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Keep on Keeping On

Does the world exist in you? Or do you exist in the world? Does anything that you perceive exist? Are you a dweller in reality or is reality a dweller in you?

When you understand this dynamic you understand the creator and the created, the container and the contained. The only thing that truly exists is consciousness; and yes, indeed its three incorporated aspects: mind, thought and manifestation (soul), paralleling the concept of father, son, spirit.
Spirit not only moved upon the water, spirit was the water.
To perceive something is to identify it, to comprehend something is to incorporate it in your consciousness. Just as you have heard in your teachings that not being in the present is disempowering. The same is true, the less you comprehend a manifestation or the less you comprehend the One Mind, the more separate and disempowered you are from it. Remember that comprehension of physicality is to understand the manifestation through perfect insight. Insight without negative ego filters.
Perception is always third person; comprehension is always first person.
Even in writing there are three voices, first, second, and third. And often times, nearly all the time, one perceives that the third dimension is seen as height, width and depth. The […]

November 17th, 2009|All That Is, The One Mind|


All That Is is made up of the potentiality created from the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul. Every thought creates, therefore each individual’s creation varies just like the waves of light through a prism. The thought creates the definition and the potentiality is the choice. Choice, creation, and definition are the active expression in All That Is.
It is said that free will is a gift from a most loving creator father. Impossible. Free will is the very nature of Consciousness.
If the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul represent choice, definition and creation—how can there not be free will? And do you see that there can be no cause and effect upon it? No thing created it—it is the First Cause. It is the highest form of Consciousness for it enfolds upon itself and is not the resultant manifestation of any external thought process outside of itself.

This is an important concept to begin to work with.
Comprehension is when you understand the relationship between the choice, the creation, and the definition.
That is the practical application of the utilization of the the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul in the physical plane of existence. This […]

November 16th, 2009|All That Is, The One Mind|

Weathering Nature

Weathering Nature, Weathering Human Nature
Storms have troubled mankind throughout the history. It is part of living on this planet. The lesson to be learned, or at least brought to consciousness, is that humanity does not work with nature. If an area is prone to earth quakes, why build great cities? If an area is prone to great storms, why build below sea level?
Humanity has great difficulty with what it cannot control or does not have power over.
Humanity is like the belligerent child who tests its limits to such an extent that mother earth reprimands.

Indeed, Consciousness plays a part in natural events, but Consciousness is not the creator of the event. Consciousness is the cause that puts one in harm’s way. Do you perceive that if you were to remove all the inhabitants from the planet, that earthquakes and storms would cease?
Throughout the millennia of history, cataclysmic, environmental events have been utilized for cleansing.
And that is primarily because consciousness locates itself in the area that cleansing is most likely to occur. Why would you not expect sooner or later a hurricane to hit New Orleans? When the “big one” comes on the west coast and the great buildings topple into […]

November 5th, 2009|Physicality|

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