All humanity desires that life be easy and effortless. Religions promise a reward for a life well-lived, and proponents of spiritual enlightenment indicate that they have valid measurements for determining your spiritual progress.

The result, in both scenarios, is that humanity is left lacking, discouraged and self-judgmental. The elusive state of ease and effortlessness not only seems unreachable, but its absence is seen as self-condemnation.

The reality for humanity is that life has its challenges and it is often neither easy nor effortless. We disagree that their absence is a gauge of goodness. If that were the case, all the prophets and masters would have fallen desperately short of the mark.

So then are difficulties and challenges humanity’s lot? No, when understood in the light of learning. The intent of this concept is to remove them as a means of measurement of goodness or spiritual enlightenment; for, the master is born from the raging storm, not the tranquil sea.

Obstacles are opportunities, and challenges are a chance to empower yourself and transform your reality. They exist to edify, modify and empower your life.

It is true that difficulties can be indicators of a necessary change needed or of a lesson chosen to be learned—but they are simply that. Once changes occur and lessons are learned, the soul wastes no time in bringing forward the next opportunity for learning.

So are we saying that ease and effortlessness are not to be had? Not at all, for a willing soul can have them as they move through the challenges and lessons of life—such is grace.

Success is not a life without obstacles and challenges but one unhindered by them. Thus is the definition of ease and effortlessness: ease and effortlessness are not the absence of challenges but your ability to maneuver through them. Ease and effortlessness are gifts of grace, not the judgment of behavior.

So how do you possess ease and effortlessness in the presence of daily dilemmas and struggles?

First, by ownership of what you are experiencing; second, the acknowledgment that their presence is for your highest good and learning; and thirdly, that you have the abilities and skills to master the challenges you face. Therein lies the source of ease and effortlessness. They are a state of being created by a willing and open soul. Ease and effortlessness are not the meter of attainment but the means to it – through self-acceptance, willingness and dominion in one’s life and world.

Ease and effortlessness are the path traveled—not the goal to be reached.

They are a promise that all you experience can be transformed; for, they shine most brightly in the darkest hour as guides to show the way. Their attainment is by willingness, dedication and acceptance to your chosen path of learning. Therefore, as you seek ease and effortlessness as a tool rather than a goal—you will possess them both.