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Metaphysically Speaking

Perhaps the concept of metaphysical thought could be a stumbling block for some who might otherwise be open to a reality that transcends the known physical world. Humanity has a tendency to codify its thoughts on a subject, thereby creating a structured belief system one must adhere to in order to have access to […]

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My Bags are Packed

Often humanity seeks to change the reality in which it dwells to create an environment more to its liking. When initiated through intent, focus and action, your current reality begins to shift. Your current situation may seem to worsen; yet, in`reality you are being asked to release and surrender your present attachments and investments […]

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Divine Will vs Personal Choice

Perhaps the title of this concept hints at the difficulty of deciphering what is divine will or personal choice. When divine will and personal choice are seen as opposing forces, conflict is evident, and the ego consciousness and spiritual identity begin a tug-of-war for control.
The reality is that there is a fundamental misunderstanding of […]

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