We would like to speak of the universe, not only in its immenseness but also in its intricate design to the point of its minuteness. The universe is the compilation of all that exists and there are many universes to be explored. The universe exists because you exist. It is a reflection of yourself. The universe, seemingly beyond comprehension in its magnitude, is a shadowing of the immensity of your own being.

The universe is an organism, an extension of yourself.

Even those things that are beyond your comprehension are simply parts of yourself that you have not yet discovered. The universe in all it grandeur, in all its law of physics and nature expresses aspects of yourself. Perhaps a fleeting thought went through your mind, is a flood, a hurricane, perhaps a tornado or a volcano, or the trembling of an earthquake a reflection of myself? Because of their impact on humanity, these natural, necessary events seem to be negative.

Humanity sees itself as a victim to Mother Nature’s fury, and catastrophe after catastrophe occurs upon your planet. The tsunami inundates innocents and the unsuspecting. Hurricane-force winds ravage the low-lying coastal areas of your country. It is said that consciousness draws certain natural phenomena and disasters to an area; rather we would say that consciousness is drawn to the areas that these natural occurrences might occur. There will be hurricanes on coastal shorelines with or without humanity present. There will be earthquakes with or without humanity’s presence. If one lives at the base of a volcano, they have chosen to do so.

We find it interesting and a little curious–humanities vain attempts to minimize the affects of nature’s natural evolutionary process of creating change. Levees are built to withhold the sea. Buildings are built to withstand the tremors. Do you really think that you have any power whatsoever over the natural laws of your planet? It was tried in the past by your ancestors, the Atlantians, to their own demise.

So is nature the enemy? We think not.

Humanity in its greed, in its total disregard of their planet and its resources, placed itself in opposition to the natural forces of nature and never, dear friends, has any species in the history of your planet ever defied the natural forces of the planet.

You have species that exist in the darkest nights in the depths of the ocean. You have organisms that thrive off the poisonous gases of a vent in the ocean floor. There are those species that exist in the frigid cold. Each is able to exist within the laws of your planet. These species were able to adapt. Why can’t you?

Humanity’s disregard for the well-being of Mother Earth and its resources can be, if not corrected, a fatal error on humanity’s part. We do not share these things to predict a grim future or the demise of the human race. What we share we share out of concern. We share out of caring. We share because you are like the child imprisoned in paradise. If you would but listen you would hear nature speaking to you in a voice more profound than any words can express.

The planet takes care of its own and you are hers.

Your physical existence is part and parcel of all that exists upon this planet, as is every species of every kingdom on earth. The earth will always love you. The earth will always seek to nurture you. It welcomed your spirit eons before into this dimension in the joyful anticipation of the physical expression of the consciousness of God springing forth from the earth like the flowers of the field in all its beauty and grandeur.

The earth has not lost its hope in you; do not lose hope in yourselves. Yes, as we gently and silently glide across the heavens above you and see the magnificence of the planet in which you dwell, her scars are evident. She trembles not only in anticipation of a new hope but in pain. You are taught not to abuse a spouse. Do not abuse your children or a pet.

Why would you so blatantly abuse the earth?

Though as we earlier stated, your planet will love you and nurture you, but not at the cost of the other inhabitants of the planet on which you dwell. There have been many a species who have given their life to the point of extinction in hopes that you would become aware, respectful and desirous to participate with all the living creatures and beings of your planet.

With the awakening of the new energy moving in vibrational waves across your planet, there is no longer the luxury of being the spoiled, belligerent, selfish child of Mother Earth. We say this not to be critical but in hopes that you would take the opportunity that is being offered to you; for all is not lost. Support those agencies and organizations that seek to better the planet. Take action in your own life to be a responsible user of planetary resources. You say, “What can we do? We must drive to work. We must heat our homes.” This was not created in a day, but many years of greed and mismanagement.

We will tell you, as we always offer a solution to each challenge that we bring to you, the planet is speaking to you, listen. What does she say?

Mother EarthListen to the birds singing? Listen to the wind. For there is a voice greater than can be spoken in words, than can be spoken to you now. If you would but become a participant and adapt into your rightful place within this planet, the birds of the air would feed you, the winds would become still, the ground beneath your feet would become firm because you have become one with all that is upon this planet.

Your government speaks of economic crises, war, protect the homeland. There is a greater power that you should be far more respectful of, far more powerful than any enemy that you could imagine, and that is the evolutionary power of this planet. This planet is evolving. This planet is in the beginning stages of making a powerful shift to its very core, to better prepare, and create an environment for God-conscious living beings.

Long, long after there are no more financial institutions, the Potomac River basin river is again a swamp, and the great cities of your planet are ancient myths for those who dwell here, Mother Earth will remain. Mother Earth will still love you. Mother Earth will still be nurturing you, and you, beloved souls of light, will be one with the birds of the air, the fish of the sea, and the land upon which you place your feet.

Don’t fight nature. Participate with it. It is yourself speaking to yourself in your corner of the universe.

We of the great ships of song await your arrival into that consciousness and we seek to awaken you, to rouse you into a greater reality of yourself and your planet.

For each of you who read this communiqué, in a unique and special way, nature will within a forty-eight hour period express its presence to you; and you will hear the earth speak to you.

For we are The One Mind and The One Thought and we have joyfully come to welcome you home.