The present moment, the eternal now, is the only place that you can reside—even consciousness and the creator itself has never expressed other than in the now. With that in mind–though you may need to plan for the future and you seek understanding and resolution of the past–focus all of your resolution and all of your power upon the present. The handiwork of spirit, the carpentry of creation and the architect of your mind can only occur in this present state.

We understand that you live in a temporal world, and to maneuver within it, time must be of a consideration. Let us offer this clarification—that creation can only occur within the present moment.

The same is true spatially, that you have only existed here. You have never existed there, and everything that is needed for your moment of creation is present in the here and the now–the cross hairs of consciousness and the expression of your existence. That is the point of your observation; it is the place of your power and the expression of your existence. Place all intention and focus here and now. Be observant for the tools available and the instructions needed to create your desired reality.

You are an eternal consciousness moving upon an infinite game board to create the reality in which you dwell. The only way to play the game, the only way to win is to be present in the infinite here and eternal now.

Existence is a game of solitaire played with yourself to express the oneness of all things.