What separates the thought from the manifestation is simply integration.
As we have spoken, you are not driven by your reality but by what is projected by your mind into your reality.

Your condemnation of others is simply judgement of yourself and the fear of your shortcomings. Be confident in yourself, focused on yourself.

The bite of the serpent can only sting you if you put your hand in its lair.

Now, these are some of the underlying reasons for challenges and processes in the journey to higher consciousness. To be fully and completely in the consciousness of God you must be fully conscious of all. It is that balance that creates paradise. If you have love in your heart, you have equal ability to hate. The key is where you put your focus.

You will always have equal light to the equal dark in your psyche. Do not be dismayed when you experience the negativity of darkness, just turn the light on.

God is the presence in existence, the harmonious song of All That Is dancing in beingness.
Consciousness seeks its own reward.
It is in the light, indeed, the light of innocence in the One Mind and the One Thought that the negativity is healed. […]

April 28th, 2016|Consciousness|

The Conception of Consciousness

The conception of consciousness is the creative force of the universe. It is the right hand of the creative consciousness. Humanity’s participation and role in this dynamic force is the internal thought processes of their consciousness.
Humanity is in an evolutionary growth process. The spiritual consciousness and the physical mind are merging.
It has been stated by physicians, psychologists and scientists that humanity uses only a small portion of their physical brain. Part of the awakening process is a physical evolution. The Creator has never and will never create unneeded or useless aspects of physical existence. Therefore, the unused portion of your mind is not vacant storage space, it is potential to be awakened. It is the physical mechanism and circuitry to contain the consciousness of All That Is.
The physical body is a perfect vehicle for the expression of God in physical form; and the physical mind is a perfect container for that consciousness.
Therefore it is important to acknowledge and accept that the awakening process is a physical evolution in the existence of the human species. As you draw these higher vibratory frequencies into your physical body and your consciousness, your physical body and consciousness is stimulated and responds to this vibratory frequency. […]

May 6th, 2015|Consciousness, Physicality|

Aphorisms from The One Mind

The illusion, the concept of God as father, has not served this culture well because it gives the imagery of being a grantee of someone’s good graces and dependent upon their good favor.

The source of all good things, which is the very lifeblood of All That Is, is without judgment, without evaluation, without restriction or limitation and generously gives to that which has been born from its source.

It is the same life force that creates paradise or fans the flames of conscious tribulation. It is a balancing act, a tightrope that must be crossed where knowledge and wisdom meet as one.

Humanity has missed the point, you were not sent here to work, you were sent here to play and create paradise.

There are no errors, only learning.
In the higher dimensions all is at peace, there is no war.
The universe in its totality, there is always, peace, harmony and balance. Remembering that you live in a third dimensional world and reality, the physical plane can be fraught with difficulties. Upon this planet what is seen as differences, should be embraced aspects of yourself. Rather, differences are seen as a threat to one’s own identity.

Look for what you seek, rather than running from that which […]

April 15th, 2015|Consciousness|

Light of the Soul

If your reality is experiencing lack, your internal reality is somehow strangulated from the flow. If your outside world is cluttered or compulsively clean, it is a reflection of an internal process.

Remember the light of the soul is like a projector that shines through the celluloid of your thoughts and projects onto the screen of your reality. It cannot be otherwise. It never has been otherwise.

The same source that feeds your soul, feeds your body; it is the same source that provides money in your bank account. If you feel denied, how are you denying yourself? If you feel unappreciated, how do you not appreciate yourself? If you feel rejected, how is it that you reject yourself?

Your reality is in complete service to your thoughts and has no power over them. Your reality can inspire, instruct or be a catalyst to move you to a higher state of consciousness which can give the illusion that some outside force is at work within you. Rather it is the light of your soul that carries the images of your thoughts onto the screen of your reality that is seeking to transform your life.

Even your challenges are for the same purpose. Even when one cries in the darkness, “Thy will […]

April 1st, 2015|Consciousness, Soul|

The Web of Conscious Awareness

Consciousness is an interactive web of communication between all of its elements. It has been likened to a spider web, and appropriately so; for, like the spider web, any movement within it is felt throughout its entirety. All consciousness is connected and affects all of its individual parts to some degree. Admittedly, those to whom you are more energetically or emotionally connected will have a more obvious influence—but you are affected by all.
“What is that influence?’ and “How is it experienced and transmitted?”
First, what is the influence? We will say this: it is in direct proportion to the energetic resonance of consciousness being transmitted by you. You have experienced this unspoken influence, be it to a loved one’s need or a national cause. How did you know your loved one was in need or why is the time now ripe for social change? Be it two, a few, or many tuned into the same message, at first individuals can be unaware that anyone else is “listening”.

Secondly, how is it experienced? The answer to this question is as varied as the receivers but the transmission of consciousness will be “translated” into a means most receptive to the receiver, be it […]

January 19th, 2015|Consciousness|

The Meaning of Your Life

Do not mistake the purpose and the meaning of your life. The purpose of your life is the outward actions you have chosen. The meaning of your life is the internalization of your own definition of yourself. That meaning has nothing to do with what goes on around you, your seeming successes or failures. Yet, most of humanity identifies themselves by external circumstances, situations, and the input by others — even if that identification is based upon some illusive concept of a deity somewhere over there.
As soon as the meaning of your life is determined by any external force, you then become dependent on it.
What we speak of is deeper than the normal codependency. The meaning of your life is evaluated by so many outside circumstances. Have you not been aware at times how meaningless your life has felt? And the reason for the meaninglessness is because the external forces, circumstances and situations that you depended on were are not present. If you were never to reach your goals, would the meaning of your life differ than if you were successful in all your endeavors? The answer to this quandary lies in understanding the internal processes that define the meaning of […]

December 22nd, 2014|Awakening, Consciousness, Soul|

Accidents and Coincidences

Can an event be unintentional or coincidental? Or is everything planned. And if that is so, what about freewill?

Can something enter your reality without your invitation or permission? Are there vagrant thoughts that take up squatters’ rights in your reality or do things “just happen?”

Are your lives a game of reality Russian Roulette or is there purpose, intent or plan to the events occurring in your life? Are those chance meetings chance or is there a game master that moves the pieces on the playing board of your life? What about the close calls or those that are not that drastic change your life?

Are you predestined to play out a script written before you took your first breath, or are you a participant in those accidents and coincidences, though perhaps unaware? Is synchronicity a personal plan or a master scheme “to get the job done?”

How do you know, decide, choose not to miss the chance to seize an opportunity or avoid the tragedy?

Some may call it fate or perhaps luck, but is universal consciousness either of these?

If you are in the driver’s seat, how do you drive well? If not, how do you prepare for unexpected turns and stops?

Perhaps […]

December 8th, 2014|Consciousness|

The Master’s Mission

The following excerpt is Chapter 10 from Mastery, The Method and The Meaning.

If you were to refer to most of humanity’s religious writings, they would speak of one who has attained as an individual–who has transcended the physical plane of existence and mastered the world. It would seem that the mission of the master is to overcome the human experience, break through the limitations and barriers that hinder and to become a spiritual being.

In reality, these commonly accepted principles of enlightenment are incorrect. Their tendency is to look at existence from the wrong point of view.
The master’s mission is to become fully human.
The spirit needs to master nothing. It is the master’s mission to immerse the self into the physical plane of existence in order to become a complete expression of consciousness in physical form.
Mastery is not an escape nor is it a victory to be won, but rather an act of discernment placing each aspect of existence into its rightful place in creation.
The emergence of the master into physical form is the expression of consciousness’ recognition and participation in the physical world. The mission of the master is to unite these seemingly juxtaposed aspects of existence. The spiritual and […]

November 25th, 2014|Consciousness|

Ancient Eons

Ancient Eons, Infinite Expressions
Even the greatest comprehension of the universe in which you dwell and the existence in which you live is but a fractional aspect of the total picture of the infinite and eternal expressions of consciousness. Scientists have investigated and determined that the universe is 4 billion years old; yet, that was just a moment in and not the beginning of physical creation and conscious realities.

Throughout the infiniteness of consciousness, the “big bangs” of new dimensions flicker like stars in the night sky in an infinite display. It is incomprehensible for the human mind to understand infinity or eternity; yet, begin to imagine that infinity can be contained within infiniteness or eternity within eternalness. The myriad expressions of consciousness are beyond the comprehension of human understanding. However, it does not mean that humanity should not reach and explore beyond the horizon of the known.

The inception of consciousness and the birth of creation lie in an infinite sea of potential and an eternal landscape of creation. The wonderment is not in its incomprehension but rather in your ability to explore, and the promise that wherever you look there will be something new.

Physical reality is an infinite stream of […]

November 10th, 2014|Consciousness, Universe|

Convergence Consciousness

The Energetic Pattern of Convergence Consciousness
At the very heart of creation is the energetic signature of the potentiality created by the consciousness of All That Is. Each and every creation—be it the power of light, the focus of thought, the butterfly that flutters or the great whale that glides silently in the sea—each has its unique signature of energy. That energetic signature is created by consciousness defining its intent. The consciousness that created all things did not cherry pick those things that were to exist. Rather consciousness initiated a creative force capable of changing, evolving and being self-sustaining.
At the moment of existence God did not abandon what was created—but became it.
The evolutionary process of the universe is the evolution of God into physical being. The energetic signature is determined by conscious intent and, in this case, the conscious intent of the creator—and because you are participants in that energy, you have become co-creators with the source of All That Is. What does the creator know that you are in the process of discovering? The answer is an understanding and respect for the power of pure conscious thought, unfiltered and undistracted, upon the fabric of creation. Your thoughts weave the energetic pattern […]

November 3rd, 2014|Consciousness, Creation, Energy|

Boomerang of Consciousness

We are quite sure that most reading this concept have heard of the boomerang and its ability, when thrown, to return to the sender. We find this an excellent analogy to assist in the understanding the dynamics of thought and emotion and its creative process. You have heard it said what you project returns to itself. That everything you do, be it positive or negative, you do to yourself. We have spoken of the spiral stairs of consciousness. The Course in Miracles speaks of returning to where you began and seeing it for the very first time.

With that said, let us explain a law of the universe:
All is circular, meaning the further you move away from yourself, the closer you are returning to yourself.
Let us give an example, if you were to stand upon your planet facing east and as you stepped away from that place, you would be further from where you began but at the same time you would be closer to returning to where you started. Even Einstein in his theory of relativity understood this concept. Therefore, any action you take is returning to yourself. Any thought that you think must come back to the one […]

October 19th, 2014|Consciousness, Universe|

A Holographic Experience

Reality as a Holographic Experience
In order to understand the concept of dimensional existence and what it means one must consider the changing of the age. We have indicated that the universe has seasons just as your planet, times for growth, time for rest, time for harvest, time for work. As it is said in your holy writings “there is a season under the sun for all things.”

They cyclical nature of existence on your planet is a reflection of the same cyclical movement of the universe, not only physically but also energetically and consciously. All dimensions exist simultaneously and occupy the same place, time, thought and energy.
So how does one access dimensional thinking, especially in the light of a shift in consciousness—or perhaps it is the shift in consciousness that assists in the dimensional thinking?
The cycles of the universe, the ebbs and flows of energy, are much like the waves of the sea against the sand. They will continue to come, to pulse against the very fabric of the universe. The choice at hand is how one chooses to experience that shift. A holographic image when held in the hand is adjusted in order that you might see the multi-level […]

October 3rd, 2014|Consciousness|

Individuality and Separateness

In contemporary terms, you have heard it said, “No man is an island,” or that ” The loneliest number is the number one.” In the vast sea of consciousness there is an island called separateness which can be the loneliest of all places in the universe. Isolation created by an illusion that one is separate from their surroundings, their environment, those whom they encounter and the world. One can see his life marooned upon this island, hoping for a ship to appear over the horizon to save them. Or perhaps if very lucky, someone else to drift ashore and to share the island; yet, the island of individuality has an occupancy of one.

Relationships, organizations, communities and governments are built upon the need to feel connected in one’s world. Out of fear, manipulation, control and deceit and the emergence of negative sexual energy becomes the tools, perhaps even the hooks, in a vane attempt to draw that which is outside themselves onto their island of loneliness. The warm waters of consciousness that lap against the shore of separateness quickly turn into a stormy sea of alienation.
The error in thought is that individuality by its very nature creates separateness.
To be individualized […]

September 14th, 2014|Consciousness|

Divine Intervention

Throughout our teachings, we have spoken to you of the power of your thought, the positive nature of forgiving yourselves and others. The victorious strains of surrender that frees you from the bonds and the chains created from the negative ego consciousness. You are truly the masters of your own destiny and ultimately responsible and accountable for that which you have created. Yet you are gods in learning, like the child learning to walk or the adolescent learning to drive, needing the assistance of a parent to teach them, guide them and, perhaps, even protect them from harm.

It is important that humanity understands their accountability for their creation; yet, often with that realization becomes the misunderstood perception that they are alone and the burden of creations is theirs. As any craftsmen or master builder they have tools and materials and often assistance in accomplishing their creation. So it is with Consciousness, you are learning to hone a new skill, to make adjustments, to re-evaluate, to redirect your thinking, and in that process you have the parent of your Consciousness, the collective whole, the presence of All That Is—God—to guide you, to instruct you, to protect you.
There is divine intervention […]

September 2nd, 2014|All That Is, Consciousness|

The Perfect Present Moment

You have heard stated numerous times that all that exists is the now. That all power resides in the now. There are philosophies and even treatments that utilize this truth for both the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the participant. Yet the perfect present moment can seem illusive and unattainable when the fears of the future and the cowering guilt of the past impose upon your dominion of the moment.
How does one live in the eternity of the now in a temporal world? How does one conquer their fears of the future and set free the prisoners of their past? How does one create that perfect present moment?
The reality is that you have never, nor will you ever, exist anywhere but in the now. The concept of now, the present moment, is virtually the most consistent concept of creation. It is the evidence of Consciousness and the expression of All That Is. Existence finds its home there. So how does one release themselves from the prison bars of months and years and the lock that temporal existence imposes upon one’s consciousness?

Now, we would be foolhardy and we would be incorrect to insinuate that in the physical plane of […]

June 10th, 2014|Consciousness, Physicality, Universe|

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