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Balance and Non-Resistance

What is the state of Beingness that is most conducive, receptive and open to the realms of the angels? Balance is the fruit of a mind at peace. It is the result of one who knows that they are in true dominion and authority. Balance is the mother of peace. Think about that. For a state of peacefulness, there must be balance, the lack of resistance. Though our brother never truly said the words in the manner written on the night before his death, he spoke to his disciples and stated, “My peace I give to you. A peace the world does not give to you.” Though not totally, historically accurate, it is an invaluable statement of balance and non-resistance. The mother of non-resistance is balance, and it is trust that begets balance. Think of that which we have spoken.
Trust creates balance.
Balance begets non-resistance.
Non-resistance begets peace.
If one is having difficulty with balance, they need to look at their trust issues.

If one is having difficulty with resistance, or the lack thereof, one needs to look at their issues of balance.

If one is having difficulty with peace, one needs to look at that which they are resisting.
You see, trust is begotten […]

January 29th, 2014|Empowerment|

The Flute

Very briefly, we have spoken of the disintegration of the veil of awareness between the third and fourth dimensions in times past. And, indeed, it is appropriate to still the body, quiet the mind and be observant. One needs to separate oneself from the world in order to hear and see this shift. Remember that dimensions are in your terms holographic, they all exist simultaneously in your reality.
Separation from the world muffles the distractions and intensifies the focus upon the fourth dimension.
Think of yourself in a great concert hall and the symphony is playing. How do you identify and hear just the lowly flute? How do you hear its presence and separate it from the whole. You would need to know what a flute sounds like. Would you then leave the room or distract yourself in order to identify the melody the flute is playing? No. You would listen more intently. You would hear the symphony more fully and completely. The same is true if you wish to “hear” the fourth dimension in your everyday life, it is like the lowly flute. To experience the fourth dimension in your reality, to consciously experience the realm’s presence and to interact with […]

January 23rd, 2014|Awakening|

Faith and Focus

Faith is the focus of consciousness in creation. It is a driving factor in the direction and the manifestation of the creative process in your life. In the religious context, it is the belief in the unseen or the hope for a certain outcome. Yet, as indicated by the masters, such as Jesus, have but the faith of a mustard seed and the mountain will be cast into the sea. Now the mountain and the sea are both known entities of your reality; so, perhaps faith’s realm is more than that which is unseen but rather includes that which is known.

Faith is the conscious content of creation. It is an active driving force not a passive state.

Faith is the belief in your own desire to create and that there is no obstacle that stands in the way of your ultimate desire.

Faith is a state of being. Focus creates faith, and faith is the result of focus.

We speak of faith in God, we speak of faith in a family member or a loved one; yet, the most powerful and viable force in all creation is faith in oneself. Faith does not need to be learned or earned. It does need […]

January 14th, 2014|Enlightenment|

Ego Consciousness

Ego consciousness versus the consciousness of God.
Individuality is deeply ingrained within the psyche of humanity. Though desperately held onto by humanity under the illusion that it creates a sense of safety, security, empowerment and freedom–individuality, in reality, is a prison.

At the very heart of negativity is the concept of separation. The horizons of one’s consciousness is in direct proportion with that which they perceive themselves part of or one with. A sense of belonging is very important for the human emotion. When an individual is in a meaningful relationship, be it in a marital, parental, or societal interaction, they feel more than themselves. There has been in the recent past a thrust within spiritual or religious circles to emphasize the oneness, the unity, with one another.

Even scripture speaks of the body of Christ, that unsung, “mystical” level. Humanity is entwined and inseparable from each other. In the pursuit of the creation of community, the very process ironically creates fertile ground for prejudice, judgment and separation. More damaging to the awareness of the oneness of All That Is than “I” and “they” is “we” and “they”, the collective consciousness of separation.
The double-edged sword of creating community is that there are […]

January 5th, 2014|Love, Metaphysical|

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