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The Magic

We would wish for you  to see the magic in your life. Our desire is for you to see the miracles. In that manner you will find the joy that you seek. Shamelessly, deliberately, intentionally become children. If you wish to live your life in grace and ease, in peace, joy, abundance, and love, one […]

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The Pinnacle

When one reaches the Pinnacle of Consciousness, they experience their wisdom and knowledge expand. When you reach that pinnacle, the physical journey and the expenditure of energy ceases—and you rest. The pinnacle is to see all things in alignment in your life for the accomplishment of the goals that you have chosen and the path of the […]

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Children of Consciousness

Perhaps when you hear the term, Children of Consciousness, you think of yourself and those about you. Rather the Children of Consciousness are your thoughts. You have bore them from the union of your mind and your emotions. The Children of Consciousness are often conceived by unconscious desires and intents, beliefs and ideas, memories and […]

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The Perfect Prayer

We have spoken to you of the One Mind and the One Thought and the One Soul as it pertains to Consciousness, the creative potential, the place of intuition and insight through observation and manifestation. We have spoken of acknowledgment, surrender and dominion. Those concepts are also the key elements of prayer.
Prayer is a […]

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