfulness and the distraction of darkness; for, in truth, there is only […]

June 3rd, 2014|Awakening|

A Conscious Degree of Separation

As we have instructed in the past, all that exists is intricately connected with each other. That creation itself and the creator are one. Your physical expression and the planet are born from the same source. Your consciousness is one with the creative Consciousness of All That Is. A simple degree of conscious awareness is all that separates you from a personal, powerful, presence of your infinite and eternal existence in your life.
What is a degree in consciousness? What is meant by a degree of separation?
A circle when segmented can be measured in degrees. Temperature is measured by a different concept of degrees. Even in your society, you speak of the degrees of separation of all individuals upon the planet. Degrees of separation are defined measurements to determine one’s position or attributes in relationship to the whole. How much of the piece of the pie has been cut? How warm or cold something is in relationship to the measurement of temperature. The degree of separation between people on your planet is the number of individuals it takes to be connected to anyone.

When we speak of one degree of conscious separation, we are firstly stating that there is nothing that stands […]

February 19th, 2014|Awakening|

The Flute

Very briefly, we have spoken of the disintegration of the veil of awareness between the third and fourth dimensions in times past. And, indeed, it is appropriate to still the body, quiet the mind and be observant. One needs to separate oneself from the world in order to hear and see this shift. Remember that dimensions are in your terms holographic, they all exist simultaneously in your reality.
Separation from the world muffles the distractions and intensifies the focus upon the fourth dimension.
Think of yourself in a great concert hall and the symphony is playing. How do you identify and hear just the lowly flute? How do you hear its presence and separate it from the whole. You would need to know what a flute sounds like. Would you then leave the room or distract yourself in order to identify the melody the flute is playing? No. You would listen more intently. You would hear the symphony more fully and completely. The same is true if you wish to “hear” the fourth dimension in your everyday life, it is like the lowly flute. To experience the fourth dimension in your reality, to consciously experience the realm’s presence and to interact with […]

January 23rd, 2014|Awakening|

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