Convergence of Consciousness

Convergence of Consciousness, Elements of Creation
The convergence of consciousness is the point at which creation occurs. It is the meeting point of the necessary elements to conceive a new creation. One such point was at the creation of your universe, a moment in a place beyond existence where the convergence of self-awareness and desire merged.
The convergence of consciousness occurs within.
Existence is the outward expression of an internal dynamic. All the universe is an outward expression of an internal consciousness. Whose consciousness was it? Where did it come from? Was it God? Was it a fluke in the cosmic energies of creation? Was it you?

It is nearly impossible for humanity to perceive something outside of existence. It’s incomprehendable and can be likened to humanity’s evolutionary process of understanding the universe, believing it revolved around the earth or the planet was flat.
The internal expression of creation is consciousness, in the external manifestation of existence it is energy.
The convergence of consciousness is expressed through universal energy, and universal energy mirrors the consciousness that created it—dynamic, ever expanding, infinitely expressing and eternally changing.

At this point in the evolutionary process of humanity’s awakening, do not worry yourself or seek to understand that which cannot […]

February 16th, 2018|Consciousness, Creation|

The Physiology of Consciousness

The expression of consciousness in creation is a dynamic force of divinity. The creator and the creation are in a unique relationship with each other, like a positive charge to a negative charge, or the north pole of a magnet to the south. It is because they both exist and respond to each other that an energy and an attraction are created which propels creation to be expressed in the physical plane of existence and observed by you.
What is that charge between consciousness and creation? What is their interrelationship?
As you are well aware, it is the opposite attributes of an electrical charge or polarization of molecules that attracts and creates an energy. The dynamic relationship between consciousness, always seeking to exist, and creation, always seeking to return to that which created it, produces the energy of existence. Consciousness is the potential, creation is the product of that possibility and beingness observes it. In the relationship between consciousness and creation, existence is born and the I AM of observation is made manifest.
This law of existence is evidenced throughout your physical environment.
From the study of quantum physics’  minutest atom to astronomy’s observation of the greatest star, both exhibit properties of this […]

June 2nd, 2016|Consciousness, Creation|

Holographic Experience

As you go about your day, be open to the holographic experience of humanity and the doors of conscious awareness will fling open. Cast aside your doubts. Eliminate trying to open the doorway to higher consciousness and simply acknowledge its existence.

Exercises to delve into the higher realms are for those who do not know it is there. Do you exercise to walk or do you simply walk? You might question, are they not learned experiences to ingrain into our conscious and subconscious to eliminate the blocks that hinder us from the truth?

You are already where you wish to be; for, in the night of your forgetting, you have slipped away to reunite with the stars. If you could see it from our perspective–the anticipation and excitement would be beyond measure. In other words, as you sit here, you sit in both realms.
Call upon your power
You are powerful, powerful beings, virtually limitless. And we do not speak that in some philosophical sense or in some veiled metaphor, you are aware that your power comes from the collective whole. You are more than who you perceive yourself to be. We hear your every prayer, we know your every desire and we […]

April 8th, 2015|Creation, Metaphysical|

Convergence Consciousness

The Energetic Pattern of Convergence Consciousness
At the very heart of creation is the energetic signature of the potentiality created by the consciousness of All That Is. Each and every creation—be it the power of light, the focus of thought, the butterfly that flutters or the great whale that glides silently in the sea—each has its unique signature of energy. That energetic signature is created by consciousness defining its intent. The consciousness that created all things did not cherry pick those things that were to exist. Rather consciousness initiated a creative force capable of changing, evolving and being self-sustaining.
At the moment of existence God did not abandon what was created—but became it.
The evolutionary process of the universe is the evolution of God into physical being. The energetic signature is determined by conscious intent and, in this case, the conscious intent of the creator—and because you are participants in that energy, you have become co-creators with the source of All That Is. What does the creator know that you are in the process of discovering? The answer is an understanding and respect for the power of pure conscious thought, unfiltered and undistracted, upon the fabric of creation. Your thoughts weave the energetic pattern […]

November 3rd, 2014|Consciousness, Creation, Energy|

Creation is Your Friend

Rely and sustain yourselves in the ever present consciousness of the creator; for, the eternal awareness of God is ever present, and you cannot be separated from it. There is nothing that exists and that does not possess the creative force and consciousness of God.

The goal of humanity is to allow that pure presence to express by aligning one’s thoughts and actions, emotions and words with that creative force. Darkness is the absence of light; negativity is the absence of that conscious presence of God. You enlighten your world by the acknowledgement, the surrender and the dominion into the creative source that permeates all that exists.
Welcome it. Allow it to sustain you; for, just as the laws of nature sustain creation, the laws of consciousness sustain you.
The work is not to attain–the task at hand is to remove those obstacles that you have placed in your way by erroneous thinking and beliefs, and enlightenment will occur naturally.

Allow consciousness to nurture you, as nature nurtures the fragile sprout that emerges from the soil. Be confident, clear and conscious that the creative force in the world about you is the same in you, and just as creation has an innate knowledge […]

September 19th, 2012|Consciousness, Creation|

Chaos is the Fertile Ground of Creation

The situations and circumstances in your life are not limitations or do not impede your possibilities and potential; rather, they assist and facilitate the goals that you desire.

Believe and trust in yourself and the destiny that you desire. Be in the present yet with consideration for the future. Appropriate desire always takes into considerations life’s circumstances and needs yet is not limited by them.

Be most loving, kind, caring and compassionate to yourself; yet, declare, acknowledge and command that the circumstances and the situations that you are experiencing are propelling you on your desired course.

Remember, the path of the soul does not demand compromise of your goals or your beliefs. Command the situations and circumstances in your life to comply with your desires, and seize the opportunities within them with intention, focus and responsible action.

Chaos is the fertile ground of creation. Your current life circumstances are fertile ground for you to create. Seize the moment, commit to and acknowledge chaos as being of service to you. You are not victim of your circumstances. Mold them. Use them. Do not deny your desires and see within your challenges the fertile ground in which the seeds to create the harvest of your […]

April 22nd, 2012|Creation, Physicality|

The Practical Application of Consciousness in Creation

The following is an excerpt from Cosmic Consciousness, The Personality of God Upon Creation.  

Consciousness is the initiator of all that exists, and the I AM expresses the realization of the whole of all existence. Yet, how does consciousness create and thought manifest? What are the practical applications to being a creative force in your reality?
In the physical plane of existence, creation is seen as active—a thought envisioned, a plan made, an action taken—to create what is envisioned.
In the world of temporality, these individual phases of creation are distinct and obvious. In the realms of consciousness, creation and the creator are a state of being. In the world of consciousness where time is of no affect, the conception and the creation are simultaneous. Without the creation, there can be no conception, and without the creator, there can be no manifestation.

We understand that this can be confusing when you are immersed in the linear concept of time. Creation is a multi-faceted process simultaneously occurring in the realms of spirit. In the higher dimensions of consciousness, creation takes no effort at all. Creation, by its very nature, is a symbiotic process for the creator sustains the creation, and the creation sustains the […]

March 9th, 2012|Consciousness, Creation|

Child of the Universe

The following is an excerpt from Cosmic Consciousness, The Personality of God Upon Creation.  

There is a unique expression of consciousness that can be identified within the universe in which you reside. It is the cosmic expression of consciousness manifested in the universal energies you experience. Just as children express certain traits of their parents and siblings, there is a familiar bond that unites them even with their varying personalities and experiences.

So it is with the universe. Each galaxy is a child of a greater parent, each holds a unique perspective on creation and expresses consciousness differently. Yet, there is an over-abiding presence of the consciousness of All That Is permeating each and every aspect of creation.
The cosmic consciousness is the personality of God imprinted upon what exists.
It is valuable to explore these cosmic traits of the creator; for, it will help better define you as a universal and divine being. What personality traits? What attitudes? What innate skills have you inherited from your cosmic parent? The exploration of this mini-book is to better understand the creator expressed in its children of all kingdoms, and you, as the pinnacle of creation, as a sentient being, have the responsibility to be […]

March 3rd, 2012|Creation|

Love Yourself

The complexities of consciousness are a unique combination of the three necessary elements of creation: the source, the observer and the manifestation. The I AM of your being is the definition of that unique creative force; for, it is only in the awareness of self-identification that you can fully be expressive as conscious creators. That is why it has been said that to deny oneself or to lack in self-love is a direct affront and rejection of God; for, you cannot say you love God, call upon the divine or deem it holy if you despise, deny or reject your own expression of existence.

The creative force of All That Is never waivers in its compassion or its willingness to be of assistance. The imagined distance between you and the creator is in direct proportion to your lack of self-acceptance. To find oneself is to find God; to accept oneself is to experience divinity; for, therein lies the only pathway to paradise. Paradise is born from a self-emanating force reflecting the truth of your being. Just as your reality reflects your thoughts in consciousness, paradise is a reflection that you have accepted yourself, fully and completely, as the divine being […]

January 31st, 2012|Consciousness, Creation, Love|

Acceptance Manifests

Focus, clarity and holding your consciousness toward your goals and desires are valuable attributes in creating the reality that you desire. These elements of consciousness indicate that you are receptive to what you desire in your life. They alleviate obstacles, minimize resistance and focus your intent on your goals. You do not need to earn, or is it your job to create what you desire but rather to accept it. All actions are statements of acceptance. Being creators is being in a state of willingness, acceptance and participation. Therefore, the affirmation that you are willing to participate, willing to accept and willing to be in divine will is the most powerful impetus in creating the reality you envision.

Though the creative process is the most powerful of all acts, it takes the least effort of all. The whole creation of the universe occurred with a gentle, simple, quiet thought. The act of acceptance and the creations of conduits to receive that which you desire is the work at hand for anyone wishing to achieve. Burdens can be made light; faith can be increased as you understand what you desire already exists. You are simply creating an attitude of acceptance and […]

January 23rd, 2012|Creation|

Upon the Page

The following is from Chapter 5, Convergence of Consciousness, the Harmonics of Creation.

All creation is the result of the convergence of consciousness. Everything that exists has an energetic signature and a degree of conscious expression. The convergence of energy is the mechanism by which creation expresses. It is the pen in the creator’s hand. It is the ink upon the page of existence.

Convergence is the primary expression of consciousness in existence. Convergence creates. Without the interaction and joining of the elemental aspects of energy, physical expression, you would not exist. You, like the creator before you, are the artist of your reality, and the elements of consciousness are like the paint upon the master’s palette, waiting to be expressed upon the canvas of existence.

In many ways, the expression of consciousness into creation is not much different than any artistic endeavor. To be a masterful creator is to understand the mediums available to you and the tools you have to express. The artist has their paints, the musician their notes, each utilize their specific tools in creating their masterpiece. The same is true for the creator itself, and the same is true for you.

The convergence of creation into physical expression is […]

January 17th, 2012|Consciousness, Creation|

Convergent Clashes

The following is from Chapter 4, Convergence of Consciousness, the Harmonics of Creation.

It is obvious that the history of humanity has been riddled with conflict and chaos. It would seem that humanity’s psyche gravitates to disharmony rather than balance and peace. Be it on a universal scale, a global perspective, a work environment or a family dynamic, conflict and chaos always seem to be creeping around in the darkened corners of reality.

Not to recognize this tendency on humanity’s part would be to bury your head in the sands of denial; yet, you are told that the universe and all of its components interact in harmony and balance. Therefore, is humanity’s behavior an intentional affront to the natural balance of the universe or is it out of neglect or ignorance that humanity smashes its ego consciousness against creation’s natural balance?

The first clue to the answer lies in observing the inter-dynamic relationship between the aspects of creation and the resultant energy. Nature is not always peaceful; galaxies are colliding, even as we speak. It has been indicated that chaos is the seed of creation and a necessary component of it. Perhaps humanity’s tendency is an inappropriate response to chaos because of misunderstanding.

Humanity […]

January 11th, 2012|Creation|

Creativity vs. Creation

We often speak of humanity as creators and becoming increasingly aware of their participation in the creative force of the universe. With that increasing awareness, people have become aware of the responsibility to create well. Part of the ongoing “problem” is that humanity does not remain conscious in their creations, often mis-creating through lack of attention or accountability. Creation has always and will continue to occur—if you are taking a breath and your heart is beating, you are creating. It cannot be escaped; yet, how you respond to this innate ability to be a creator is yours.
Creation is the reality. Creation is existence. Creation is not a past event or a future experience.
It is now, an eternal, ever-evolving process of consciousness. Creativity, on the other hand, is when you actively participate in the process of creation—when you take not only individual responsibility, but also wisely use the raw materials in your reality to create.

All of you who read this concept have had moments of inspiration, spurts of creativity, being in the “zen” of things. These moments are not some arbitrary, by chance, encounters with your inner creator. Rather they are a glimpse into an ever-present process available to you […]

December 6th, 2011|Creation, Energy, Enlightenment, Spirituality, Universe|

Dance of Creation

The creative forces of the universe are beyond humanity’s ability to comprehend yet not beyond their ability to appreciate. The inability to fully understand the complexities of the universe and its interaction with its individual parts is not a deficit; for, there is not a single sentient species anywhere throughout the universe that is fully able to fathom the dynamic environment in which they exist. Yet, it would be inappropriate to abandon one’s search for understanding simply because of the inability to comprehend the whole.

In this concept, rather than discussing your neighborhood of the universe and what it is telling you about the creative source that birthed it, we would wish to step back and invite you to join us in a collective overview of the interaction of the aspects of creation with itself.
We have used the term “dance”—the dance of creation. This implies a synchronicity between the elements guided by a common melody.
Dance is a coordination creating beauty, rhythm, and synchronicity. Every single component of the physical universe is born from a corresponding energetic signature of the creative force of All That Is. What you call nature is but one aspect of a complex set of laws that […]

October 19th, 2011|Consciousness, Creation|

Understanding the Consciousness of Existence

Existence is one of the three aspects of the consciousness of God. The curious part about the three aspects of divine consciousness—the creator, the created and the observer—is that they do not share a cause and effect relationship. No aspect of consciousness is the source of the other; yet, they are interdependent on each other to perform their role in consciousness. The energetic dynamic between the creative aspects of consciousness with that of the creation is made known through the reality of existence.
Existence is neither vulnerable to nor affected by anything created or not created.
You will always exist because the source of all things and its creations are in perpetual motion creating an eternal and infinite environment for existence to dwell. Humanity, since the beginning of its pursuit of spiritual understanding, has exalted the creative aspect of consciousness over all else, and from that seed of misunderstanding, the concept of God, as you have come to understand it, has been promulgated. Part of the process of awakening is to accept the equality between the aspects of consciousness.

Just as on earth you create from something, the same if is true in the spiritual realms. It is because of misunderstandings that […]

October 15th, 2011|Consciousness, Creation|

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