We are sure that each who reads these words are immediately reminded of a place or a location that they felt was holy. A sacred place can be created by actions, words, or deeds. It may be a great cathedral or a gentle meadow on the side of a mountain slope. It may be a place of great revelation where one experienced enlightenment. Or simply a humble place for without cause or notice would be meaningless to any but the beholder. Holy is the acknowledgment and the awareness of divinity in the present place you dwell. The flower or the butterfly that flutters erratically above it becomes holy by your decree. Holy place. Holy space is the detection of the divine wherever you dwell. Indeed, all is holy and all contains the presence of the divine, but you call that presence forth by acknowledging its sacredness. It is both yoholy placeur responsibility and your privilege to endow your world with the acknowledgment of its divinity. The soaring eagle may be holy, but your recognition of its sacredness in the grand scheme of all existence calls for that divinity within to be expressed. Just as on a darkened path, one lights a lamp to see the way. The same is true that when you “light your lamp” revealing all you encounter to be holy, and all about you will be sacred. Failure to acknowledge the holiness in all things is to be blind to the sacredness within yourself, your existence and oneness with all that exists.

Holy place. Holy space–exists because of you. Set your world free into sacredness. Declare by your acknowledgment and break the chains of physical forgetfulness that your world may be paradise again. For what is paradise? A holy place. A holy space.