Career and The Path of Your Soul

Most of humanity chooses a career to create an income and utilize their skills and abilities in a useful and beneficial way. The path of the soul is often misinterpreted as one’s career; yet, the two are not necessarily separate. The optimum hope is that one’s career is intertwined with the path of the soul. When an individual chooses to intentionally dedicate their activities to their path, one’s career promotes that purpose. The commonality between one’s career and the path of their soul is the aptitudes which is shared by both one’s career choices and the path of the soul.

Participation in the path of the soul is a powerful expression of one’s willingness to both dwell in and be of assistance to the world in which they live. An error often made is the belief that the path of the soul must be some profound journey or have some noticeable universal impact upon humankind. Yes, there are those, like the face of the clock, whose actions are visible to many; yet, if it was not for all the intricate, minute parts that perform their task hidden beneath the surface what you can see of the clock would be useless.

Therefore, […]

June 13th, 2018|Physicality, Soul|

Light of the Soul

If your reality is experiencing lack, your internal reality is somehow strangulated from the flow. If your outside world is cluttered or compulsively clean, it is a reflection of an internal process.

Remember the light of the soul is like a projector that shines through the celluloid of your thoughts and projects onto the screen of your reality. It cannot be otherwise. It never has been otherwise.

The same source that feeds your soul, feeds your body; it is the same source that provides money in your bank account. If you feel denied, how are you denying yourself? If you feel unappreciated, how do you not appreciate yourself? If you feel rejected, how is it that you reject yourself?

Your reality is in complete service to your thoughts and has no power over them. Your reality can inspire, instruct or be a catalyst to move you to a higher state of consciousness which can give the illusion that some outside force is at work within you. Rather it is the light of your soul that carries the images of your thoughts onto the screen of your reality that is seeking to transform your life.

Even your challenges are for the same purpose. Even when one cries in the darkness, “Thy will […]

April 1st, 2015|Consciousness, Soul|

The Meaning of Your Life

Do not mistake the purpose and the meaning of your life. The purpose of your life is the outward actions you have chosen. The meaning of your life is the internalization of your own definition of yourself. That meaning has nothing to do with what goes on around you, your seeming successes or failures. Yet, most of humanity identifies themselves by external circumstances, situations, and the input by others — even if that identification is based upon some illusive concept of a deity somewhere over there.
As soon as the meaning of your life is determined by any external force, you then become dependent on it.
What we speak of is deeper than the normal codependency. The meaning of your life is evaluated by so many outside circumstances. Have you not been aware at times how meaningless your life has felt? And the reason for the meaninglessness is because the external forces, circumstances and situations that you depended on were are not present. If you were never to reach your goals, would the meaning of your life differ than if you were successful in all your endeavors? The answer to this quandary lies in understanding the internal processes that define the meaning of […]

December 22nd, 2014|Awakening, Consciousness, Soul|

Infinite Mind and Eternal Existence

Infinite Mind and Eternal Existence — these realities of your existence are not a future promise but a present state of your being. Though the human mind constricts comprehension of them, they are accessible and have both conscious and unconscious influences on your thoughts and behaviors.
Your infinite mind and eternal existence are aspects of your soul, but do not assume that they do not express in physical form. These transcendent elements of your being are available for your use. Though human awareness can only comprehend finite elements of them, it does not hinder their assimilation into your reality to the degree that you are willing to accept them. Understanding is not the operative element to utilize these attributes: it is acceptance that they are an aspect of your being.
The exploration of these divine traits within your human experience will open understanding and insight into them. You might ask if their influence on your life is in proportion to your understanding.  No?  But it is to the degree of your acceptance and acknowledgment of them as elements of yourself. This attitude gives permission for your true identity to gain active access to your life. The pursuit of understanding of spiritual […]

September 25th, 2013|Soul|

Cosmic Community

Humanity is a communal being. Individuals thrive in the midst of others. Humanity innately desires for union with each other, be it in the marital relationship, the family, with those in their community, and perhaps even allegiance and alignment with their country.

When humanity unites for a common purpose, be it for the better or worse of the collective whole, one plus one is greater than two. There is, indeed a longing, a deep inner desire for that connection with another. It is in that connection that there is support, guidance and teaching.

The individual expands their own self-identify, ironically, when they have a deep awareness and participation in community. Think about those with whom you interact. Those that support you. Those that nurture you. Those that challenge you. Perhaps those who are a catalyst to move you to expand beyond the horizons of your desires.

When one is sad, they often wish to speak to another. When one is happy, one wishes to share it with another. All the positive attributes of humanity are expanded when individuals come together in true community with the sole purpose of the highest good of all involved. It is a reuniting with the consciousness of […]

August 2nd, 2013|Soul|

Power of the Soul

Call upon your soul to emanate forth in all aspects of your life that you are in dominion and authority in all things. Project the dominion of your soul into those aspects of your life where you are, for where you are is the greatest facilitator on the path of the soul. When you call forth your soul, your soul has power to assist you. Those powers consciously and unconsciously work within your life.
Your soul is your emissary into physicality.
Do not depend on the ego consciousness to provide your needs for that is like trying to crawl across a room using your fingers. When you call upon your soul, you stand upright and walk with intent and purpose through the pathways of your life. The ego consciousness does not work any longer. For you are moving into a realm where one’s identity must be grounded in the spiritual awareness, from there you will ride out the storms of change upon this planet.
When you call forth your soul you empower every aspect of your life.
Every aspect is transformed, for as we have spoken, the soul is the soul and the soul is God–and it is not vulnerable to the whims […]

March 10th, 2013|Soul|

The Task and Path of the Soul

We have addressed in past concepts the topic of the path and the task of the soul. We would like to continue our discussion to, perhaps, clarify and deepen your understanding of the importance of these aspects of your life.
We realize for many reading these words the idea of a soul path or a soul task is a foreign concept. Probably the best place to start is to state that the existence of a path and task of the soul supercede any religious constructs or belief systems. They are attributes of the soul and inseparable from it. They are the intentional interaction of the soul in existence and the sole purpose for its individual expression. The path and the task of the soul transcend physical existence. They are an eternal construct that is interactive and dynamic in all dimensions of existence. The task and path of the soul is the soul’s gift back to the source of its existence. They are chosen by the soul and are imprinted in all of its expressions.

How then do these two dynamic aspects of your soul translate into physical form?
First, a definition in human terms of the task and path of the soul: […]

January 28th, 2013|Soul|

The Game of Life

We are aware that the very title of this concept may offend some. The idea that life can be equated to a game can be seen as diminishing its value and minimizing the human experience, a cheapening of its purpose. Nothing could be further from our intent.

Yet, let us look at how humanity views playing games. Games are generally seen as optional activities with no ultimate intrinsic value, often a fantasy reality offering no lasting value to the human experience. That is a pretty heavy judgment of games to contend with. Simply stated, games are not a necessary component for life; yet, we hold to our statement that life is a game.

So, what do games offer that is positive? They provide recreation and an opportunity to develop skills and abilities. They provide enjoyment and yes, hopefully, healthy competition and, in some cases, team work. Winning is, of course, a nice side benefit. Can we squeeze the concept of life into this narrow box, no pun intended?
Let’s look at it this way. Is life a game the soul plays?
“What?!” you may shout, “Life is too hard, too serious, too important, too valuable to be a flippant activity of the soul!” […]

October 3rd, 2012|Physicality, Soul|

Dawn of the Soul

Dawn of the Soul, Visualization Exercise

Breathe deeply into your center, breathe into the core of your being and enkindle the fire of your soul.

Feel the fire within the solar plexus igniting your soul, invigorating your existence. Breathe in deeply allowing spirit to blow upon the coals of your soul and experience consciousness entering from the crown of your head to join with this light. Feel that radiant glow and presence within you, become encompassed in it, surrounded in it and radiating forth to your world.

Find your center place of peace. Draw from that strength, that light; for, it is the true source of being and the only point of existence in this dimension that is truly eternal, infinite and real. It is there that you merge with the physical plane of existence. It is from there that you ascend to the realms.

Go to that place and breathe in that light, allow it to shine out from you and you will see yourself in a new world.

This point of being, this point of power is as real and as evident and as important to your existence as the air that you breathe, the heart that beats in your […]

June 21st, 2012|Enlightenment, Soul|

The Fork in The Road

There is a poem that speaks of a traveler coming upon a fork in the road and choosing the one less traveled—which made all the difference in his life. The takeaway is that the well-traveled road leads to a common, usual and familiar life, while the less-traveled road leads to an obviously more fulfilled life. Most people see the well-traveled road as wide and manicured, certainly without obstacles; the less-traveled road is seen as narrow, possibly with low-hanging branches and grass growing underfoot.

Could it be that both realities are the same, indistinguishable from each other? The truth is that it is not what road you take but how you travel it. It is simply a choice.
You have chosen to walk this journey called life; so, why not choose the more adventurous, scenic and interesting path?
Be willing to step aside from the random and routine, the commonplace and accepted. Step forward in your own unique expression of who you are.

Do not pre-judge the spiritual path as either difficult or precarious. You may encounter obstacles along the way, but that is no different than any road you take. Perhaps that fork in the road had two road signs: the more traveled road, an […]

February 10th, 2012|Enlightenment, Physicality, Soul|

The Umbilical Cord of Consciousness

An umbilical cord is the bridge between gestation and birth. It provides the necessary nutrients for the growth of a fetus into a fully developed organism ready for birth. Virtually every living thing has some sort of umbilical connection between its point of conception and its development in preparation for birth, even within an egg there is an umbilical cord and the sprout is connected to the seed.
Would it not also be true that within the gestation period of becoming a fully God-conscious being in physical form that there would be an umbilical cord that sustains you until you are able to survive on your own? Birth is the critical mass state when an organism has developed to the point that it can survive outside the womb.

What is the womb for humanity—and what is the umbilical cord?
Let us say this at the outset that the Change of the Age is the birthing process of humanity into expressive, God-conscious entities, where the womb is no longer necessary and the umbilical cord has been severed so you are free. Your soul is the seed of life; your soul is the conception of your physical existence. It is also the expression of your […]

November 30th, 2011|Physicality, Soul|

The Harmonics of Convergence

Everything receives, produces, and emanates a vibratory frequency. Each unique vibratory frequency creates a specific manifestation in the physical plane of existence. This energetic cycle between the elements of creation produces the signature resonance of the “Ohm”. If you think of these vibratory frequencies as an orchestra playing a symphony, you would have an indication of how the individual aspects of existence contribute to manifesting the greater whole.

An individual note and specific resonant vibration of creation, in and of itself, is perfect; yet, not all combinations of music are harmonious—some, in fact, are very dissonant. The same it true with the elements of creation. Though perfect in and of themselves, certain combinations of creation are more harmonious than others, but do not, we repeat, do not infer that discord or dissonance is, therefore, negative. The harmonics of the universe are a functional issue—not a judgment of good or bad, right or wrong. All creation does, indeed, sing, but the song is not a solitary note. It is a melodious combination of creation and thought, possibility and potential, realization and release.
You are the listening ear of creation singing to itself.
This symphony of energy is in no way a limitation to […]

August 23rd, 2011|All That Is, Soul|

The Handmaiden

Is your soul the handmaiden to your physical expression?
Or is your physical expression the handmaiden to your soul?

A provocative question, one not to be answered lightly; for, your decision has a profound affect upon how you interact in your life, in your world, and in your spiritual existence.

What is a handmaiden? It was someone assigned to an individual to be of assist to provide ease, comfort, caring and nurturing; to lessen the burdens, to lighten the load, to be pampered and cared for.

We perceive that many of you would quickly surmise that the soul is handmaiden to your physical expression. At the very least, that would offer a sense of security and well-being, a hope for assistance and guidance in what can sometimes be a frightening and confusing world.

In fact, through most of your history and theological beliefs, the soul has been seen as infinite and eternal, yet vulnerable to the miscreations and behaviors of its human counterpart. This perception has caused the soul to be seen as an object to be protected and cared for in order to assure one’s own eternal existence, which means that in some way the soul holds the key. A rather conflictual relationship, […]

May 13th, 2011|Soul|

Evolution or Evolvement?

Philosophies fight between creationism and evolution. Sociologists banter back and forth about human development and psychologists certainly add to the mix. The simple truth of human existence is the emergence of the consciousness that created all things becoming physically manifest. The question of evolution or evolvement is neither a religious quandary nor a scientific debate. It is the question whether humanity is being driven or driving itself towards its own self-fulfillment.
Evolution is a passive state where physical existence is manipulated by outside forces and an internal process expressed in an outward expression.
This begs the question of humanity’s participation in both the creation and the creative process of physical existence. Humanity was born from the physical material of creation just as the seedling emerges its head above the soil that contains it. Humanity is the sparks of consciousness erupting from the fabric of existence. Humanity is creation expressing itself. The same force that grows the mighty oak or gives birth to the lamb and lion is the same force within you. You are in dominion. You are the pinnacle of the pyramid of existence for every living creature. Every physical component of the earth is a stepping stone to your […]

April 12th, 2011|Awakening, Soul, Spirituality|

Cleansing the Palette of the Soul

We are sure that you are aware of the practice of cleansing the physical palette between courses of a sumptuous meal. What is the purpose and intent of this action? Would you not want to savor the delicacies long after they have been consumed? Yet when the palette is not cleansed, you cannot fully and completely appreciate a new taste, a new sensory experience.

Cleansing the physical palette brings you back to a place of unbiased receptivity, uninfluenced by other tastes and textures in order that you might fully experience what is being offered in the moment. The same is true of the soul, though we doubt if many have ever considered that correlation in cleansing the physical and spiritual palette.

As mentioned, cleansing the palette is to acknowledge that which has been consumed or experienced and return to a neutral place in order to experience something new. On life’s journey, one seldom thinks of cleansing the soul’s experiences.
Cleansing the palette of the soul allows you to be in the experiential moment of spiritual awareness.
Cleansing the palette of the soul is not the same concept of living in the present moment or forgiving the past, it is an acknowledgment of completion […]

April 6th, 2011|Soul, Spirituality|

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