From science fiction to philosophy, humanity has considered the possibility of alternative realities and parallel universes. We will attempt to shed some light on this phenomenon.

Is reality multidimensional?

Yes…all possibilities exist and express to the degree you consciously participate in them. Reality is like the holographic image, what you see depends on how you look at it. All realities, as all images of the holograph, are contained within the image/reality itself.

There is for every yes, a no; for every left turn made, a reality where you turned right. It must be so; for, to make a choice, by its very nature, creates the alternative not chosen. Alternate realities are the sum total of the infinite melding pot from which you pull your potential. That does not mean that there is another you who married another person, took a different career path or lives in a different locale running around in some parallel universe. Remember, all images of the holograph are contained within its single image; all realities exist within the one you reside.

All realities exist but only one is expressed at a time and conscious participation is needed for its expression.

It is how you look at the holographic image that determines which image you see. It is how you focus your consciousness on what reality you experience. Just as the images of the holograph are not separate from it, your realities are not separate from your existence. Your existence is not fractured but rather multifaceted.

Therefore, since a myriad of realities are embedded within your reality, they must be accessible. They are given life by the focus and intent of your consciousness, providing a generally seamless stream of existence.

So is choice the master of your multi-reality existence?
No, rather a decision of your consciousness.

Do you need to fear being whisked away into some alternate reality without knowing it? No, rest your mind, reality cannot be imposed on you. You must be a willing participant on the level of your consciousness in alignment with your soul for drastic reality shifts to occur. Do they? Yes. A miracle is one such reality shift, though there are others.

So the “other yous” are like your clothes in your closet, available if you choose to “wear them. There are times your alternative selves may cross paths with you to intervene or teach; yet, usually you will be unaware so as not to create fear or confusion. Yet communication and contact is possible.

Probably the most important part of this discussion on the holographic nature of existence is that you are not chained to the one you are currently experiencing, meaning you can move, and in fact, it is your right to choose differently. Everyday you change your realities many times, usually not dramatically but it can happen.

If you are experiencing change and choice in your life, you are moving through alternate realities.

So can you then go into your closet and “change your clothes” and come out rich, famous, healthy or deeply in love in an instant? Yes, you can be all of these things but alternative realities are not a grab bag or a magical escape from your creations. Realities enter through the building blocks of your current consciousness. You make real your alternate realities by your intent and focus, and you give life to them by the consciousness of your mind.