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Coding of the Creator

The universe is a dynamic expression of conscious awareness. It is the manifestation of thought created by consciousness. It is impossible for the creation and the creator to be separate. All manifestations are an expression of and the energy of the creative force behind the origins of the universe.

Even the most simple creative acts hold the watermark of its creator. Perhaps your family has a piece of furniture, a craft, a book that one of your ancestors created. You can feel the presence of their consciousness when you observe it.
Everything, everything you experience, every law of the land, philosophy, pop culture trend or scientific discovery has within it the coding of its creator.
Therefore, one of the most effective, yet least utilized, forms of discernment is that when you encounter a popular belief or a scientific statement, you discover the fingerprint of its creator upon it. Every creation emanates the thought that created it.  You, as conscious creators, determine the vibratory resonance that you wish your creations to have.

That is why motivation is extremely important when developing your creation. When people build a home, they concern themselves with floor plans, colors and furnishings; yet, they also should be as concerned […]

August 29th, 2012|Physicality|


Legends are not always what they are thought to be. They are not fantasies; for, they are born from a seed of truth. Though often historically unsubstantiated they are recorded with the same validity as identifiable historical events.

Legends are the incarnation of consciousness created by those of the realms who perceive it to be more advantageous to be an influence upon, rather than a player in the human experience. Their consciousness inspires cultures and creates a certain commonality of human experience. The legend becomes real; the consciousness that inspired it definitely is.

When the non-incarnate consciousnesses merges with the human psyche, the information, the knowledge and the insight become theirs. You become inseparable from the consciousness that speaks to you. It is an infusion and a joining of your mind with their mind. If the objects of the legend never actually existed and resided only in the minds of humanity, would it make them any less real? The objects of legends are the definition of a greater consciousness waiting to be expressed. They are real because of their birth in consciousness; they are real because of the collective consciousness that holds them dear.

That is the meaning and the message of the legend.

August 15th, 2012|Consciousness|

Life is but a Play

One of the more famous playwrights spoke of life as a play in which the actor appears for a brief time upon the stage, acting out their part and playing their role in the story.

Life is not quite that simple or bleak; yet, this analogy can be used to assist you to understand that your physical existence is a purposeful and intentional character in the play of creation.
The playwright, the consciousness of All That Is, scripted humanity’s role; yet, you can choose to interpret it as a drama, a comedy, a tragedy, an allegory or a farce.
Your intentional existence does not mean you do not have choice, and you are not predestined to act out a certain role. Rather, you are placed upon the stage of life to create your own story and participate in the stories of others.
To continue the analogy, if life is but a play and you are an actor in it, who is the audience?
You might think it to be others in your life or perhaps God. Truth is you are your own observer. A play is written for entertainment, learning, perhaps an exposé on a provocative topic, or simply a slice of life. Whatever the […]

August 8th, 2012|Physicality|

The Game Board

The present moment, the eternal now, is the only place that you can reside—even consciousness and the creator itself has never expressed other than in the now. With that in mind–though you may need to plan for the future and you seek understanding and resolution of the past–focus all of your resolution and all of your power upon the present. The handiwork of spirit, the carpentry of creation and the architect of your mind can only occur in this present state.

We understand that you live in a temporal world, and to maneuver within it, time must be of a consideration. Let us offer this clarification—that creation can only occur within the present moment.

The same is true spatially, that you have only existed here. You have never existed there, and everything that is needed for your moment of creation is present in the here and the now–the cross hairs of consciousness and the expression of your existence. That is the point of your observation; it is the place of your power and the expression of your existence. Place all intention and focus here and now. Be observant for the tools available and the instructions needed to create your desired reality.

You […]

August 3rd, 2012|Physicality|

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