There comes a time, a day, a moment, in the journey of human existence, be it that of an individual life or a planetary Consciousness, that one, to be truly and wholly the masters of your realm, must face the dragons of their creations. Even the deepest, most inner thoughts and emotions, even unexpressed are brought forth into the light to be transformed and transmuted into the purest of God energy and Consciousness.

It is this process of healing and transformation of the negative ego consciousness that causes chaos and confusion in one’s life and blinds them from clarity and understanding.

All of humanity, in order to pass through the ethereal doorway into a new dimension, must shake off the debris of ego consciousness like a dog shaking water off its back. Lay your burden down, empty your pockets of your physical existence of that which is not needed in the next realm. The issue at hand is not that you have experienced and participated in negative ego consciousness thinking but that you are willing to focus upon the truth in spite of it all—of who you are and where you dwell. The dragons of your ego conscious creation seeks by fear and deception to blind you from the purpose you decided to take this journey in the first place.

ego consciousnessWhen one prepares for a trip, they think of their destination and environment, the activities and purpose of their journey. You do no pack winter clothes for warm weather; you check the weather to see if it is raining in that locale. You do not take a tennis racket when you are traveling to the mountains to ski. It is the same concept as you prepare your journey into a new dimension.

What is your destination? What do you perceive your environment in the next realm to be? What do you need to take? What do you need to leave? What do you pack in the suitcase of your soul that you will need for the rest of your journey? Let us check, figuratively speaking “the weather report of the next dimension.” What is the environment? What are the activities you desire to participate in?

In the fourth dimension, which you are entering, there is no separation; there is only us.

There is a respect and an honoring of each and every part of creation as an integral aspect of All That Is. And your activity is to acknowledge, participate, understand, and grow into the realization and, indeed, the revelation that you are an instrumental part of the dance of All That Is created by the melody of your own soul.

Therefore, lack of self-love, the concepts of need or lack, prejudice, vulnerability, confusion, judgment, and fear have no place here. Those are the elements of the hot breath of the dragons you have created. If there was a hell, that would be it. Not that you believe these things exist but that you willingly participate in their illusion. You stand in the doorway of decision. Perhaps one did not realize how difficult it could be to choose paradise. Be not fearful or afraid but light your lamp from the eternal flame of All That Is, and the dragons and the demons of your creation will scatter and run from the light.

ego consciousnessThe greatest tool of the negative ego consciousness is self-condemnation.

Extinguish the flames of self-judgment and hate with the fresh, pure sparkling waters of the fountain of self-love. The test, the journey is not if and how many lessons you create but what you do when you experience them. Every lesson and experience that you transform into the light cleanses this plane of existence.

Yes, it is most of humanity’s desire to walk purely, lovingly, successfully without faltering through the pathways of one’s life. Without the lessons what would you have learned? History does you a disservice that it does not share, explain and explore the challenges of those who changed the world and their self-doubt, fear and despair.

The greatest movements forward in human consciousness have often been initiated by error thinking. That is how God and, more importantly you, draw straight with crooked lines. You walk a path directly to the Consciousness of God by meandering, detouring and backtracking through the pathways of one’s life.