As humanity experiences the upcoming dimensional shift and its effects on Consciousness, there can be a distortion in an individual’s perceptions of themselves, others and their world. Differences become exaggerated and commonalities become intensified. Consciousness can become more of a knee-jerk reaction than a purposeful focus and choice. Governments, philosophies and religions are undergoing a transitional period greater than anyone on this plane of existence has experienced since the last changing of the age.

Just as you are aware that scientific understanding is geometrically expanding, the same is true of human Consciousness—it is geometrically expanding. This ever-increasing awareness is exponentially changing one’s reality and, therefore, perception.

This is not an inappropriate process. Chaos is a cousin to creation and a necessary aspect for humanity, your world and your universe to move forward in an every-spiraling expansion of itself. Yet, it is necessary and appropriate if one is to ride these waves of change to be anchored in order not to be tossed and turned, and slammed into old paradigms of thought and set adrift in waters of new realities.

anchorTo what then does one anchor one’s self? An anchor seeks a stable point unaffected by the turbulent waters of change that beat against the ship of one’s life. The anchor holds one steady and stabilized and allows one to ride the winds of change relatively unharmed. The turbulent energies of change break loose the old to make way for the new.

Yet the anchor is unchanging and remains stable through these shifts. The anchor holds a point of orientation and perspective until the turbulent waters of change subside. What then remains the same through every age, through every dimensional shift, in every universe that exists, there is but one and that is the eternal awareness of one’s identity of who they are and where they dwell. The inner being of your awareness is the author of the very process that you are experiencing.

One can weather the storm when they stand firm upon the rock, unable to be washed away as sand by the seashore.

When one perceives and identifies one’s self from an internal perspective and awareness of his or her own inner being, they are anchored, they are safe, and they are able to weather the storms.

All identification must be inner identification. Those human constructs that have defined you in the past are no longer on solid ground and as the sands of life shift and change in the sea of ever-progressing expansion of Consciousness, your anchor, your rock, is that inner knowingness and awareness of who you are and where you dwell.

anchorWhen all is said and done and the change of the age is a distant memory in the consciousness of humanity, one will still be and always will be that inner self of divine recognition.

Powerful times lie ahead. Let go gracefully of your current perception to allow the new and expanded awareness of your reality to unfold before you.

Do not be afraid to let go; for that which is coming is far greater. To hold back would be like one walking a hundred miles in a reality in which automobiles, trains and planes exist to ease your way. Humanity, curiously, fears the unknown, and often perceives that what exists in their current reality is all there is. There is a wonderment, there is a beauty, there is a power and awareness that is emerging within the human psyche that will transform forever who you are and where you dwell.

There will be, as prophesized, a new heaven and a new earth which is born from the seat of that anchor within—who you are and where you truly dwell.

For that, beloved souls of light, is what is emerging upon your planet, the physical manifestation of the eternal and infinite truth of your beings.