On the Brink of Conscious Awareness

The evolutionary process of humanity is on the brink of conscious awareness.
The human adventure is about to culminate in a dramatic shift that will forever affect human perception and energetically transform  existence.

Just as days evolve into months and then years, an individual’s growth can be marked by the passage of time. The same is true in humanity’s maturation into a new species of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. Just as each stage of a child’s development into adulthood is important and to be honored, appreciated and respected, each stage in its time is to be released in order to move on to the next phase of growth—and spiritual growth mirrors this process.

Humanity is now at such a juncture and is being called upon to relinquish the present moment in order to accept a future reality. Honor this phase of human development for both challenges given and learning gained. Honor the present, let it go and welcome the future that is being offered. This is a time of un-attachment, as referenced in the writings of the Mayans, a time of no time.

Many of you who read these words are facing a level of challenges beyond anything that you have experienced in […]

March 2nd, 2019|Spirituality|

Release vs Relinquishment

You may question if there is a difference between releasing or relinquishing something. These two terms define appropriate or inappropriate, effective or ineffective, ways of letting go of an object, person or place.

Release and relinquishment go together:
Release is an outward action; relinquishment is an inner attitude.
How do you know if you have released or relinquished something? If you maintain an emotional investment in what you have let go of, then you have not relinquished it. To truly let go of something, someone or someplace, you must both externally and internally let it go.

Perhaps an example is appropriate: Let us say that you give a friend a sentimental or valuable piece of jewelry, perhaps your mother’s necklace or your father’s watch. And by chance, you are informed that they have pawned it. If you have an emotional response to the action—you have not relinquished the item. You many have released it by physically giving it away, but you still possess it emotionally.
The act of release is much easier than the act of relinquishment.
What often happens is that people release and then, perhaps later, relinquish—but the internal act of relinquishment should be the source of the release. If you release without […]

September 15th, 2018|Spirituality|

Ohm, The Song the Universe Sings

The universe has a voice, an audible expression of its existence. It is a voice made up of all its parts creating a resonant sound that vibrates in harmony with All That Is. For the scientist, when this audible vibration is detected they might defer it to the sound energy makes when being transmitted, much like an electrical hum one hears as current passes through the transformer.
The voice of the universe is a song that all sing, known or unknown to themselves. It is detectable yet takes some effort to perceive. Just as there are light frequencies, such as infrared and ultraviolet, that is beyond the optical capabilities of humanity, the same is true for the resonant vibrations of the universe.

To hear the song of All That Is, one must hear not with the ears but with the mind and the soul.
The great Ohm is the voice of All That Is that has never changed, always expresses and is a powerful reminder to all that perceive it of the truth of their origins.
Everyday, without fail, not only does all of creation and even the individual as an expression of physicality resonates the Ohm but also is inundated by it. […]

August 25th, 2017|All That Is, Enlightenment, Spirituality, Universe|

Expanding Horizons

What is a horizon? As soon as we mention it, you have an image in your mind. Perhaps looking out over the sea at the setting sun or perhaps from a mountaintop. Each is an example of a horizon yet each vividly different. There are many horizons: the horizon of vision, the horizon of thought and the horizon of consciousness to mention a few. But whatever the horizon is in reference to, there is one common aspect. It is a meeting point, a place of joining. Horizon is where two aspects of the same reference of reality meet. Where the earth meets the sky, thought meets inspiration and consciousness meets God.

Now that we have established a definition of horizon and have identified a common factor between all references to horizon, what other common aspects do they share. A horizon is also the point between the seen and the unseen. Horizon may be the end or the limit of visual perception, spiritual awareness or the conscious awareness; yet, each hold the promise of something more yet to be seen.

The next curiosity about horizon is that you can never reach it. It is always out there and moves with your change […]

May 18th, 2016|Awakening, Spirituality|

Energetic Cycles of Life

Just as the waxing and waning cycles of the moon affect the energetic inclinations of the inhabitants of the planet, so does the energetic cycles of life and the seasons across its hemispheres. The greater the amount of light, the more conducive the time is for growth and expansion. Even the animals mate in anticipation of birth during this time of growth so that their offspring will be born in the ever-increasing light and warmth of Spring.

You would find it enlightening to note that even human activities, such as productivity, expansion of programs and businesses, innovation and growth, mimic this natural pattern. Yes, modern society has been able to modify the effect of the natural cycle of the seasons, fending off the cold, and lighting the night. But still on a deep physiological and energetic level, humanity is still affected by and susceptible to these ebbs and flows of light and temperature. Not that human activities are determined by the seasons but if you live in a physical world, why wouldn’t the tendency to create be affected by this cyclical pattern of physical existence?

Throughout history there have been those who have read the stars and divination, observed nature’s ebbs […]

April 11th, 2016|Energy, Enlightenment, Physicality, Spirituality|


When you give in true service, unconditionally, without expectation, it always serves for the highest good, though you may not be aware at that time, or ever, of the positive affects your assistance has had. Therefore, the question at hand is how do you nurture and fulfill yourself in the process of giving when you may not see an end product.

The key is in the motivation. When you are unconditionally loving it is a guarantee that no matter what the seeming affects, it will be in the highest good of all, even if the one you give to misuses the gift. Love, in its purest form, and its handmaiden of appropriate assistance, are never expended in vain. But when motivation is unclear and lacking unconditional love, then indeed all the energy expended may truly be in vain. The illusion is that the reward is in the result, the fulfillment is in the process of unconditionally loving and appropriately assisting.
Spiritual Awareness
You cannot be spiritually aware in isolation, for spiritual awareness only comes in the expansion of the perception of yourself. Spiritual awareness is in direct proportion to the horizon of your reality.

By assisting others on their journey you expand your community – the perception of themselves overlaps into their […]

June 3rd, 2015|Love, Spirituality|

A Universal Blessing

A Universal Blessing for Humanity
Behind the thin veil of awareness, we reside forever in assistance to you, for beloved children of the earth, abandonment is not your inheritance nor sorrow your destiny. Behind the pallet of the stars of the universe lies a presence awaiting your return, forever patient and understanding, forever vigilant and in service are those of the realms to assist you.

Dear children of the earth, we are present. You are not abandoned nor are you orphaned. We, as the air that you breathe, surround you, permeate you and infuse you with the light of Divinity.

Dear children of the earth, step out from behind the illusion of separation and the darkness of the lack of understanding. Be willing, intentional and purposeful in your pursuit with the Oneness of All That Is.

Dear children of the earth, the truth is far more wondrous than you can imagine. The Garden that you perceive was lost is awaiting you, surrounding you. The path beneath your feet has been trod by the masters before you. If you but look, you will see their footsteps upon the ground.

Dear children of the earth, you are guided, you are led. You follow your own path […]

December 31st, 2014|Spirituality|

The Evolution of Mastery

Though mastery may be found in the moment, it occurs over a process of time. Even within the dimensions where time is irrelevant, it is a process of emerging, a journey to be taken, a destination that is never reached. “What?” you might say. Just as consciousness is ever expanding so is your mastery. Mastery is the attainment of spiritual expansion in alignment with the present awareness of your consciousness—and it is a wonderful gift that it is ever expanding, ever growing to encompass the new frontiers of consciousness that are emerging within the mind of God.

Mastery is the means by which one experiences the grace and ease along that journey. The evolutionary process of it is like the eternal blooming of the rose, its beauty beyond measure, its fragrance beyond compare, warmed by the sun of enlightenment, watered by the emotions of desire and fed by the fertile ground of consciousness. Mastery is the fruit of consciousness.

The evolutionary process of mastery is a journey well taken, one to be anticipated and desired. The evolutionary process of it is an irresistible force to the willing soul that wishes to follow its path. You need only to step upon the path to mastery and […]

December 1st, 2014|Spirituality|

Abundance vs Greed

The concept of the pursuit of treasure is a long-standing philosophy embedded deeply in the minds of humanity. Everyone is waiting for their ship to come in, to obtain their inheritance, win the lottery.

Intrinsically there is nothing wrong with the desire for abundance. Note that we did not say finance or wealth. Abundance is provided in many ways. It comes through all the aspects and energies of physical existence. It permeates the subtlety of your daily living and fills your cups of desire with generous portions of your wishes.

Yet humanity struggles in obtaining that which they already have, all the abundance they need. As a result, greed and avarice are born. The difference between greed and the honest desire for abundance is very subtle. But its consequences are profoundly different.

Abundance is the acknowledgement, the participation and the confidence that there is an eternal flow of everything you need.

Greed is born of the belief that there is a limited amount of abundance available, and because of that fear, flow is limited. The result is that the more you seek to attain, the more you lose. Although while firmly grounded in the concept of abundance, you are unafraid for when you pass […]

September 22nd, 2014|Awakening, Empowerment, Spirituality|

The Ebbs and Flows

The ebbs and flows of life, nature and creation are evident. There are peaks of activity and times of rest; there are moments of growth and times of breaking down. This cycle of creation and re-creation is an aspect of existence that permeates all universes and dimensions. It is the heartbeat of the creator and the breath of spirit upon all that exists.

When you are willing to accept and understand this dynamic aspect of your environment and your existence, you will be able to utilize the raw materials that are present to create what you desire, as stated in your holy writings, “There is a time for everything under the sun.”
When you allow yourself to be receptive and open to this pulse of consciousness flowing throughout the universe, you will experience ease and grace in creating that which you desire.
Some religious and theological philosophies call this the will of God. From the human perspective, this cycle can be frustrating especially when you want to create something now, but universally it is not the time. Yet many of you bang your head against the wall of creation in a vain attempt to regulate and manipulate the creative process. Just as […]

August 1st, 2014|Enlightenment, Spirituality|

Adversary or Advocate?

Is your perception of your existence an adversarial relationship or an advocate with your physical expression? How do you approach your life? When you awake in the morning do you see the world and your life in assistance to you or something that you need to overcome? Is your physical expression something that you need to get through in order to get to a better place or is it something that propels you on the way? Does the physical plane of existence assist or resist your evolution into a spiritually-conscious being? Or perhaps, at times it can be either and, if so, why? And how do you take conscious control of your perception of adversary or advocate?

Certainly throughout theological history, the physical plane of existence has been seen as a battle to overcome, a distraction over spiritual existence, damnation to a place alienated and isolated from spiritual awareness. Yes, the souls of humanity did choose to infuse themselves within the framework of physical existence, but it was not a purgatory they entered—it was a paradise. The “Garden” that was lost was done so by humanity’s own consciousness, for just as your enemy has no power when you are not […]

May 10th, 2014|Enlightenment, Spirituality|

Tribulation to Triumph

In the journey of enlightenment whenever one calls upon the realms to be of assistance, the realms of light always respond. No matter what has occurred in your life by external forces or internal choices, the universe, the source and the community of souls throughout the universe are always in assistance to the one who calls upon them. Therefore, no matter what the outward expression of your life exhibits, the internal process of communication, insight and understanding is continual and non-ending. And no matter what the circumstance in one’s life, it is transformed—transformed into that which you have requested. It cannot be otherwise.
Do no allow the external illusions of the world in which you dwell or the life that you inhabit on this physical plane of existence dissuade you or distract you from the eternal truth that the universe is always in assistance to those who call upon it.
Guilt, unworthiness, lack of forgiveness and even cause and effect are third dimensional constructs. The universe, your brethren and even your own highest expression in consciousness that stands before the throne of All That Is neither expects or anticipates perfection upon this journey. Like the child learning to take its first […]

April 30th, 2014|Enlightenment, Physicality, Spirituality|

Time in Memorial

As you stand in your present moment in time, history fades out of sight behind you and you march boldly forward toward the future on a distant horizon. When you look back over the past decade, a marriage, a job, it can seem to be just a moment. The time has seemed to fly. An anticipated time in the future, a vacation, an anniversary, a holiday can seem to take an eternity to arrive. Yet time ticks on consistently, second by second, minute by minute and hour by hour.
How those never-changing minutes can be perceived differently depends on your perspective.
What is the correlation? What is the connection between these differing perceptions of time? Is there a formula that calculates how you perceive time? In fact, there is and it is quite simple. You can only view time from the present moment. The more you are engaged in the now, the shorter of a period time seems to be. That is why when you are relaxing, playing or watching an enjoyable film, time seems to fly. Ask a child how quickly recess goes and how long a math class seems although they are the same length of time.

So when you […]

March 25th, 2014|Spirituality|

Hints and Clues

Hints and clues are offered by the consciousness of creation, not because the truths of existence are purposefully and intentionally being hidden, but rather offered as guideposts and signs on the ultimate exploration of yourself and your existence.

There would be little value to the journey which you undertook eons before if your higher consciousness self simply imbued you with the eternal knowledge of your existence and being. It is purposeful and intentional, by your choice, to be in physical form in order that physicality might become consciousness. The evolutionary process of existence in physical form is a necessary component of the process for consciousness to be one with physicality.
What is learned is owned by the one who has learned it, innate; unlearned knowledge is accepted as a given.
As a soul, you have always had, do have and will always have unlimited access and awareness to the universal consciousness. The physical aspects of your being, though infused with this knowledge, were unaware of it consciously. So you are both the student and the teacher, that is why you teach what you already know. You are instructing the physical aspect of yourself in the consciousness you are already aware of. It […]

March 9th, 2014|Enlightenment, Spirituality|

Children of Consciousness

Perhaps when you hear the term, Children of Consciousness, you think of yourself and those about you. Rather the Children of Consciousness are your thoughts. You have bore them from the union of your mind and your emotions. The Children of Consciousness are often conceived by unconscious desires and intents, beliefs and ideas, memories and concepts that drive your lives in certain directions. You would not get behind the wheel of a car with your eyes closed and drive. Do not get behind the wheel of your life and drive blindly through your reality.
The Children of your Consciousness are your thoughts.
You have bore them. You have nurtured them for them to survive. So be it a well behaved child or a bad seed, you must take responsibility. And as one might parent a child, one must parent their thoughts by discipline, patience and love. It is easy to love the well behaved child, it is far more difficult to do the same for the undisciplined and unruly child. Yet so often that is that child who needs the attention, who needs the time, who needs the understanding, who needs the forgiveness.

Thoughts are like light. They do not manifest until they […]

December 14th, 2013|Metaphysical, Spirituality|

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