Weathering Nature, Weathering Human Nature

Storms have troubled mankind throughout the history. It is part of living on this planet. The lesson to be learned, or at least brought to consciousness, is that humanity does not work with nature. If an area is prone to earth quakes, why build great cities? If an area is prone to great storms, why build below sea level?

Humanity has great difficulty with what it cannot control or does not have power over.

Humanity is like the belligerent child who tests its limits to such an extent that mother earth reprimands.

Indeed, Consciousness plays a part in natural events, but Consciousness is not the creator of the event. Consciousness is the cause that puts one in harm’s way. Do you perceive that if you were to remove all the inhabitants from the planet, that earthquakes and storms would cease?

Throughout the millennia of history, cataclysmic, environmental events have been utilized for cleansing.

And that is primarily because consciousness locates itself in the area that cleansing is most likely to occur. Why would you not expect sooner or later a hurricane to hit New Orleans? When the “big one” comes on the west coast and the great buildings topple into the sea, was this an act of God or simply a man’s test against nature. You attempt to build a levy that will keep the waters out, build a building that will survive certain seismic activity. A town that builds at the bottom of a volcano cannot curse the volcano.

All the other organisms of the world work in harmony and balance with the designs of nature. Fish do not seek to walk on water, nor does the lion wish to fly. Nature follows the rules it was given. Each and every organism works in harmony and balance, acknowledging their role in the dance of life on this planet.

stormsHumanity is an anomaly—it has not found its niche and is unwilling to work in harmony and balance with its brothers and sisters of the planet. It is more important to have a port by the sea: it is more important to pollute the rivers: it is more important to dangle off the edge of a fault than it is to simply listen. The earth always has and always will make changes, and it seems as if humanity is determined to butt heads with nature.

Humanity puts itself in conflict with nature, nature is not in conflict with them.

The planet always seeks to bring the optimum balance, striving to redevelop the wetlands, even the Mississippi River does not flow where it wishes to–but it will. The earth is not an enemy. The earth is a loving, nurturing parent to all its children, including humanity. Technology and the industrial revolution has caused humanity to be like the adolescent who rebels against its parents with new found freedom, only years later to come to realize how much the parent cared.

This is not an issue of houses on the beach, or cities built where the sea belongs, it is an issue of Consciousness.

Did consciousness create the storm or was the storm driven by Consciousness? Consciousness simply is—and weather patterns simply are. We look at what this great storm did, how brutal it was upon an unsuspecting humanity. Yet each and everyday humanity is far more brutal to the earth by its neglect, lack of care, consideration for all living beings and the planet on which they dwell.

Humanity cannot win against nature, for nature wields the power of creation. Tsunamis can tilt the world on its axis and great storms can turn the coast into vacant real estate. Volcanoes can change the structure of a continent, as do earthquakes.

One might question why all those people who were so devastated by the tsunami when they weren’t particularly technical or particularly abusive to the environment.

To be in harmony with the earth is to listen to it.

butterflyThere is not a soul on the planet who cannot hear the earth’s warning. When one is in harmony with the earth and honoring the earth, the earth will honor you. And no disaster can befall you.

We of the Consciousness of All That Is bless you. We hold your heartache and your hurt in the bosom of our presence. We send healing energy upon your planet. Healing comes in your intent and willingness to participate in planetary environment. Do you think that the ant underneath your feet is any less than you? Any less a willing, voluntary participant in the Consciousness of All That Is expressed upon this planet.

Humanity’s challenge is to find its niche in a perfectly synchronized environment that does not need them to exist.

Humanity is the only species on the planet that if eliminated would not affect the eco-environment. Humanity is the sum total of all living existence upon the planet. It is the ambassador to the creator of all things and exists on behalf of those that its represents. Humanity is an emissary to the Consciousness of All That Is as we are emissaries to you. Humanity is creation calling out to that which has created it. Humanity stands upon the shoulders of all living things, to betray those who called you into existence is to betray yourself. You are the voice, the heart, the hands of everything. You are the creature who can build and tear down. Ironically, you are the only creature upon the planet that can disrupt the planetary environment.

You exist to bring the consciousness of All That Is into physical form. To betray this task is truly to bring extinction to the species.

The next time you see a bird fly or cuddle with your favorite pet, or see a slithering serpent in the grass or a butterfly dancing in the wind, do not, do not forget that they called you forth into existence to be the voice, the heart, the hands and the ears of the consciousness of All That Is. You are the caretakers of a garden, not created by you, and when you focus upon this reality the winds will be still and the sea calm, and your world will be paradise again.