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The Anatomy of a Reality

It has been spoken of that there are infinite aspects of yourself, a myriad of realities simultaneously occurring at any moment of time. It is only the ego consciousness that determines which reality you experience. If your reality was like a chessboard, each of the squares would be a reality of yourself but you reside only in one square at a time.

Multiple realities, alternate realities, previous and future existence, their possibility becomes confounding to the finite mind of humanity. One often feels it is difficult enough to take charge of one life without all these renegade and unknown aspects of oneself gallivanting through time and space.

The immenseness of your being and its multiple expressions is beyond any consciousness awareness that you are able to comprehend in physical form yet there is a doorway, there is a portal of passage that allows you to choose the reality in which you desire to dwell.
Now, in the truth of it, whatever is manifesting in your present reality is obviously what you have chosen.
Yet sometimes we do not choose as well as we might be due to misinformation, lack of understanding or even conscious deception that that is what we desire.

A better imagery […]

February 18th, 2011|Spirituality|

Pursuit, Progress, Perfection

Actions and reactions in the third-dimensional plane of existence are particularly curious and uniquely controlled by internal thought and external events. Within the laws of physics there is action and reaction, cause and effect, beginnings and endings. These aspects of third-dimensional existence play an important part in the potential and the power of intentional action.
In the higher realms of consciousness where duality does not exist, the past has never been and the future has already arrived.
There is instantaneous manifestation without any physical effort or energy to bring it into realization one’s thoughts. On the physical plane of existence action is the bridge between the thought and the destination, the belief and the attainment, the dream and one’s goal. It is a vitally important part of the creative process in the physical world. It is true that as one develops expertise in the use of their consciousness, the necessary action to attain an end result becomes less and perhaps nonexistent.

Probably the most evident of this manifestation without action is miracles. What is a miracle but an end result created by a desire without any evident action? Therefore, action is the means by which one maneuvers through the laws of the […]

February 17th, 2011|Consciousness|

The Archives of Consciousness

The Diary of the Universe
Available to all of humanity is the sum total of all knowledge that has been accumulated from the moment of creation. One only needs to be attuned, alert and willing in order to hear, to be instructed and guided by that Consciousness. One’s very existence validates one’s participation in that Consciousness. You are not, nor have you ever been, orphaned from the Source of your existence or participation in that which has created your awareness.
Access to the archives of Consciousness is unlocked by one’s willingness to look beyond the five senses.
To be open to the idea that the reality that they physically perceive is not the totality of that which exists. Becoming adept at utilizing the spiritual senses of intuition, vision, perception and awareness, to open the doors of understanding into a realms of enlightenment. Humanity is not only the physical expression of Consciousness but contained within that expression is access to the very infinite breath of knowledge, wisdom and understanding to maneuver through one’s physical existence.

Each and every individual, no matter what their education, their intelligence and even their level of common sense has access to the accumulation of all experience and thought as […]

February 16th, 2011|Consciousness|

Feel the Earth Move

Feel the earth move beneath your feet. These are the lyrics of the song that speak of that very fact. Indeed, it is lyrical and speaks of love. We, rather, speak literally to you: Feel the earth move beneath your feet.

In the recent past and even currently there have been numerous earthquakes and volcanoes. Now let us be clear that we are neither indicating that they are extraordinary events nor are we predicting some catastrophic occurrence, rather we are saying to be sensitive to the shifts of the planet. There are numerous stories of animals that respond prior to some catastrophic event. Animals run to the hills before a tsunami or react to an upcoming earthquake. Humanity also has that sensory perception but fails to recognize it or utilize it.
It is important to identify that sensory perception’s impact on the human psyche.
If listened to it is an innate signal that provides an alarm and protection. It allows you to be sensitive to and participatory in the environmental circumstances in which you dwell. Secondly, when not listened to or responded to it becomes a nagging voice in the background of your mind that something is not right, that you are […]

February 15th, 2011|Consciousness, Physicality|

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