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The Harmonics of Convergence

Everything receives, produces, and emanates a vibratory frequency. Each unique vibratory frequency creates a specific manifestation in the physical plane of existence. This energetic cycle between the elements of creation produces the signature resonance of the “Ohm”. If you think of these vibratory frequencies as an orchestra playing a symphony, you would have an […]

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The Undeniable Fact

Throughout human history, what has been deemed as fact has often been shown to be fiction; and what has been thought of as fiction has been found to be fact. In a universe too immense to comprehend and a reality that is always shifting, unquestionable facts become rare, indeed.

As a result, humanity finds it […]

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It is tradition, and rightfully so, that many celebrate their birth upon this planet, their incarnation into physical form. Friends and family gather and celebrate giving gifts to the one who is celebrating. We, of the realms, also celebrate that momentous occasion when an aspect of ourselves immerses themselves into the physical plane of […]

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