Often humanity seeks to change the reality in which it dwells to create an environment more to its liking. When initiated through intent, focus and action, your current reality begins to shift. Your current situation may seem to worsen; yet, in`reality you are being asked to release and surrender your present attachments and investments in order for them to be transformed into your new reality. It is not much different than when you relocate. You pack up what you will need in you new environment and discard the rest. You must surrender where you are and release what you have in order to accomplish the move.

With shifting realities you must release and surrender. Therefore, see nothing as lost, as all things surrendered are transformed and returned in a new way.

To assist this process utilize the tools of acknowledgement, surrender and dominion during the transitional process–acknowledging the potential of your new reality, surrendering ALL aspects of your life to be transformed to be in alignment with this new reality and declaring your dominion, which is your right to live in this reality. This exercise will extinguish the fears, eliminate the confusion and bring you peace, hope and faith.

Do not focus on that which cannot be done; focus on that which you desire to be. Break through the membrane of fear, confusion, doubt and limitation, believing and accepting that your new reality is yours for the taking. Become invincible in your confidence in the creative force within you.

Creation is sometimes chaotic, but in that energetic chaos, there need not be fear or doubt.

So if you feel the pangs of loss, remember what seems lost has simply gone before you to be transformed and re-immersed into your new reality and is waiting for you. Let those things you surrender create a bridge that strengthens and supports you in identifying your vision. Everything is waiting for you on the other side of this reality in a new world built by you. You can assist in the process of transformation by joyfully sending them on their way, surrendering them to be in your new reality, to become beacons to draw you to them.

The shifts in reality are much like the fade out of a picture on one video monitor and its emergence on another. With this in mind if you were to hold your focus on where you are, it would look like your life is diminishing, becoming smaller, fading away into nothingness. But if you look to the other monitor, you could see it emerging on that screen. Focus on the screen where the vision of your life is emerging–surrendering the other without reserve, seeking the commonality between where you are and where you wish to be.