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Communication with Consciousness
Humanity is now receiving communication instantaneously. Also what has occurred and the purpose of this discussion has expanded in consciousness but not elevated in consciousness.
Once you are aware of something it has an energetic and physical affect upon your being.
Therefore news of war, mothers drowning children, children stolen and abused, corporate deception, spiritual delusion, all these have a profound affect upon you.

Imagine a family living in what at that time would have been the frontier of Kentucky. How much would they be aware of and how quickly would they be aware of those things outside their locale. Think now what you are aware of. You are aware of an earthquake in Japan or India, miners trapped in the earth. Communication without consciousness is the worst of all sins if sin was possible.
The greatest tool in the days ahead to deceive, cajole, and herd humanity will be communication without consciousness.
We are not saying without conscious awareness, we are saying all information is experiential. Anything brought to your awareness sits at the core of your being as if you experienced it–every movie, song and TV show.

Little does humanity realize, that the enemy is the void between awareness and consciousness. […]

March 31st, 2009|Physicality|

Defining Love

Love, let us define love. Love is the absolute awareness and recognition of another individual’s aspects. We understand as we speak that this may seem to be rather sterile; yet, think of that which is spoken. Love is the awareness and the recognition of another’s aspects.
That recognition is the bond, the absolutely necessary connection needed to reach the consciousness of All That Is; love is the bridge.
When one does not have that recognition they are unable to link to the other aspects of themselves they encounter in all whom they meet. Love in and of itself is a state of consciousness, even more than an emotion. Love is a universal construct beyond the human concept of love. Love is the state of the universe. It is the only reality that exists.

Ponder this in your day that love is the recognition of all aspects of yourself that you encounter. It is the link that binds you to All That Is.
Love is a necessary bond, and it is how you connect the pieces of yourself. It is truly a human emotion, in the universe it is a state of consciousness.
The negative ego seeks to undermine that awareness of oneness with the […]

March 26th, 2009|Love|

Divine Will

There is a fear that divine will is not good enough, the ego holds desperately on to its point of view and its options. All your pain and suffering comes from the false belief of how it should be, what it should be. There are two minds, there is the human mind, ego and the Divine Mind which is the collective whole. The ego has no more ability to determine or identify the future than a light-bulb has the ability to create light–although both are the vehicles of light. The ego is the conduit for divine expression. Atonement is when the Divine Mind, or should we say the ego perception, is in alignment with the Divine Mind.
That is the conflict you are experiencing. Individuality does not mean alienation, individuality is a means of expression, nothing more, nothing less.
Nothing has, nothing can, nothing will ever affect Divine Consciousness. Your pain and suffering, your struggles are the feeble attempt of the ego consciousness to maintain a foothold. The truth is found in where you identify your center. Do you see yourself physical seeking to live spiritual, or spiritual seeking to live physical? The answer is obvious, the implementation is not so easy.

You […]

March 24th, 2009|Consciousness|

Technology and Awareness

This is a great time of development in technology upon the planet creating a greater sensitivity to universal energy through electronics, and radio and sub-radio frequencies. This sensitivity caused the increase in the vibrational frequency of the universal signal of creation.
In the expansion of the universe which is now occurring, the awareness of the universe as one great organism is intensifying.
The myriad of individual frequencies that make up the whole become more intense. Just as a child discovers their toe, an the artist a new hue, a composer a new melody, a photographer a new visual–the universe expands in its awareness of itself. So as the human psyche expands, individuals are looking for ways to describe that which they are experiencing, and many of these individuals are seeking to describe what is not physical.

We are not trying to confuse you, but humanity has become more sensitive, more aware. There is more energy from the universal source available to assist in comprehending existence than ever before.
Remember that the essence of All That Is broadcasts all energetic frequencies. Humanity takes that energy, defines it and projects it, therefore, creating reality.
Universal energy is much like light, not evident until reflected in one’s […]

March 7th, 2009|Physicality|

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