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Be Mindful of Separation

You live in an era where the individual is touted as the supreme authority in one’s life. Individuals vie for positions of power, control and authority. In fact, the individual has become so important that one person can have an affect on an entire community, society, culture or country. If an individual does not like a song or a prayer, their rights must be protected disregarding all others’ opinions.
The individual has become adversarial in our society.
Yet, in this time of human rights, individual expression, and the right to follow the beat of “your own drum,” more people than ever before are unhappy with their lot in life, insecure in the fortress of individuality they have built around themselves to protect them from the enemy—the other.

The spirit of community in your current society is seen as an optional adventure into interaction with others. To belong to a country, a society or a culture is determined by how much that structure can assist the individual. The pendulum has swung from a time of societal tyranny and control to individual anarchy and dominance.
The point of human rights, individualized expression, and its relationship to the community’s well being has been lost.
Yet when one fully understands […]

March 24th, 2010|Physicality|

The Anchor

As humanity experiences the upcoming dimensional shift and its effects on Consciousness, there can be a distortion in an individual’s perceptions of themselves, others and their world. Differences become exaggerated and commonalities become intensified. Consciousness can become more of a knee-jerk reaction than a purposeful focus and choice. Governments, philosophies and religions are undergoing a transitional period greater than anyone on this plane of existence has experienced since the last changing of the age.
Just as you are aware that scientific understanding is geometrically expanding, the same is true of human Consciousness—it is geometrically expanding. This ever-increasing awareness is exponentially changing one’s reality and, therefore, perception.
This is not an inappropriate process. Chaos is a cousin to creation and a necessary aspect for humanity, your world and your universe to move forward in an every-spiraling expansion of itself. Yet, it is necessary and appropriate if one is to ride these waves of change to be anchored in order not to be tossed and turned, and slammed into old paradigms of thought and set adrift in waters of new realities.

To what then does one anchor one’s self? An anchor seeks a stable point unaffected by the turbulent waters of change that beat […]

March 14th, 2010|Awakening|

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