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Prelude to Paradise

Humanity has the opportunity to look at its creations that deplete the environment, threaten the environment, or simply ignore the effects of the world industrial complex on the eco-structure.
As we’ve discussed in the past, the true understanding of the “tribulation” is not when humanity rebels against itself—but the earth rebels against humanity.
Just as in your own lives, you must take responsibility for your own creations—and transform and transmute them into the higher good, humanity must take responsibility for its creations and their impact upon the planet. Some of the recent man-made disasters are a precursor to greater changes in the environment and an opportunity for humanity to re-evaluate the impact and consequences of its behaviors upon the planet before these planetary shifts occur. The failure to learn would ultimately be calamitous; for, when the “real” disasters occur, society’s infrastructure will be far more vulnerable to the earth’s changes and shifts.

The greater disaster in Japan is the nuclear devastation that is, and will, occur. The earthquake and tsunami, in and of itself, would be disaster enough, but long after the hearts have healed, the economy has recovered and the debris has been carried away, the effects of this event will […]

March 22nd, 2011|Spirituality, Universe|

One with your World

Intentionally, purposefully instruct yourself, remind yourself to ground yourself to this planet. As you walk upon the earth draw its energy into your being. Breathe in deeply the energetic aura of the planet. Consume and become one with the planet on which you dwell, the physical plane in which you exist.

It is intriguing and interesting to us that humanity will seek to unite with what they perceive as divinity. Much energy is put on becoming one with a relationship, community, organization, government or religion, and how little energy is put on becoming one with the physical plane of existence.
In some ways the physical plane of existence has gotten a bad spiritual rap.
The “flesh” as seen by Paul is viewed as negative. Rather, the physical plane is the conduit of your ascent in consciousness. In the flow of energy from the One Mind to the One Thought to the One Soul and back again, the more you immerse yourself in the physical plane, the more it returns you to the source and potentiality. When one embraces the physical plane the opportunities and creative abilities increase. The physical plane of existence is the doorway back to the One Mind which is […]

March 16th, 2011|Energy|


Hallelujah has long been a song of praise and prayer. It is not affiliated with any religious sect or spiritual belief; yet, to the one that sings it and the one that hears it, it uplifts the soul, lightens the heart and immerses you in the presence of God.

The origins of this symbolic sound are more ancient than history itself. It is born from the eternal yearnings of the soul and the desire to express the presence of God. It is the foundation of all language. It is the intuitive song of the Ohm and is the sister to the song of the universe. It represents the essence of expression and the complete statement of existence. It is a song of love from the lover to the beloved. Born of the sacred Ohm, the sound, the song and the name of God. It is the song of existence.

Let your life be full of song. Let your soul sing the presence of God. By whatever nature you believe God to be, one thing holds true: that by the very essence of your soul it sings with the creation.

Hallelujah. Ohm. Feel its presence whisper in your heart. Feel its melody embrace […]

March 11th, 2011|Spirituality|

Riddles to Reason

The universe is full of questions and answers. The exploration of existence and the presence of a divinity lead one to explore the outer horizons of the ability to reason. A riddle is seen as an intentional and purposeful clue to be explored in order to uncover a truth being sought. Reason is the analytical process that one goes through by examining facts and determining conclusions.

Which of these aspects of discovery, if either, are appropriate in the exploration of consciousness, creation and existence? Does divinity scatter riddles throughout the human consciousness to entice an expansion of awareness? Are facts of existence like precious grains of gold being sifted through the sands of human existence?

Divinity and consciousness do not seek to hinder or hide the truth of existence from any of its creation. Riddles are not created by the universe but rather as an intermediate step in the process of discovery, drawing humanity’s attention to the fact that something is hidden by their own limited self-awareness. The facts, or perhaps better stated, the laws of existence are evident and available to all who seek their discovery.
The universe is completely accessible. Consciousness is totally knowable and existence understandable—when you are open, […]

March 8th, 2011|Enlightenment, Universe|

Stairway to Heaven

Let us simply summarize—the universe is in the progressive return to that which created it. There are energetic shifts and waves of consciousness that inundate the very universe in which you dwell. This energetic shift has occurred many times on the spiral stairs to the consciousness of God.
This shift is particularly important and unique—it is at the cusp of the dimensions and by its very nature causes physicality and consciousness to move into the next dimension.
So this is a unique shift in comparison to other recent shifts over the last millennia. Not every shift in consciousness is a shift in dimension. Think of it this way, imagine a building twelve stories high and each floor represents one of the houses of consciousness. Each step in each bank of stairs is a shift. Yet when you get to the top stair, what occurs? You are now in the next house. That is what is occurring here. Why it is important?
What is occurring here, occurs every 250,000 years.
There is a cycle to the shifts and the energy, be it the signs of the zodiac, be it 2500 and 25,000 year increments. Not to over simplify but there are ten major steps […]

March 3rd, 2011|Spirituality|

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