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Of Past Times and Future Days

The evolution of the progression of consciousness is etched deeply in the fabric of the universe.
The ancient clockwork of time ticks obediently toward consciousness’ day.

Humanity’s journey of awakening is built upon yesterdays and reaching for tomorrows.
Of past times remembering and future days to come.

The immortal cause of consciousness awakens the waiting heart.
Beyond the veil of awareness, wisdom is on the march.
Invincible truth begets a new world to keep a promise made.
Time becomes an eternal place and without boundaries.

Light resides in this place of love where consciousness is found.
Upon the throne of creation sits the soul of humankind.
Ascending to its rightful place, the creator will reside.
Within the heart and soul is found the resting place inside.

For ancient is the days of earth, and kingdoms come and fall.
But “reign forever in the place” is consciousness’ call.
Blessed are the days of earth, a gift to humankind.
The moment of their life to be the ladder they will climb.

Let knowing be your trusted guide and walk upon the way.
The ancient clockwork waits no more for consciousness’ day.
For it has come to a sleeping world for all humankind to see,
And there they will reside forever in eternity.

February 23rd, 2015|Awakening|

Of Dreams and Disappointments

Throughout our teachings, we have spoken of the power of your thoughts and the dominion of your consciousness in your life. Religiously and spiritually, you have been promised ultimate victory and realized goals if you have the faith or the focus to achieve them. So when disappointments occur, and they will, and tragedies trespass on your life, you have few alternatives to comfort yourself—either resigning yourself to “it was God’s will” or a failure on your part to manifest well, or perhaps just fate.

So what do you do when your dreams fall from the sky like teardrops on your life? When the irrevocable happens, death, illness or accident? Are the promises we have made or the prophets’ and masters’ contingent possibilities or spiritual bar too high to be reached? The reality is that even the masters did not get everything they wanted and were disappointed.
So that begs the question, what are disappointments’ spiritual value?
We will not insult you with either some religious rhetoric or spiritual truisms in an attempt to explain away the sadness you encounter at the loss of your dreams. Just because loss does not exist in consciousness does not mean it is not REAL and has […]

February 16th, 2015|Physicality|

The Holographic Nature of Existence

From science fiction to philosophy, humanity has considered the possibility of alternative realities and parallel universes. We will attempt to shed some light on this phenomenon.
Is reality multidimensional?
Yes…all possibilities exist and express to the degree you consciously participate in them. Reality is like the holographic image, what you see depends on how you look at it. All realities, as all images of the holograph, are contained within the image/reality itself.

There is for every yes, a no; for every left turn made, a reality where you turned right. It must be so; for, to make a choice, by its very nature, creates the alternative not chosen. Alternate realities are the sum total of the infinite melding pot from which you pull your potential. That does not mean that there is another you who married another person, took a different career path or lives in a different locale running around in some parallel universe. Remember, all images of the holograph are contained within its single image; all realities exist within the one you reside.
All realities exist but only one is expressed at a time and conscious participation is needed for its expression.
It is how you look at the holographic image that […]

February 9th, 2015|Enlightenment|

Memories are in the Moment

We would like to speak of memories. We have taught throughout our communications that all is in the present and not to hold onto the past or project your emotional energy into the future. Also, we have indicated all healing is in the present and past wounds are healed by releasing the past. It would seem then that steering your thoughts between the lines of the past and future is the only way to move safely forward.

What then of memories? Are they a mental exercise to be avoided? You might question if it is possible or even appropriate to live in the vacuum of neither responding to the past nor preparing for the future. We agree memories are part of the human thought process. We have explained that memories laden with emotional baggage are not beneficial and hinder present growth because of them.
What of those good memories that solicit feelings of warmth and love?
As mentioned, you cannot live in a mental vacuum, but you must choose where you wish your thoughts to dwell. Recalling the past makes it present; for, all memories are in the moment. The thoughts and emotions generated by them are in the now. They may […]

February 2nd, 2015|Physicality|

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