Communication with Consciousness

Humanity is now receiving communication instantaneously. Also what has occurred and the purpose of this discussion has expanded in consciousness but not elevated in consciousness.

Once you are aware of something it has an energetic and physical affect upon your being.

Therefore news of war, mothers drowning children, children stolen and abused, corporate deception, spiritual delusion, all these have a profound affect upon you.

Imagine a family living in what at that time would have been the frontier of Kentucky. How much would they be aware of and how quickly would they be aware of those things outside their locale. Think now what you are aware of. You are aware of an earthquake in Japan or India, miners trapped in the earth. Communication without consciousness is the worst of all sins if sin was possible.

The greatest tool in the days ahead to deceive, cajole, and herd humanity will be communication without consciousness.

We are not saying without conscious awareness, we are saying all information is experiential. Anything brought to your awareness sits at the core of your being as if you experienced it–every movie, song and TV show.

Little does humanity realize, that the enemy is the void between awareness and consciousness. Filter your thoughts. Would you not look into a cup before drinking its contents? Why would you not do the same with what you experience before you consciously consume it?

Be the sentry of your own awareness. The immense amount of knowledge being made available to humanity must be filtered.

The information highway is not the yellow brick road to Oz: knowledge without consciousness is an anemic shadow of the truth.