Perhaps when you hear the term, Children of Consciousness, you think of yourself and those about you. Rather the Children of Consciousness are your thoughts. You have bore them from the union of your mind and your emotions. The Children of Consciousness are often conceived by unconscious desires and intents, beliefs and ideas, memories and concepts that drive your lives in certain directions. You would not get behind the wheel of a car with your eyes closed and drive. Do not get behind the wheel of your life and drive blindly through your reality.

The Children of your Consciousness are your thoughts.

You have bore them. You have nurtured them for them to survive. So be it a well behaved child or a bad seed, you must take responsibility. And as one might parent a child, one must parent their thoughts by discipline, patience and love. It is easy to love the well behaved child, it is far more difficult to do the same for the undisciplined and unruly child. Yet so often that is that child who needs the attention, who needs the time, who needs the understanding, who needs the forgiveness.

Thoughts are like light. They do not manifest until they come children of consciousnessin contact with something in your reality. They are like invisible ghosts that manipulate, move and create circumstances and situations which you must respond to. Just as the sunlight reveals the truths of your environment, your thoughts reveal the truth of your reality.

All children can learn. All children can grow. All children can change. And so can the children of your consciousness. If your reality is an unruly house, you must take responsibility and take charge through discipline, patience, understanding and love. Your world has become chaotic and could be related to a school filled with unruly children born from undisciplined and inattentive parents. Generally speaking, one does not neglect the maintenance of their car, or the care of their pet, why would one neglect the most important aspect of your existence, that has the greatest affect upon your reality—your thoughts?

With great creativity comes great responsibility; with great opportunity comes powerful choices. Where are your children tonight? Where do your thoughts dwell? Who are their friends?

Perhaps you have not thought of your thoughts this way, but be assured that every thought gives birth and the more powerful the emotion, the stronger its manifestation.

It is truth that a vast majority of fleeting thoughts have a minimal impact on your reality. Yet the cumulative effect can be the most devastating if not monitored. Think of it this way—you are in a rowboat and you place a two-ton weight in the middle of your boat, it would surely sink, children of consciousnesswouldn’t it? But what would happen if every minute one placed a BB in the boat until it was full, what would be the result? Both acts sink the vessel.

Therefore, be the parent to your thoughts.

Name them so you can identify them and, therefore, call them by name into accounting. As you are aware, how a child is raised greatly affects how they live as adults. Have only children of consciousness that honor their mother and their father, and they will honor you in your old age. Will your Children of Consciousness be at your side to assist you when you are feeble, comfort you when you are sad. Do not curse your reality but understand your life is never an empty nest from the Children of your Consciousness. And never forget that in the family of Consciousness, all thoughts are subservient to their creator.

As individuals prepare for this holiday season and a time of family gatherings, gather the Children of your Consciousness under the roof of your soul. Warm them with your love, nurture them with your intent and transform them into a family of love and service to you, for your highest good and the highest good of all whom you encounter.