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So Love the World

We would like to speak of the universe, not only in its immenseness but also in its intricate design to the point of its minuteness. The universe is the compilation of all that exists and there are many universes to be explored. The universe exists because you exist. It is a reflection of yourself. The universe, seemingly beyond comprehension in its magnitude, is a shadowing of the immensity of your own being.

The universe is an organism, an extension of yourself.
Even those things that are beyond your comprehension are simply parts of yourself that you have not yet discovered. The universe in all it grandeur, in all its law of physics and nature expresses aspects of yourself. Perhaps a fleeting thought went through your mind, is a flood, a hurricane, perhaps a tornado or a volcano, or the trembling of an earthquake a reflection of myself? Because of their impact on humanity, these natural, necessary events seem to be negative.
Humanity sees itself as a victim to Mother Nature’s fury, and catastrophe after catastrophe occurs upon your planet. The tsunami inundates innocents and the unsuspecting. Hurricane-force winds ravage the low-lying coastal areas of your country. It is said that consciousness draws […]

January 31st, 2017|Universe|

Experience the Experience

Experiences are the outcome of the creative process of the mind. They are born from your thoughts and are living consciousness. They are not just events happening to you or circumstances and situations you interact with. They are infused with the lifeblood of the power of your mind and are conceived of your thoughts. Therefore, they are not random occurrences but deliberate creations. Some readers may say that we have spoken of how your thoughts create your reality, and that is true. But in this concept, we wish to speak of the specifics that make up that reality—your experiences.

Most of humanity go through a day simply responding and reacting to what is encountered, dealing with what they have been dealt on a daily basis, often paying little attention to what they experience and not able to recall most events of the day. As a result, they live in a relatively unconscious state, oblivious to their lives and vulnerable rather than in command.

An appropriate analogy might be like driving a car without paying attention to the road. They miss out on opportunities to determine courses of action that are in alignment with their goals and thoughtful responses to their daily […]

January 4th, 2017|Physicality|

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