You are immersed in the energy of the planet which is vibrant and dynamic. Everything is changing–creation is seeking to return to the Oneness. A constant flow of integration and disintegration and rebirth occurs upon the planet. Creation is ongoing as evidenced by a volcano erupting in the sea creating a new island; yet, the waves and wind without a second thought begin eroding it away. There is a sense of security and well-being in stillness and stabilization, but your freedom is in the dynamic movement within yourselves within nature. Let nothing be stagnant in your life; let nothing be still. Let each moment of every day be new, enticing you to move from where you are to where you will be.

Come to understand your Oneness with the planet, blessing that with which you participate. Love the cycles of life that flow through your being. Love the rise and the fall of the flowers, the trees, your own self in physical form. Is heaven separate from the planet or is that which you call heaven already here. Perhaps Consciousness is the span of our spiritual acuity. Does your world change or does your perception of it change?

Somehow individuals think their dying is getting away to somewhere else, to heaven, to paradise, to Valhalla. Your brother stated it clearly, the kingdom is within you. Did we not speak of your Consciousness being eternal and infinite? There is a part of you in every physical dimension. We are asking you to integrate into the physical plane of existence and within that integration is all the dimensions.