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The Changing of the Age or The Shift

As always, it is our delight and our pleasure to speak with you, to assist you, to guide you, to instruct you in the ways of universal existence. It is our intent to inspire you and to reveal to you the truth of the oneness of All That Is. As we have many times […]

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Calendar of Creation

Humanity has misunderstood its origins and the purpose of their existence. Yet, this is not a fault or  failing of the human species but rather its challenge willingly accepted in the pursuit of bringing all physicality, all physical creation, into the conscious awareness of the creative force and source of their existence. You upon […]

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Holy Space, Holy Place

We are sure that each who reads these words are immediately reminded of a place or a location that they felt was holy. A sacred place can be created by actions, words, or deeds. It may be a great cathedral or a gentle meadow on the side of a mountain slope. It may be a […]

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Upon the Spiral Stairs

Upon the Spiral Stairs is a powerful 12 month program of affirmations for the purpose of raising your Consciousness. You can begin whenever you wish, simply start with Step 1 and affirm daily that set of affirmations for a month and then proceed to the next step upon the Spiral Stairs and repeat the process. The words […]

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