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Eternal Now & Eternal Here
Perception is pure awareness of the Oneness of All That Is. This perception is projected through the lens of the mind which can become deformed and distorted through the negative ego consciousness, and this perception projected through the lens of one’s mind creates one’s awareness. As we have stated, physicality needs to be anchored. Your individual expression is anchored within your body, your body is anchored upon this planet. It gives you a place of perspective in a physical expression.

We wish to speak of the Eternal Here and the Eternal Now. The Eternal Now when unexpressed or unrecognized becomes time and the Eternal Here when unexpressed or unrecognized become space. It becomes the orientation within the physical plane of existence for the unseen Eternal Now and Eternal Here, an expression of the One Mind and the One Thought in the physical plane of existence.

So time and space, the now and the here, are physical expressions for orientation purposes of the One Mind and the One Thought. When one is residing in the One Mind and the One Thought, time and space cease to exist. So remember time and space as the expression of individuality are projections […]

June 3rd, 2017|Metaphysical, The One Mind|

Reflections of The One Mind

The concept of individuality probably inflicts the greatest injury to the concept of All That Is. Individuality implies separateness and a boundary. Individuality is determined by external sources. The concept of individuality creates the walls.

There has never been, nor will there ever be, a negative act from the internal I Am. All negativity stems from the concept of individuality. Individuality is the fertile ground of the negative ego’s reaction to the world in which it resides.

Individuality is a lonely child alienated from its source. That lonely “child” yearns to be close to that presence of “I Am”, that presence which is indeed God, the source of All That Is, the only common point in all the universe of all things.

When you stand in the awareness that “I” neither implies separation nor boundaries, and there is a billion times a billion consciousnesses declaring “I”, one experiences God.
Prophecy is an indicator of external actions based upon internal consciousness. Prophecy, or more appropriately, the subject matter of the predictions is an effect, not a cause. Often times individuals become so focused on the prophecy that they forget its meaning and message. There are numerous prophecies of global environmental disturbances, societal collapse, philosophical differences and clashes […]

December 28th, 2016|The One Mind|

One Liners from The One Mind

The greatest gift you can offer another is the awareness that they are loved, not because they are perfect, but because they exist. Therein lies the secret and the ointment for an ailing heart.

There is no greater security than the awareness and the beauty that the universe takes care of all its children.

Chaos, the tribulation, is not created from evil, it is created from goodness and truth revealing itself. It is humanity’s reaction to the truth that creates evil in response to it.

Technology without understanding and wisdom – or wisdom and understanding without technology – is like a one-legged man without a crutch. He can wiggle and squirm but fails to reach his goal out of exhaustion.

Truth begets technology, not technology the truth.

Be the creator that you are. Be the presence and the representative of All that Is in your world for your fire and your light is ignited from the sacred flame of creation and it burns most brightly. Be the love of the creator for its creation and the creature for the creator.

The container can belie the contents, but pure contents will never belie the container.
Use finance as a vehicle; finance will never make you prosperous or […]

May 27th, 2015|The One Mind|

All You Do & All That Is

There is constant movement within the energy fields of humanity. Every choice, no matter how minute, be it the time you rise or the time you sleep, the time you leave or return, what you eat or what you don’t, what you purchase or what you don’t, affects the entirety of All That Is.

Those minute choices can and do create magnified effects, little changes in finance, behaviors or thoughts can create profound positive or negative changes in your life. Little changes or choices in spiritual pursuit have the same effect.

The failure of humanity is that they so often see the whole picture and see it so large that they forget that to move the mountain to the sea may be done by moving one shovel full at a time.
All learning is simply remembering. Your current culture is a time that the accumulated knowledge of the human experience is more readily available, even somewhat mirrored in your internet. Information and knowledge is becoming more accessible. You learn through your own experiences and evaluate the present circumstances by reflecting upon past learning.

You forget that even though there is truly only the present, the Now, it is appropriate to utilize information learned. Knowledge is eternal. Knowledge is the […]

April 23rd, 2015|All That Is, The One Mind|

God Mind

We have spoken to you of Consciousness as being synonymous with the creative force and source of the universe. We have specifically spoken of God Consciousness which is in alignment to the intent and purposes of creation. We have indicated to you that you are that consciousness in physical form, the chalice of beingness.

So why would we again speak of and add a new terminology to this already well-defined concept? God Mind is the answer. The previous terms express your relationship to the universe and the creative force of existence. It speaks in a manner that though you be one with it, it is something to be obtained, something to become.

The God Mind is who you are and where you exist. We speak of the conscious mind. We speak of the subconscious mind, the unconscious mind; the super ego and the id, and the higher self; the soul and the oversoul—many terms in an attempt to define who you are in relationship to what you are.

We have named ourselves The One Mind, The One Thought, and The One Soul and have invited you to acknowledge, surrender and be dominion in your life. The God Mind is when the observer […]

October 23rd, 2014|The One Mind, Universe|

Merging Mind, Thought, and Source

Firstly, the more that you merge with the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul, the more harmonious and balanced you become, and your life’s journey becomes more synchronous. When you are attuned with the One Mind, greater creativity manifests in your life. When you are in alignment with the One Thought your intuition sharpens, and merging with the One Soul creates harmony and balance. Any and all disruption in your life comes from a disconnection from one of those three aspects of consciousness

You can always tell which aspect of consciousness is out of balance by what is occurring in your reality:

— If you are lacking creativity, hope and possibility, you need to reconnect with the One Mind.

— If you are bungling along in life with little intuition and understanding, you are disconnected from the One Thought.

— If the physical world is an obstacle rather than a conduit of your desires, you are not connected to the One Soul.
How the illusion of separation occurred was from the erring belief that to observe something is to be separate from it.
The key is to observe it from it, within yourself so that the very thing you are observing is yourself. That is a path to higher consciousness–the only path that leads you to the trinity consciousness of the One […]

April 4th, 2014|Enlightenment, The One Mind|


Embrace your world, embrace your reality, scour every corner for things out of alignment with the One Mind and the One Thought, and love and embrace them into the light. There is no lonliness here. There is no fear here. There is no darkness here. Have no adversary. Inundate and surround and fill those in your reality who are out of alignment with the perfect perception with love. Everything, everyone must work in alignment, in harmony.
To excel to your own level of greatness, to excel to the level of truth in your being one must be in harmony with all things.
Do you understand that your love of yourself is the foothold into the perception of who you are. Look East, West, North, South and you will only see yourself, but yourself is beyond this physical being, this self is the One Mind and the One Thought that fills your being with love.
Paradise is love itself. The concept of good and evil erodes the concept of love of self.
We would wish to give you the universe, but it is already yours. Your body is an anchor to your world, and your planet is an anchor so that you can view […]

June 29th, 2013|Love, The One Mind|


Synchronicity is the result when The One Mind and The One Thought merge.
Is not paradise absolute synchronicity?
When you move into the One Mind and One Thought, you are one with your environment, you know what the next moment holds, you know what exists around the bend in the road, you are guided in harmony, balance and peace.
The One Mind and One Thought when merged is absolute peace, absolute joy, absolute harmony and absolute love.
Even time and space and the dimensions are at your command for the One Mind and One Thought is the greatest expression of existence. The I AM is the source, the One Mind, existence, the One Thought, creation. That is the truth of being, the dimensional houses of existence are based upon the mastery of that concept of the One Mind and the One Thought.

I Am and existence go hand-in-hand; one does not exist without the other. It is the ultimate definition of the masculine/feminine energy of the world; it is the beloved and the lover; it is the beholder and beheld.
Duality is the degree to which one separates the One Mind from the One Thought, or the I Am from Existence.
Even humanity places existence outside of itself. […]

April 2nd, 2013|The One Mind|

Anatomy of Surrender

When one thinks of the word surrender, one often feels that to surrender is to be defeated. One surrenders when they have become overpowered, no longer able to endure, incapable of victory. Within human society and military operations this definition is quite accurate. Surrender is synomous with defeat.

So, it is expected when one is asked to spiritually surrender that it could mean defeat. We have been powerless against our own demons and beleaguered and disheveled, fatigued and confused. We give up. And, indeed, this behavior is very much parallel to society’s concept of surrender.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Spiritual surrender has nothing to do with giving up; it has nothing to do with defeat; it has nothing to do with going to battle.
In fact, when one does not surrender, they are already defeated.
With that in mind, let us explore the concept of surrender and how it pertains to the aspect of Consciousness which is the thought, the One Thought, encompassed within the mind of humanity.

One might question why we would say not to surrender is to be defeated. Surrender is a lack of participation in that which we do not wish to participate in. The only way […]

July 22nd, 2011|Consciousness, The One Mind|

The Universe: The Unfoldment of Consciousness

Philosophers, theologians and even psychologists have sought to understand and define the concepts of reality and consciousness. It is intriguing, if not ironic, that the very sea of awareness that you swim in is exceptionally difficult to comprehend and define.
The parameters of consciousness and the limits of your reality are synonymous with each other.
It is difficult to observe a concept in which you dwell and be able to step back and observe it objectively. There is only one place in which that perspective is capable of being comprehended—and that is when you are in union with the mind of the creator, God. An analogy to explain humanity’s difficulty in defining reality and its relationship to consciousness is to see yourself standing on a large, flat, unobstructed area on your planet and walking in a straight line. All who observe your actions would agree that you are walking in a straight line. But is that true? From your perspective, indeed; in fact, it looks like you are walking away from your starting point.

But in reality, neither of those perceptions is accurate. Since you physically reside on a sphere, your path is not straight, it is curved with the planet’s contour. […]

June 22nd, 2011|The One Mind, Universe|

Reminder and Review

We have discussed with you and given you the foundation–the first steps in understanding the definition of God.

We have explained to you the trifold aspects of the existence of consciousness: The One Mind, The One Thought, The One Soul, and all three of those interactions with each other.

We have indicated to you the three attitudes that allow you to move into that consciousness: Acknowledgment, Surrender, Dominion, and we have warned you of the three attitudes; Denial, Alienation, Powerlessness, that hinder the manifestation of Consciousness.

We have indicated to you the Eternal Here and the Eternal Now and how they correlate and interact with Eternity and Infinity. We have spoken to you of the creation of beingness as Consciousness pursuing Physicality throughout creation to conceive Beingness.

Now we begin the fundamental understandings of the second step towards Consciousness, a deeper understanding that Consciousness is the face of God in your reality. If you want to meet God face to face, if you want to interact with the Divine, simply open you eyes and your mind and see the world for what it truly is. God in physical form.

To the degree that your Consciousness is expressed by your interaction with acknowledgment, surrender and dominion, […]

June 3rd, 2011|The One Mind|

The Core of Consciousness

Let us review and add another level to the concept of the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul.

— You know you are in the Consciousness of the One Mind when you are acknowledge the potentiality and possibilities available to you, therefore, erasing limitations or preconceived ideas.

— You know you are in the Consciousness of the One Thought when you have access to your intuitive nature.

— And you know you are in the Consciousness of the One Soul when your life is in harmony and balance, and you are manifesting your soul’s desires.

So what do you do when you don’t experience a connection to these levels of consciousness?
There is a formula that can be followed to reconnect you in consciousness.
–If you are feeling limitation because you are not in connection with the potentiality and the creativity of the One Mind: ACKNOWLEDGE that all things are possible and you have all potential.

–If your intuition and insight is clouded by subjective filters and beliefs you are out of alignment with the One Thought you are called upon to: SURRENDER those thoughts, belief, ideas and emotions that block the creative power of the One Mind.

–When you feel powerless and out of […]

April 20th, 2011|Consciousness, The One Mind|

Chicken or the Egg

As we have stated, Consciousness, God, Divinity, must of itself have a source, the potentiality of all things. It must have a place from which to manifest and a place in which to observe. What has occurred in the separation of consciousness, is the point of observation is seen as separate from both the source and its manifestation. What has occurred is what is observed is seen as the source and therefore creating a point of consciousness–that is “out there”. What you would call point of observation, the One Thought, is the ability to comprehend what one creates. Is it not true that often times one sees oneself separate from their own soul and apart from the concept of divinity.
So how does one develop a point of observation born of the One Mind and expressed through the One Soul? And what does that look like?
We have spoken that when one removes the filters, the perfect Inner Awareness is expressed as the Perfect Awareness. When one does not see themselves as separate there are no filters, only comprehension. When one comprehends something, it means that they are enveloped in total understanding of something. Think of the difference between observing something and […]

January 28th, 2011|All That Is, The One Mind|

The Changing of the Age or The Shift

As always, it is our delight and our pleasure to speak with you, to assist you, to guide you, to instruct you in the ways of universal existence. It is our intent to inspire you and to reveal to you the truth of the oneness of All That Is. As we have many times indicated and reminded you, your world, your universe and your dimension are in the process of shift and expansion into the next dimension of existence.

Sometimes the most complex of concepts, such as a dimensional shift that occurs at the beginning of each age, can be gleaned down to some very basic concepts. It is like the maple tree whose sap you harvest and then boil down into one of nature’s sweetest foods.

We are going to provide you two guidelines, though not new concepts to you but reinforcement.

The first is all Consciousness is a Trinity:
The One Mind, The One Thought, The One Soul.
The Father, Son and Spirit.
Acknowledgement, Surrender, Dominion

When one keeps that awareness in the forefront of the mind, one will be able to maneuver the shifts and changes in the environment and reality that necessarily flow out of a dimensional shift. In the past, humanity’s […]

December 31st, 2010|All That Is, Awakening, The One Mind|

Upon the Spiral Stairs

Upon the Spiral Stairs is a powerful 12 month program of affirmations for the purpose of raising your Consciousness. You can begin whenever you wish, simply start with Step 1 and affirm daily that set of affirmations for a month and then proceed to the next step upon the Spiral Stairs and repeat the process. The words “One Mind and One Thought” may be replaced with anything within your belief system such as “God, Jesus, Spirit, etc.”

An affirmation is a statement made in the present about a future event as if it has already occurred. The following set of affirmations is transformative when practiced and affirms the perfect perception of Consciousness in our lives while initiating the transformative process of denial to acknowledgment, alienation to surrender, and powerlessness to dominion.

When we affirm we are willing to participate, to accept and willing to be in divine will they become a creative force in our lives.

Step 1 – INTEGRATION — physical integration.

I choose I am willing to accept my physical reality from the One Mind and the One Thought.

I choose I am willing to participate in the physical reality of the One Mind and the One Thought.

I choose I am willing for my physical reality to […]

December 6th, 2010|Consciousness, Soul, The One Mind|

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