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The Frontier of a New Reality

In the conscious collection of existence, there is an emergence of realities being created by the consciousness of those who hold the thoughts. The proverbial veil—that invisible barrier that has seemed to separate and imprison humanity from experiencing full conscious awareness and spiritual truth—is very thin and is collapsing in the light of a new consciousness.

Your thoughts, actions and emotions pervade across this invisible boundary, and your physical existence sends out reconnaissance parties into the frontiers of a new reality. This invisible barrier, created by human forgetfulness, is now breached, and the inevitable is about to occur as the truth of the expression of your true existence pours forth into this present reality. As a result, realities collide, consciousnesses are in opposition and the chaotic nature of creation emerges to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is experienced in your government, religious and financial structures—even your own lives reflect the turmoil and chaos created from this convergence of realities.

For those of you who are open and willing to accept this evolutionary process, there will be less chaos and confusion in your lives. By not viewing this new existence as being in conflict with your present reality, you can emerge […]

July 17th, 2012|Awakening|

The Straight and Narrow

More than one religious philosophy states that the path of attainment and spiritual growth is straight and narrow. The implication is that the pathway to enlightenment is arduous and precarious. Yet in reality, spiritual growth and enlightenment are attained not by the attributes of the path taken but by the degree of focus, diligence and discipline while traveling that path.
We would like to suggest that the pathway to enlightenment can be wide and multi-directional.
Spiritual growth is never a direct path. No one, including the masters, walked a straight line to enlightenment. It is a journey with many twists and turns. Your focus, diligence and discipline are the compass headings that provide you the direction to navigate toward your spiritual destination. The truth of the spiritual journey can be better described by the statement that “God draws straight with crooked lines.”
The spiritual path demands focus but not narrow-mindedness.
It asks for diligence but not alienation from the world in which you live.
It speaks of discipline but is not a litany of rules and regulations.
The pathway to paradise is like a meandering stream through a green, lush valley of opportunity and experience. This flexibility and freedom leads to ease and grace […]

July 12th, 2012|Spirituality|

The Methods and the Means of Mastery

The following is an excerpt from Mastery, The Method and The Meaning.

In this mini-book, we will explore the promise of and the pathway to mastery. Throughout history and across theological, philosophical and intellectual disciplines, the concept of mastering the physical plane of existence remains firm. Spiritual attainment is sought after and enlightenment is desired no matter one’s beliefs.

Each and every religious philosophy holds in adoration and reverence those that they believe attained the spiritual truths which they believed. Mastery, indeed, has been expressed throughout history in various individuals who have obtained that degree of physical beingness and spiritual enlightenment. Yet, they are not the sole heirs to divinity.

A promise and pledge are offered to those who read these words that they are like the master whose footsteps they seek to follow. Certainly those masters whose lives speak to you are to be emulated and honored; yet, in that appreciation do not lose insight that what emerged within them exists in you. They, like you, are just fellow journeyers on the pathway of spiritual attainment.

To fully understand the concept of mastery, it will be necessary to explore the multi-dimensional, holographic expression of your existence. Mastery is not just a state of […]

July 11th, 2012|Physicality, Spirituality|

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Throughout human history, there have been the avatars, mystics and spiritual teachers to enlighten humanity. These teachers have been seen as masters, way-showers and individuals who had attained enlightenment. Their message was clear; their teaching unfaltering in their perception of the human experience and the truth of the identity of those whom they taught. Yet, across the board, almost without fail, the student saw the teacher as the focus of their enlightenment, deifying them, worshipping them and surrendering to them. This is a case of mistaken identity.
A master’s intent is be a mirror in which to see yourself.
The master’s finger does not point to themselves—but to you.
Any manifestation of the divine is your self-reflection. The master is but the mirror for you to see yourself as the Dalai Lama indicated to the guard as the border during his escape. When asked if he was the Lord Buddha, he answered, “I believe I am like the moon shining upon the waters. I am just the man trying to do good, and when you see me, you see yourself.”
The spiritual teacher holds before you the promise of who you are.
Their attainment is your insurance that spiritual enlightenment is accessible.
Therefore, all the […]

July 5th, 2012|Enlightenment, Spirituality|

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