Eternity & Infinity

Eternal Now & Eternal Here
Perception is pure awareness of the Oneness of All That Is. This perception is projected through the lens of the mind which can become deformed and distorted through the negative ego consciousness, and this perception projected through the lens of one’s mind creates one’s awareness. As we have stated, physicality needs to be anchored. Your individual expression is anchored within your body, your body is anchored upon this planet. It gives you a place of perspective in a physical expression.

We wish to speak of the Eternal Here and the Eternal Now. The Eternal Now when unexpressed or unrecognized becomes time and the Eternal Here when unexpressed or unrecognized become space. It becomes the orientation within the physical plane of existence for the unseen Eternal Now and Eternal Here, an expression of the One Mind and the One Thought in the physical plane of existence.

So time and space, the now and the here, are physical expressions for orientation purposes of the One Mind and the One Thought. When one is residing in the One Mind and the One Thought, time and space cease to exist. So remember time and space as the expression of individuality are projections […]

June 3rd, 2017|Metaphysical, The One Mind|

Metamorphic Transcendence

From a Caterpillar’s Point of View
The imagery of the metamorphic process of the caterpillar to the butterfly has often been used as an analogy for the transformational process that occurs in enlightenment and, in fact, it is an excellent metaphor that encapsulates the process of transcendence.

Possibly the most important message that this image offers is lost in the precognition of the caterpillar’s transformation into the butterfly. To fully understand the message from the human perspective, we must look at this metamorphosis from the caterpillar’s point of view.

Let us start by first stating that the caterpillar has no comprehension of the butterfly, just as Jesus had no comprehension of the resurrection. That fact makes the cocoon or the cross look quite differently. The caterpillar is content in its life and its many feet are firmly implanted on the ground. It eats the lush greenery from the treetops and its only thoughts of flying are its fear of falling.
All it knows is what it is, yet it is destined to become more than it can comprehend—and so it is with humanity.
The caterpillar goes about its life, its routine, its predictable behaviors with no comprehension of the destiny that lies ahead. Yet […]

May 13th, 2015|Awakening, Metaphysical|

Holographic Experience

As you go about your day, be open to the holographic experience of humanity and the doors of conscious awareness will fling open. Cast aside your doubts. Eliminate trying to open the doorway to higher consciousness and simply acknowledge its existence.

Exercises to delve into the higher realms are for those who do not know it is there. Do you exercise to walk or do you simply walk? You might question, are they not learned experiences to ingrain into our conscious and subconscious to eliminate the blocks that hinder us from the truth?

You are already where you wish to be; for, in the night of your forgetting, you have slipped away to reunite with the stars. If you could see it from our perspective–the anticipation and excitement would be beyond measure. In other words, as you sit here, you sit in both realms.
Call upon your power
You are powerful, powerful beings, virtually limitless. And we do not speak that in some philosophical sense or in some veiled metaphor, you are aware that your power comes from the collective whole. You are more than who you perceive yourself to be. We hear your every prayer, we know your every desire and we […]

April 8th, 2015|Creation, Metaphysical|

Let the Magic In

It is mystifying to us of the realms who exist in an environment of wonder how quickly humanity dismisses the magical, the mystifying, and the mystery. Wonderment and magic are delegated to childhood imaginations and the realm of play.
These three arch-aspects of the realms—the magical, the mystical and the mysterious—are conduits and avenues of information and understanding for humanity’s growth.
They are pathways to perfection. They entice the human spirit to reach beyond the seen to that which has yet to be perceived. How disheartening a life and reality that does not contain these elements.

Humanity’s analytical and logical thinking hinders their ability to step outside preconceived norms, regulations and natural laws to experience elements of their reality that reach beyond the known. We invite humanity to let the magic in again. Once that magic, mystery and mysticism are acknowledged, the floodgates of spiritual awareness and interaction will be open and your lives and your world, your very being, will be immersed in a sea of spiritual awareness.
There is wisdom in the concept that “a child will lead them.”
For a child has not preconceived limitations to what the world can be—or should be—or could be. A child plays in the imagination […]

January 3rd, 2015|Metaphysical|

A Christmas Story

From the very beginning of time, there was a promise and a hope that there would be one who would come, who would show the way. One who would be a light in the darkness, who would be one inseparable from the Creator and by their very being, would express the truth of human existence.

It had been prophesied from times of old, that there would be a child born who would rightfully inherit their father’s kingdom. A king of kings, a lord of all lords and one, who by their very nature, would bring peace, balance, harmony, tranquility and serenity to this world and all whom they encountered.

The world yearned for their coming, the birth of a child, the fulfilled promise. All the earth and the heavens yearned for the coming of this child. Wise men foretold and saw the signs in the heavens, for indeed, it was to come to pass that a child would be born. A holy child, a child filled with knowing, a child filled with love and understanding. One worthy to inherit their father’s kingdom on this earth. One whom by their very nature would bring peace, by their very being would bring love, […]

December 24th, 2014|Metaphysical|

Close Encounters

Close Encounters of the Universal Kind
Some who read these words maybe familiar with the term “close encounters” as it refers to extra-terrestrial contact from sightings (an encounter of the first kind) to actual alien contact (the third kind).

Now we are well aware of the myriad of sentient species at varying stages of development scattered throughout your galaxy; yet, what we wish to speak of here is fourth dimensional (spiritual) encounters rather than third dimensional contact from your neighbors in your area of the universe.
So our conversation is of “angels,” not aliens, to create a distinction.
The holy writings of virtually all religious persuasions speak of encounters with etheric beings, prophets and the diety itself. Angels have been portrayed as everything from messengers to mercenaries on behalf of God. Ancient images portray celestial contact, and circles are recently mysteriously appearing in fields. There are prophecies of an end time filled with etheric beings engaged in spiritual warfare, humanity being whisked away into the clouds and the dead rising from the grave.

Obviously there is ample evidence that something is about to happen. Our intent is to help put the events in perspective. We believe the place to begin, and perhaps more difficult […]

December 15th, 2014|Awakening, Metaphysical, Universe|

An Invitation to Yourselves

You do not define your life by a day; do not define your existence by a life. Your life is one note in a great symphony playing in perfect harmony with the One Mind and One Thought. We wish for you to unhinge yourself from this life experience in order that you can comprehend them all.
We want to break your identification and definition of who you are as only this life experience.
When you isolate yourself to your present experience you have limited yourself, you are infinitely accessible to all aspects of yourself. Why utilize just one aspect of yourself, the masters such as your brother Jesus discovered himself in the other dimensions. He could never have transfigured if he never knew himself in the other dimensions. It was himself from another dimension that came and got him from the grave. We declare to you that this is a time of resurrection and eternal beingness.
Jesus could look at Good Friday as the best day or the worst day of his life.
Understand that when Jesus took his last breath through the sweat and blood that blurred his vision, when he took the last look at the earth or his mother, he did not know […]

July 24th, 2014|Enlightenment, Metaphysical|

Ego Consciousness

Ego consciousness versus the consciousness of God.
Individuality is deeply ingrained within the psyche of humanity. Though desperately held onto by humanity under the illusion that it creates a sense of safety, security, empowerment and freedom–individuality, in reality, is a prison.

At the very heart of negativity is the concept of separation. The horizons of one’s consciousness is in direct proportion with that which they perceive themselves part of or one with. A sense of belonging is very important for the human emotion. When an individual is in a meaningful relationship, be it in a marital, parental, or societal interaction, they feel more than themselves. There has been in the recent past a thrust within spiritual or religious circles to emphasize the oneness, the unity, with one another.

Even scripture speaks of the body of Christ, that unsung, “mystical” level. Humanity is entwined and inseparable from each other. In the pursuit of the creation of community, the very process ironically creates fertile ground for prejudice, judgment and separation. More damaging to the awareness of the oneness of All That Is than “I” and “they” is “we” and “they”, the collective consciousness of separation.
The double-edged sword of creating community is that there are […]

January 5th, 2014|Love, Metaphysical|

The Pinnacle

When one reaches the Pinnacle of Consciousness, they experience their wisdom and knowledge expand. When you reach that pinnacle, the physical journey and the expenditure of energy ceases—and you rest. The pinnacle is to see all things in alignment in your life for the accomplishment of the goals that you have chosen and the path of the soul that you have identified since the beginning of time. When you reach the pinnacle, it is easier to go down into the world bringing with you what you have learned from this higher perspective.

The pinnacle is not perfection; the pinnacle is the power to be in dominion of all things in your life. Like the sleeping bear in the cave of consciousness, you awake after a winter of isolation and awaken to the spring of renewal and light. That is the pinnacle when the road ahead is trust. When time, focus and intent have won over distraction, frustration and disappointment. The day will come when you will look back and see the perfect path that has led you to the perfect expression of the path of your soul. You have survived. You have rendezvoused with yourself and moved through this process together, sometimes friends, sometimes adversaries. You […]

December 23rd, 2013|Metaphysical, Physicality|

Children of Consciousness

Perhaps when you hear the term, Children of Consciousness, you think of yourself and those about you. Rather the Children of Consciousness are your thoughts. You have bore them from the union of your mind and your emotions. The Children of Consciousness are often conceived by unconscious desires and intents, beliefs and ideas, memories and concepts that drive your lives in certain directions. You would not get behind the wheel of a car with your eyes closed and drive. Do not get behind the wheel of your life and drive blindly through your reality.
The Children of your Consciousness are your thoughts.
You have bore them. You have nurtured them for them to survive. So be it a well behaved child or a bad seed, you must take responsibility. And as one might parent a child, one must parent their thoughts by discipline, patience and love. It is easy to love the well behaved child, it is far more difficult to do the same for the undisciplined and unruly child. Yet so often that is that child who needs the attention, who needs the time, who needs the understanding, who needs the forgiveness.

Thoughts are like light. They do not manifest until they […]

December 14th, 2013|Metaphysical, Spirituality|

The Perfect Prayer

We have spoken to you of the One Mind and the One Thought and the One Soul as it pertains to Consciousness, the creative potential, the place of intuition and insight through observation and manifestation. We have spoken of acknowledgment, surrender and dominion. Those concepts are also the key elements of prayer.
Prayer is a communication and a connection to consciousness, one is always praying.
You pray to the masters of light, you pray to the masters of darkness depending on the focus of your mind.

For consciousness is Consciousness and we invite you to pray. Prayer has been misinterpreted, agonized over, liturgically formatted. One prayer is repetitious, one is formal, others are fluid, some pray to the heavens, some pray to the earth, some pray to a mother, some pray to a father, some ask for forgiveness, some know there is nothing to be forgiven.

Prayer is an illusive concept to humanity, but universally it is recognized as a communication with the divine; therefore, how does one communicate with consciousness? Consciousness is the measure of its own truth; for prayer, is always occurring as long as one is conscious and one is always conscious even if not in this dimension. To whom […]

December 5th, 2013|Metaphysical, Spirituality|


When one experiences shifts and changes in one’s reality, be it in career, your locale or in those whom you interact with, it is an indicator of an inner shift in consciousness. When these events seem synchronistic and in alignment, it is an indicator that one is on the direct path and course for the fulfillment of the soul’s path and the accomplishment of your task.
Change is the result of a shift in inner consciousness.
When one understands the source of a shift in their outward expression, they have a better understanding of its purpose and how to utilize this shift for one’s highest good. Nothing is arbitrary, by happenstance or accidental. Change is the verification that one is truly alive in their creative resource.
Change, at times, seems frightening yet if one would understand it as the result of one’s internal desires, they would be unafraid.
And when one understands that they have created the change in their lives, all is made known. Often times change is frightening because one feels that they are stepping into the darkness, afraid of what has created these unknown shifts and changes. When one recalls the intent that was the impetus for this shift, there […]

November 27th, 2013|Metaphysical, Physicality|

Mastering Time and Space

Do you recall that we spoke of the Eternal Here and Eternal Now and they were representative of the One Mind and the One Thought which you are. Therefore, if you are the One Mind and the One Thought, you must also be the Eternal Here and the Eternal Now.
Therefore, listen most carefully, time and space must be part of you.
When that concept is incorporated, time and space have no limitations. Time and space are like your hand to be utilized for your will. You are in total and complete dominion of time and space in your reality—and it has no affect upon another.
Since time is part of you and space is part of you, as you learn to utilize these you can travel great distances. You can be in more than one location at a time.
Also time and space must be determined by its orientation to an object or an awareness. The Eternal Here and the Eternal Now is determined by the One Soul. Here and now, time and space, and its projection is the One Soul. When you are master of the here and now, whatever you choose will be projected in it, food to feed 100 people. […]

November 12th, 2013|Metaphysical|

The Fourth Dimension

The fourth dimension realm of existence need not be a mystery, and it certainly is not an illusion. In fact, you reside in all dimensions and all aspects of those dimensions. You are, on some level of your being, consciously aware of your multi-level, multi-dimensional existence. Each dimension of yourself is interacting, growing and learning, each with unique challenges and abilities yet all interactive with each other, even if you are not consciously aware.
You may think it unfair, perhaps even cruel, that your consciousness in the third dimensional realm seems orphaned from its spiritual counterparts.
Nothing can be further from the truth! Yet, if all was made consciously known to you and you had the full availability of all your spiritual components immediately available to you, there would be no need for the physical plane of existence. For there to be security in existence, the freedom of recognition and self-acceptance, one must also have the opportunity to be devoid of these things. The power of divinity within you is that it is able to be expressed when divinity cannot be easily found. This is the foundation of your spiritual existence. It is the bedrock on which your spiritual nature stands.

Perhaps […]

October 19th, 2013|Awakening, Metaphysical|

Extra-Ordinary Activities

It would seem that supernatural powers are the domain of the current mystic or the past prophet possessing the ability to defy the natural order to be a sport of the enlightened—appearing and disappearing at will, bi-locating, teleporting and creating general havoc with the accepted norms of human existence.
They seem to be in command of their physical world; miracles are second nature and manifesting their desires a hobby.
They show themselves to the unsuspecting and hide from those who would do them harm. They dine with believers decades after their apparent death and are seen appearing simultaneously in more than one place at a time. The physical plane of existence is their playground and their servant unfettered by the natural order of things.
Humanity sees their antics as unattainable, a state of being they will mostly not reach.
It is true there is a correlation between attainment and these behaviors, but the ability to imitate the master’s actions are neither a secret nor unreachable. In fact, it is the natural state of affairs for one willing to accept and practice them. Extra-ordinary activities and abilities transcend religious beliefs or spiritual practices. They are more a state of consciousness than a matter of […]

September 14th, 2013|Metaphysical|

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