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Expansion of Consciousness

In the infinite expansion of consciousness, the spiritual pilgrim becomes increasingly aware that the path to enlightenment is not a destination or a goal to be obtained, but an evolutionary process to participate in. Nothing in the universe is static, not even consciousness itself. All is dynamic and ever evolving and changing. Creation is […]

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The Fork in The Road

There is a poem that speaks of a traveler coming upon a fork in the road and choosing the one less traveled—which made all the difference in his life. The takeaway is that the well-traveled road leads to a common, usual and familiar life, while the less-traveled road leads to an obviously more fulfilled life. Most […]

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The Sacredness of Science

The following is from Chapter 7, Convergence of Consciousness, the Harmonics of Creation.

The convergence of consciousness in creation is a dynamic force and a cornerstone of all that exists. To fully understand your creation and the consciousness in which you dwell, the dedicated student of spiritual enlightenment must consider the philosophical and theoretical aspects of […]

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