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An Invitation to Yourselves

You do not define your life by a day; do not define your existence by a life. Your life is one note in a great symphony playing in perfect harmony with the One Mind and One Thought. We wish for you to unhinge yourself from this life experience in order that you can comprehend […]

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Thoughts On A Nurturing World

The earth has every gift of the oneness of All That Is; no level of Consciousness is less than the other or limited. Physicality shares in the consciousness of All That Is. It could not be anything less than eternal and infinite.
Go and look with the eyes of the oneness of All That Is. […]

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Always Present

It is difficult in a temporal world to comprehend the concept of eternity. It is as difficult to comprehend infinity in a finite existence.
Yet the reality of your existence is that you are always present in all time and space.
Even the event of a physical death does not diminish your presence or the presence […]

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Countdown to Evolution

Even in your holy writings it speaks of the labor pains of the birthing of the “Christ” consciousness, yet when the mother beholds the child, her pain is forgotten by the realization that a life has been brought into the world. Your spiritual awareness and your intellectual psyche are fully aware that you are […]

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