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Memories are in the Moment

We would like to speak of memories. We have taught throughout our communications that all is in the present and not to hold onto the past or project your emotional energy into the future. Also, we have indicated all healing is in the present and past wounds are healed by releasing the past. It would seem then that steering your thoughts between the lines of the past and future is the only way to move safely forward.

What then of memories? Are they a mental exercise to be avoided? You might question if it is possible or even appropriate to live in the vacuum of neither responding to the past nor preparing for the future. We agree memories are part of the human thought process. We have explained that memories laden with emotional baggage are not beneficial and hinder present growth because of them.
What of those good memories that solicit feelings of warmth and love?
As mentioned, you cannot live in a mental vacuum, but you must choose where you wish your thoughts to dwell. Recalling the past makes it present; for, all memories are in the moment. The thoughts and emotions generated by them are in the now. They may […]

February 2nd, 2015|Physicality|

Ease and Effortlessness

All humanity desires that life be easy and effortless. Religions promise a reward for a life well-lived, and proponents of spiritual enlightenment indicate that they have valid measurements for determining your spiritual progress.

The result, in both scenarios, is that humanity is left lacking, discouraged and self-judgmental. The elusive state of ease and effortlessness not only seems unreachable, but its absence is seen as self-condemnation.

The reality for humanity is that life has its challenges and it is often neither easy nor effortless. We disagree that their absence is a gauge of goodness. If that were the case, all the prophets and masters would have fallen desperately short of the mark.

So then are difficulties and challenges humanity’s lot? No, when understood in the light of learning. The intent of this concept is to remove them as a means of measurement of goodness or spiritual enlightenment; for, the master is born from the raging storm, not the tranquil sea.
Obstacles are opportunities, and challenges are a chance to empower yourself and transform your reality. They exist to edify, modify and empower your life.
It is true that difficulties can be indicators of a necessary change needed or of a lesson chosen to be learned—but […]

January 12th, 2015|Physicality|

Let the Magic In

It is mystifying to us of the realms who exist in an environment of wonder how quickly humanity dismisses the magical, the mystifying, and the mystery. Wonderment and magic are delegated to childhood imaginations and the realm of play.
These three arch-aspects of the realms—the magical, the mystical and the mysterious—are conduits and avenues of information and understanding for humanity’s growth.
They are pathways to perfection. They entice the human spirit to reach beyond the seen to that which has yet to be perceived. How disheartening a life and reality that does not contain these elements.

Humanity’s analytical and logical thinking hinders their ability to step outside preconceived norms, regulations and natural laws to experience elements of their reality that reach beyond the known. We invite humanity to let the magic in again. Once that magic, mystery and mysticism are acknowledged, the floodgates of spiritual awareness and interaction will be open and your lives and your world, your very being, will be immersed in a sea of spiritual awareness.
There is wisdom in the concept that “a child will lead them.”
For a child has not preconceived limitations to what the world can be—or should be—or could be. A child plays in the imagination […]

January 3rd, 2015|Metaphysical|

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