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The Rise and Fall of Flowers

You are immersed in the energy of the planet which is vibrant and dynamic. Everything is changing–creation is seeking to return to the Oneness. A constant flow of integration and disintegration and rebirth occurs upon the planet. Creation is ongoing as evidenced by a volcano erupting in the sea creating a new island; yet, the waves and wind without a second thought begin eroding it away. There is a sense of security and well-being in stillness and stabilization, but your freedom is in the dynamic movement within yourselves within nature. Let nothing be stagnant in your life; let nothing be still. Let each moment of every day be new, enticing you to move from where you are to where you will be.

Come to understand your Oneness with the planet, blessing that with which you participate. Love the cycles of life that flow through your being. Love the rise and the fall of the flowers, the trees, your own self in physical form. Is heaven separate from the planet or is that which you call heaven already here. Perhaps Consciousness is the span of our spiritual acuity. Does your world change or does your perception of it change?

Somehow individuals think […]

June 30th, 2010|Spirituality|

Dragons of Ego Consciousness

There comes a time, a day, a moment, in the journey of human existence, be it that of an individual life or a planetary Consciousness, that one, to be truly and wholly the masters of your realm, must face the dragons of their creations. Even the deepest, most inner thoughts and emotions, even unexpressed are brought forth into the light to be transformed and transmuted into the purest of God energy and Consciousness.
It is this process of healing and transformation of the negative ego consciousness that causes chaos and confusion in one’s life and blinds them from clarity and understanding.
All of humanity, in order to pass through the ethereal doorway into a new dimension, must shake off the debris of ego consciousness like a dog shaking water off its back. Lay your burden down, empty your pockets of your physical existence of that which is not needed in the next realm. The issue at hand is not that you have experienced and participated in negative ego consciousness thinking but that you are willing to focus upon the truth in spite of it all—of who you are and where you dwell. The dragons of your ego conscious creation seeks by […]

June 29th, 2010|Love, Spirituality|

Fear Not

Fear, as one understands it and humanity accepts it, is a belief in and recognition of oneself as powerless and victimized. It is true that often one’s experiences are distasteful yet if an individual can recognize and accept that the concoction that they find bitter is of their own making one becomes empowered.
All fear comes from the lack of self-love and the lack of self-love bears the children of unworthiness, lack of receivership, powerlessness and alienation, just to mention a few.
Fear is always born from the negative ego consciousness and the degree of fear is in direct proportion to one’s rejection of self-love. Fear is the antithesis of love, and as love has been expressed as God, fear indicates the presence of a lack of light.

Understanding that, seeking to accept even the seemingly unacceptable as a creation of yours empowers you because if you acknowledge you are the creator, you therefore have dominion over it. The creation can be no more powerful than the creator. When one finds themselves in the pit of darkness, in the bowels of despair, reinkindle and reignite that inner awareness of self-recognition, self love for light always chases away the darkness.
Fear is an illusion […]

June 16th, 2010|Love, Spirituality|

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