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Pending Shift in Consciousness

The pending shift in consciousness is defined by the ever-increasing awareness of the oneness of All That Is–and as a result the demise of the negative ego consciousness. The negative ego consciousness is that self identification that sees one’s individual expression in conflict and competition with the other aspects of creation. The negative ego consciousness sees its environment and the individuals within it as a threat. The negative ego consciousness is born from the belief of vulnerability and powerlessness in the environment in which one lives.
The dichotomy of this current phase of existence, where the ever-increasing awareness of the Oneness of All That Is with its support and assistance to each aspect of creation, is its hallmark.
On the other hand, the turbulent upheavals in finance, society, government and health created by the disintegration of the old paradigms of social interaction confront this new belief. These upheavals create fertile ground for the negative ego consciousness. As a result the negative ego desperately grasps at human consciousness to drag it back down into the belief that one lives in a reality in which they have no control. As a result in the death throes of the negative ego consciousness, its affect becomes […]

September 22nd, 2009|Consciousness|

Faith as Surrender

Nothing, no action, no thought, no word, no emotion is outside this realm of consciousness. Take your fears and your guilt, those filters that stop you in your accessibility to the creative potentiality of the universe and surrender them.
Faith is another term for surrender.
The hope for things unseen, the faith that it can occur and the love that creates it is the Biblical concept of the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul. And love is indeed the greatest of them for dominion allows that which is in the ethereal to be manifested in the physical.
It is true that you must love that which you create.
So even those things that you find distasteful that you have created, you must have loved or you could not have created it. Just as light allows you to see, love allows you to manifest, even those things you perceive you do not desire.
With that insight you can come to understand that all things that are created, even in the most seemingly distressful circumstance, there is at its source a perfect projection of the mind of God.
Releasing those belief systems and acknowledging the potential of all good things unempowers your miscreation and […]

September 10th, 2009|All That Is, Awakening, The One Mind|

One Race, Many Colors

Prejudice is a cancer that eats at the very core of self-awareness and identity.
Prejudice is the child of the concept of separation and the energy of the negative ego consciousness. It is condemnation and degradation of another because they are seen as different.

The more one separates themselves from another, the greater the isolation and self-condemnation becomes. How bland a world if every flower looked the same, the same fragrance, the same number of petals and the same hue. How bland the world would be if in each species there was only one family. Your physical plane of existence is a celebration of differentiation working in unison for the common good of all.
Humanity’s judgement, condemnation, and ostracism is a stain on the fabric of creation.
To deny another their right to exist condemns yourself to non-existence. Prejudice is insidious and spreads like cancer throughout the human consciousness. Prejudice and its condemnation of others minimizes one’s own existence.

Prejudice is a toxic mix of judgement, the concept of separation and, the worst of all, disavowing that an aspect of creation is not good or less than oneself. All creation has a right to exist. All creation was chosen by a greater mind than […]

September 3rd, 2009|Physicality|

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