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Embracing the One

We would invite you often and readily to recall and remind yourself of your participation and presence in the oneness of All That Is. We have shared with you the primer. If your creative force that brings opportunities into your life is not strong, you need to embrace and encompass the One Mind. If your intuition, which is input from the realms and your awareness of what you perceive is manifested, is blurry and dull, you need to enhance your embrace of the One Thought. If your perceptions are not to your liking, if you are not in harmony and balance with your planet and the physical realms, you must embrace more fully the One Soul.

Now, how does one do that?
You are in limitation with the One Mind when you see yourself as limited.
If you box yourself into a corner, or into a little corner of possible reality, you must realize all possible realities are available. Remember that humanity has a tendency to attempt to change that which is projected rather than identify the source of that projection. Any limiting thought separates you from the One Mind. When you do not feel creativity and that energetic flow which is the fodder for creation in […]

April 27th, 2010|The One Mind|


When you create a goal or an energetic destination — how do you determine if and when this event will occur? Are you a prophet of your own destiny? Or are you too intimately involved to clearly see your own future? Does the present moment foreshadow future events? And if the only real moment is the present then the future must be contained within it.

So how do you sit here today and determine what your future holds? We will say this, the universe always responds in the most expedient and appropriate manner for that which you desire. The factors involved is how compatible is your current reality to nurture the seeds of your future desires. There must be a place in your present moment that holds that which you desire in your future. The seed must be present. The seed must be nurtured. The seed must be protected.
To see the realization of your goals create the seed in your present day.
That is the foundation from which your future springs forth. Make a place in you current day for that which you desire. Make a place in your current thoughts and desires. The time period between the thought and the manifestation […]

April 14th, 2010|Creation, Physicality|

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