This is a great time of development in technology upon the planet creating a greater sensitivity to universal energy through electronics, and radio and sub-radio frequencies. This sensitivity caused the increase in the vibrational frequency of the universal signal of creation.

In the expansion of the universe which is now occurring, the awareness of the universe as one great organism is intensifying.

The myriad of individual frequencies that make up the whole become more intense. Just as a child discovers their toe, an the artist a new hue, a composer a new melody, a photographer a new visual–the universe expands in its awareness of itself. So as the human psyche expands, individuals are looking for ways to describe that which they are experiencing, and many of these individuals are seeking to describe what is not physical.

We are not trying to confuse you, but humanity has become more sensitive, more aware. There is more energy from the universal source available to assist in comprehending existence than ever before.

Remember that the essence of All That Is broadcasts all energetic frequencies. Humanity takes that energy, defines it and projects it, therefore, creating reality.

Universal energy is much like light, not evident until reflected in one’s world. Humanity is receiving this vast input of information without interpretation. It is like hearing music without the melody. Spirituality offers the interpretation of this immense amount of information that is energetically and psychically being flooded into the third dimensional realm.

And remember, whenever there is a raise in consciousness, there are going to be both sides–utilization of the energy for good and less-good.