It is difficult in a temporal world to comprehend the concept of eternity. It is as difficult to comprehend infinity in a finite existence.

Yet the reality of your existence is that you are always present in all time and space.

Even the event of a physical death does not diminish your presence or the presence of those who you have encountered from being part of your present reality.

Though many of the great masters have spoken of it, the man, Jesus, told his followers that he would always be with them. What did that mean? We will say that his promise was not unique for there is no loss, it cannot be in the universe in which you exist, there can only be change. Everyone you have ever loved or cared for, anyone who has ever been your friend or a confidante, is whispering in your ear and reminding you that, “I will be with you to the end of time.”

The community in which you participate is far more vast and inclusive that you can imagine.

There are far more beings in your presence that are unaffected by the negative ego consciousness or who stand in the light and awareness of the Consciousness of All That Is than those of you who have been courageous enough to wade through the muck and mire of the physical plane of existence in order to sanctify it and transform it.

Often when a parent is determining the appropriate educational program for their children, they will look at statistical information of teacher/student ratio, considering that the higher the ratio the more likelihood of a better educational experience. Figuratively speaking the student/teacher ratio between the realms and humanity is beyond measure. The numbers of entities in conscious awareness of God in service to you are as numerous as the stars in the sky. It should give you great comfort to be aware of their presence. It would be wise to accept their guidance and be astute to hear their voices.

Existence is infinite and eternal and all who you have encountered are present with you—they have simply changed.

Seek with the eyes that will see and the ears that will hear your etheric family, for they are present and walk among you. Your holy writings speak of the dead rising, is that not true? Could it be that they have always been present and now you can see them? Is the new world that was prophesized but an awakening away? And we, like all those who you have loved and cared for, make this promise to you, “I will be with you to the end of time.”