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Self Love

When one becomes aware of the One Mind and the One Thought awareness is permeated and filled with the presence of oneself. When one is in tune with and accepting of the One Mind and the One Thought, all of reality is in harmony.
To the degree that you love yourself is the degree to which you will see love in your awareness.
Everything that is within your reality is an expression of yourself. You would speak of wars and things that are not pleasant. The degree to which it intrudes upon your world and your interaction within it is the degree to which it is yours.
It is difficult to fully express to you that your world, this projection of what you experience and what is going on in your immediate reality, is a complete and direct projection of your own self, your own worth, your own self love.
The more you can accept that self love, the more your life will be in peace and harmony, no matter what is going around you. There can be peace in the midst of chaos. When you can stand within and look out with the eyes of love, you are in the One Mind […]

June 27th, 2009|Love|

Dark Night of the Soul

There is an event in spiritual growth and transformation referred to as the “Dark Night of The Soul.” Throughout fable and actual history, there are epic tales of those who faced the most dire of circumstances, held to their beliefs, their faith, and even in certain circumstances died, to reached their spiritual attainment.
The Dark Night of The Soul is the pit experienced in the pyramid where all darkness and despair converges, hopelessness creeps by your door and despair is just a breath away.
In the midst of that void, that darkness, in the absence of hope or light, one holds firm to their belief that there is light beyond the darkness and they are transformed, empowered and enlightened.

To the degree that one experiences those trials and tribulations is in direct proportion to the rewards they receive in spiritual strength, knowingness, insight and awareness. The Dark Night of The Soul mimics the ultimate test of this plane of existence, that of being totally separated from the conscious awareness of the creative force and the oneness of All That Is.
Without the opportunity to become unaware of the light, that ultimate peril, one cannot be secure that nothing can shake them.
The Dark Night […]

June 16th, 2009|Metaphysical|

The Universe and All That Is

Let us speak of the universe.

Often the universe is referred to in general conversation, particularly by those of newer thought. It is spoken of as an entity. It is spoken of as a parallel name for God. The word is volleyed around. It is utilized in varying contexts.
What is the correlation of All That Is and the Universe?
Is it one and the same. Is it a physical place? Is it a conscious dimension? Does it remain the same? Is it different? Is your universe the same as another person’s universe? Is there more than one? If so, how many? If there is only one, then whose is it? If everything that you experience is a reflection of yourself, what part does the universe represent?

Time, or the concept of it in memoriam, has recorded the slow evolutionary process of the universe’s growth and development. Your book, Ships of Song, speaks often of a loving universe.

What does the definition of uni-verse mean? What is a verse? A verse is a containment of something, a verse of scripture, a verse of a song, or a poem. It may be a verb as one is competent. It is a containment. It is a definition […]

June 8th, 2009|All That Is, Creation, Universe|

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