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The Core of Consciousness

Let us review and add another level to the concept of the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul.

— You know you are in the Consciousness of the One Mind when you are acknowledge the potentiality and possibilities available to you, therefore, erasing limitations or preconceived ideas.

— You know you are in the Consciousness of the One Thought when you have access to your intuitive nature.

— And you know you are in the Consciousness of the One Soul when your life is in harmony and balance, and you are manifesting your soul’s desires.

So what do you do when you don’t experience a connection to these levels of consciousness?
There is a formula that can be followed to reconnect you in consciousness.
–If you are feeling limitation because you are not in connection with the potentiality and the creativity of the One Mind: ACKNOWLEDGE that all things are possible and you have all potential.

–If your intuition and insight is clouded by subjective filters and beliefs you are out of alignment with the One Thought you are called upon to: SURRENDER those thoughts, belief, ideas and emotions that block the creative power of the One Mind.

–When you feel powerless and out of […]

April 20th, 2011|Consciousness, The One Mind|

Evolution or Evolvement?

Philosophies fight between creationism and evolution. Sociologists banter back and forth about human development and psychologists certainly add to the mix. The simple truth of human existence is the emergence of the consciousness that created all things becoming physically manifest. The question of evolution or evolvement is neither a religious quandary nor a scientific debate. It is the question whether humanity is being driven or driving itself towards its own self-fulfillment.
Evolution is a passive state where physical existence is manipulated by outside forces and an internal process expressed in an outward expression.
This begs the question of humanity’s participation in both the creation and the creative process of physical existence. Humanity was born from the physical material of creation just as the seedling emerges its head above the soil that contains it. Humanity is the sparks of consciousness erupting from the fabric of existence. Humanity is creation expressing itself. The same force that grows the mighty oak or gives birth to the lamb and lion is the same force within you. You are in dominion. You are the pinnacle of the pyramid of existence for every living creature. Every physical component of the earth is a stepping stone to your […]

April 12th, 2011|Awakening, Soul, Spirituality|

Thoughts on Empowered Consciousness

In truth, you are only in power, and you are never a victim.

Intellectualization has no place in Consciousness. Intellectualization occurs when one is not embracing their divinity through either manifestation, intuition and insight, or creativity.

When you surrender and declare your dominion, you give us a pathway in your reality. Acknowledgment, Surrender and Dominion are the keys that allow us to work the miracles, that allows what you call God to be present in your life.

Part of the key of being good students is being tolerant of yourself, judgment has no place here and only hinders that process of attainment.

Actions do not create intent, intent creates action.

Everyday it assists you to become more united with each other, more connected to yourself. Do not allow the negative ego to sour your experiences of the world in which you dwell.

The dark night of the soul is when one breaks through the etheric membrane, like punching yourself out of a bag. It takes some effort and continual focus.

There is no separation even of the slightest degree of Consciousness between we and you. We are the evolutionary process of your spiritual growth and attainment. We are your destiny in which you have already arrived.

The […]

April 8th, 2011|Consciousness|

Cleansing the Palette of the Soul

We are sure that you are aware of the practice of cleansing the physical palette between courses of a sumptuous meal. What is the purpose and intent of this action? Would you not want to savor the delicacies long after they have been consumed? Yet when the palette is not cleansed, you cannot fully and completely appreciate a new taste, a new sensory experience.

Cleansing the physical palette brings you back to a place of unbiased receptivity, uninfluenced by other tastes and textures in order that you might fully experience what is being offered in the moment. The same is true of the soul, though we doubt if many have ever considered that correlation in cleansing the physical and spiritual palette.

As mentioned, cleansing the palette is to acknowledge that which has been consumed or experienced and return to a neutral place in order to experience something new. On life’s journey, one seldom thinks of cleansing the soul’s experiences.
Cleansing the palette of the soul allows you to be in the experiential moment of spiritual awareness.
Cleansing the palette of the soul is not the same concept of living in the present moment or forgiving the past, it is an acknowledgment of completion […]

April 6th, 2011|Soul, Spirituality|

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