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Surviving or Living?

In life, one often loses sight if they are merely surviving or are they living? As distinct as those two concepts would seem, there are subtleties that allow individuals to be lulled into a passive state of surviving rather than an active state of living. Just because one breathes does not mean they are alive, for life, in its true essence, is a vibrant expression of Consciousness, an active rather than a passive state. When one is in dominion of their life, their choices are the creator of their reality, and expressive of their choices—they are living. Perhaps not every choice they make may be for their benefit or their highest good, but when one lives one is able to learn.

On the other hand, when one is just surviving they are like a ship tossed and turned in the sea of life’s experience, vulnerable to all that they encounter. Survival demands reacting to one’s environment while living demands one is an active participant. Survival is powerlessness and in opposition and defensive to all that is encounters. While living is vulnerable to nothing, even its miscreations.
How does one determine if they are surviving or living?
Obviously one’s attitude would be an […]

August 18th, 2014|Enlightenment, Physicality|

Signs and Symbols

Within physical creation there is a shadow image of eternal existence–from the framework of the universe to the intricacies of an atom and from the DNA chain to the spiraling nebula. These are a reflection of the one who created them. These are an indicator of the aspects of consciousness. Just as the artist leaves an aspect of themselves upon the canvas; consciousness has infused creation with an image of itself. Consciousness can be found by observing creation and creation can be discovered by residing in consciousness.
The evolutionary process of existence and the reproductive process of life are reflections of the attributes of consciousness.
When the day comes, and it will, that you are fully and completely conscious, you will comprehend how your physical existence and the universe in which you dwell are truly a mirror image of the thought that created it. Therefore, in your life look for the signs and the symbols, they are indicators to you of what consciousness is trying to tell you about itself. You are immersed in a sea of living signs and symbols that surround you in an awareness of understanding when it is comprehended.
The universe itself is the greatest symbol of consciousness […]

August 10th, 2014|Enlightenment, Universe|

The Ebbs and Flows

The ebbs and flows of life, nature and creation are evident. There are peaks of activity and times of rest; there are moments of growth and times of breaking down. This cycle of creation and re-creation is an aspect of existence that permeates all universes and dimensions. It is the heartbeat of the creator and the breath of spirit upon all that exists.

When you are willing to accept and understand this dynamic aspect of your environment and your existence, you will be able to utilize the raw materials that are present to create what you desire, as stated in your holy writings, “There is a time for everything under the sun.”
When you allow yourself to be receptive and open to this pulse of consciousness flowing throughout the universe, you will experience ease and grace in creating that which you desire.
Some religious and theological philosophies call this the will of God. From the human perspective, this cycle can be frustrating especially when you want to create something now, but universally it is not the time. Yet many of you bang your head against the wall of creation in a vain attempt to regulate and manipulate the creative process. Just as […]

August 1st, 2014|Enlightenment, Spirituality|

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