Throughout human history, what has been deemed as fact has often been shown to be fiction; and what has been thought of as fiction has been found to be fact. In a universe too immense to comprehend and a reality that is always shifting, unquestionable facts become rare, indeed.

As a result, humanity finds it difficult to find an anchor from which to build the perception of your existence. For every premise, theory or belief, there are those who would disagree or disprove its validity. There seems to be no common consensus of the reality in which you dwell or the world which you share.

Theologian, philosopher and sociologist alike have sought to find a common ground from which to participate and observe your world. The meaning of physical existence has been bantered and banged about by those seeking the truth and by those wishing to control. The purpose of your existence, the destiny of your days, the ultimate meaning of your life seems to be as numerous as the stars in the sky.

Yet, there is an undeniable fact, one that cannot be contested if you are reading these words–one that cannot be denied. It is the anchor and the foothold for all consciousness in creation and that undeniable fact is that you exist. We dare you to deny it or allow anyone to convince you otherwise.

So when you stand in the realization of your existence and declare that, “I AM,” you harness the power of creation and unleash its abilities into your physical expression. Is it not interesting, perhaps curious, that God itself declares its name I AM.

When you acknowledge your existence, you become one and inseparable from the dynamic force of the conscious creator and the creation.

It is the anchor that holds you fast to the dynamic force of existence, all else in all the universes and all the dimensions is in flux and change except for the single solitary fact that you exist.

You might not think this so profound; for, it is easy to overlook because of the familiarity of your self-awareness. But do not let what seems to be a simple fact be diluted by the lack of attention, focus, and honor that it deserves. How often each day do you declare and celebrate that you exist? To do so would open the floodgates of heaven and the gates of the garden for you to reside.

The greatest prayer, the greatest statement, the only song ever sung in the universe, the Ohm, is an acknowledgement of “I AM.”

Therein you will find your peace. Therein you will find your truth. Therein you will find your wisdom and strength to exist in the perfect expression of consciousness in physical form.