Convergence Consciousness

The Energetic Pattern of Convergence Consciousness
At the very heart of creation is the energetic signature of the potentiality created by the consciousness of All That Is. Each and every creation—be it the power of light, the focus of thought, the butterfly that flutters or the great whale that glides silently in the sea—each has its unique signature of energy. That energetic signature is created by consciousness defining its intent. The consciousness that created all things did not cherry pick those things that were to exist. Rather consciousness initiated a creative force capable of changing, evolving and being self-sustaining.
At the moment of existence God did not abandon what was created—but became it.
The evolutionary process of the universe is the evolution of God into physical being. The energetic signature is determined by conscious intent and, in this case, the conscious intent of the creator—and because you are participants in that energy, you have become co-creators with the source of All That Is. What does the creator know that you are in the process of discovering? The answer is an understanding and respect for the power of pure conscious thought, unfiltered and undistracted, upon the fabric of creation. Your thoughts weave the energetic pattern […]

November 3rd, 2014|Consciousness, Creation, Energy|

Times of Great Power

These times are times of great power and volatility. More than ever before one has a responsibility to keep their focus towards their desired goals and ends. That is not something to be afraid of; yet, something to be aware of in order that you might more fully participate and be responsible for your creations through respect and understanding of the creative force within you.

More and more individuals feel victimized which we find curious in a time when victimization has no place. More than ever before there is the information, the insight and the understanding available to take responsibility for your reality.
The creative forces of your psyche are more exposed and available than ever before in human history.
We have spoken to you of the rising of the energy upon this planet. You have read various speculations and accounts of what that transition would look like. We have spoken to you of the countdown. We have discussed with you the spiritual attributes of this shift and the change in consciousness–but what does that mean?
What is occurring as your very physical body is being inundated with a higher vibrational frequency?
You know what happens when someone is inundated with radiation. You are […]

June 19th, 2014|Empowerment, Energy|

Energetic Cycles of Life

Just as the waxing and waning cycles of the moon affect the energetic inclinations of the inhabitants of the planet, so does the energetic cycles of life and the seasons across its hemispheres. The greater the amount of light, the more conducive the time is for growth and expansion. Even the animals mate in anticipation of birth during this time of growth so that their offspring will be born in the ever-increasing light and warmth of Spring.

You would find it enlightening to note that even human activities, such as productivity, expansion of programs and businesses, innovation and growth, mimic this natural pattern. Yes, modern society has been able to modify the effect of the natural cycle of the seasons, fending off the cold, and lighting the night. But still on a deep physiological and energetic level, humanity is still affected by and susceptible to these ebbs and flows of light and temperature. Not that human activities are determined by the seasons but if you live in a physical world, why wouldn’t the tendency to create be affected by this cyclical pattern of physical existence?

Throughout history there have been those who have read the stars and divination, observed nature’s ebbs […]

April 11th, 2014|Energy, Enlightenment, Physicality, Spirituality|


Life, in its myriad and many forms, is an expression of the consciousness of energy. If one is most observant and astute they can learn a great deal about the energetic elements of the universe by observing the many life forms upon your planet.

Life, in that context, is a key to unlock the awareness of the consciousness of God expressing in physical form. Energy is consciousness and consciousness is divine.
Do not mistake life for existence; for, you will always exist. You have always existed but you will not always live in this particular physical expression.
It is imperative early in this discussion to understand that anything that lives exists–and that which exists lives. All from the stone to the human are equal participants in existence. Energy is multi-leveled and multi-dimensional. So the rock or the bird or the baby all express an important aspect of energy, and therefore, an important aspect of consciousness.

It is said, “As above so below,” and there are many interpretations of this concept. Perhaps this refers to the energetic structures that express creation. Creation is the physical expression of energy and, therefore, consciousness. It is often noted that one can find the face of God in creation […]

February 2nd, 2014|Energy, Physicality|

Healing an Ailing Planet

We come to you not in admonishment but rather as children who need to be reminded to care for their parent. The planet, Mother Earth as you have come to call it, has been your nurturer and your parent in your physical journey through this plane of existence. She gives her gifts freely and willingly and asks but one thing in return and that is to honor her.

What does that honoring mean? How does one express honor to a parent. Even your ancient writings speak of that law. A parent holds a place of respect, separate from all others, because of the care, protection, nurturing, source of life they provide for a child’s very existence.
“Do no harm” is the best example of how each of her children can honor Earth.
We understand and, in fact, we have participated with you in the advancements in technology and industry that have benefited humanity and negatively impacted the planet’s resources. Intentional, unintentional, informed and uninformed disregard for the earth and its inhabitants has been evident throughout this phase of humanity’s growth and development.

The “rule of thumb” has been for greed rather than working harmoniously with the planet and its gifts. Be assured for […]

June 18th, 2013|Energy, Physicality|

Receptivity and Responsiveness

The reception of and response to universal energy are essential elements of the consciousness of creation—both are necessary to complete the energetic circuit of creativity.
Receptivity without responsiveness, or responsiveness without receptivity, is energetically sterile and unable to conceive creation.
Receptivity is the acceptance of the creative process. It neither implies understanding or ability, but openness, while responsiveness is evidence that the energetic gift was integrated into your conscious awareness. They are the first cause of creation and are innocent of dogma or dictates. Receptivity and responsiveness are the handmaiden of magic and the domain of the inner child.
They encapsulate the purest potential of creative consciousness.
Though necessary to create and the foundation of All That Exists, they can neither be taught nor learned for they are the automatic catalyst to the consciousness of creation unfiltered by either belief or theory. They are your natural allies to your creative attributes. Therefore, be aware of your receptivity and your responsiveness to what you wish to create, for they are indicators of your connection to your innate abilities as a creator in your life.

You enhance your abilities to receive and respond by surrendering your intellect and allowing the creative process to flow unhindered. You […]

March 22nd, 2013|Energy, Love|

Resonant Energy

Resonant Energy, Reciprocal Response
The foundation of all existence is built upon an energetic grid created by the resonant vibrations of the elements of existence, forming a blueprint for creation. Understanding the resonant energy and reciprocal response will allow you to more fully access the creative forces of the universe.
The harmonic response of the universe to itself is caused by the vibrational alignment of energies. All energetic frequencies of creation have their place in the universe, just like a puzzle with its multiple pieces, each individual element has a specific location in which it fits perfectly.

You, as an expression of consciousness, have a unique vibratory signature.
This aspect of your existence is not some limiting factor, but rather identifies your unique place and contribution to the entire universe. Within the expansion of consciousness and the ever-spiraling understanding of physical existence, your resonant vibration and energetic frequency can and will shift. Because you are here on planet Earth, it can rightfully be assumed that your unique energetic signature is in harmony with planetary consciousness.

Some refer to the soul’s unique resonance as a tone, perhaps a note.
There is value to identifying that tone and expressing it in song or the Ohm. This not only brings […]

February 20th, 2013|Energy|

Creativity vs. Creation

We often speak of humanity as creators and becoming increasingly aware of their participation in the creative force of the universe. With that increasing awareness, people have become aware of the responsibility to create well. Part of the ongoing “problem” is that humanity does not remain conscious in their creations, often mis-creating through lack of attention or accountability. Creation has always and will continue to occur—if you are taking a breath and your heart is beating, you are creating. It cannot be escaped; yet, how you respond to this innate ability to be a creator is yours.
Creation is the reality. Creation is existence. Creation is not a past event or a future experience.
It is now, an eternal, ever-evolving process of consciousness. Creativity, on the other hand, is when you actively participate in the process of creation—when you take not only individual responsibility, but also wisely use the raw materials in your reality to create.

All of you who read this concept have had moments of inspiration, spurts of creativity, being in the “zen” of things. These moments are not some arbitrary, by chance, encounters with your inner creator. Rather they are a glimpse into an ever-present process available to you […]

December 6th, 2011|Creation, Energy, Enlightenment, Spirituality, Universe|

Convergence in Creation

Just as there are elemental properties to the your planetary structure—a periodic table that identifies the foundational elements of your physical world—the energetic elements of the universe can also be identified.
The universe sings the “Ohm” which is comprised of twenty-two distinct vibratory frequencies that create a resonance encompassing all of creation.
These twenty-two energies of creation are the notes that all “songs” of physical existence are created from. The convergence of these resonant energies brings forth physical manifestation. When you create, you are like the composer choosing a unique combination of notes to create a specific melody; it is yours to create your own symphony of life.

As you well know, everything is energy. Energy is conscious. But what is energy other than the vibratory frequency of consciousness? In your language, you have twenty-six letters that you combine in different arrangements to be able to write everything that you wish to say. The universe has twenty-two resonant energies in which to express everything it wishes to create.
The resonant energies of the universe is the alphabet of creation.
Once in a while you will read an author who captures you, inspires you and you become involved, changed in some way. With the alphabet […]

November 14th, 2011|Energy, Metaphysical|

One with your World

Intentionally, purposefully instruct yourself, remind yourself to ground yourself to this planet. As you walk upon the earth draw its energy into your being. Breathe in deeply the energetic aura of the planet. Consume and become one with the planet on which you dwell, the physical plane in which you exist.

It is intriguing and interesting to us that humanity will seek to unite with what they perceive as divinity. Much energy is put on becoming one with a relationship, community, organization, government or religion, and how little energy is put on becoming one with the physical plane of existence.
In some ways the physical plane of existence has gotten a bad spiritual rap.
The “flesh” as seen by Paul is viewed as negative. Rather, the physical plane is the conduit of your ascent in consciousness. In the flow of energy from the One Mind to the One Thought to the One Soul and back again, the more you immerse yourself in the physical plane, the more it returns you to the source and potentiality. When one embraces the physical plane the opportunities and creative abilities increase. The physical plane of existence is the doorway back to the One Mind which is […]

March 16th, 2011|Energy|

Holy Space, Holy Place

We are sure that each who reads these words are immediately reminded of a place or a location that they felt was holy. A sacred place can be created by actions, words, or deeds. It may be a great cathedral or a gentle meadow on the side of a mountain slope. It may be a place of great revelation where one experienced enlightenment. Or simply a humble place for without cause or notice would be meaningless to any but the beholder. Holy is the acknowledgment and the awareness of divinity in the present place you dwell. The flower or the butterfly that flutters erratically above it becomes holy by your decree. Holy place. Holy space is the detection of the divine wherever you dwell. Indeed, all is holy and all contains the presence of the divine, but you call that presence forth by acknowledging its sacredness. It is both your responsibility and your privilege to endow your world with the acknowledgment of its divinity. The soaring eagle may be holy, but your recognition of its sacredness in the grand scheme of all existence calls for that divinity within to be expressed. Just as on a darkened path, one lights a lamp […]

December 15th, 2010|Energy|

The Coming of Age

The Coming of Age of humanity’s evolution into the conscious awareness of their origins and destiny is quickly approaching. Throughout history the prophecies have indicated virtually catastrophic events to mark these shifts in consciousness. Divinity and consciousness have never been and never will be heralded by disaster, chaos, confusion or calamity. It is the human response to these inner urges to shift and a stubborn resistance to be willing to change.

The change of the age is like the gentle winds upon the water, the subtle fragrance of a flower’s bloom upon the air. The age is heralded in on the whispers of a dawn and the willingness of those upon the planet to respond.
The change in the ages, the shifts in consciousness is the normal evolutionary process of growth upon this planet.
You observe a child from birth to adulthood constantly changing, constantly shifting, continually growing yet fear, anger and confusion comes from the child’s response to these change, not the process in and of itself.

Why would the universe create a process of catastrophe to create change? The chaos of creation when dealt with in a willingness to participate and an understanding of its purpose can be met with peace, harmony […]

September 22nd, 2010|Ascension, Energy, Metaphysical, Spirituality, Universe|

The Holographic Experience

The holographic nature of humanity’s existence is awakening upon the planet with the ever-increasing vibrational frequencies of universal energy. The planet, and therefore humanity, is on the cusp of a new experience of existence. An awakening deep within the recesses of humanity’s forgotten origins is emerging through the rich earth of human experience, like the gentle sprout peaking its head above the soil. This is a time of gestation and growth, a time to be nurtured and cared for; for, you are yet unable to fully comprehend or enter the dimension on whose threshold you stand.

We have spoken of the holographic experience of existence.
Now is the age. Now is the time for humanity to fully comprehend the meaning of that term.
When one holds a holographic image in their hand, they turn it slightly with their fingers to get just the right perception, to see the various levels of the image they hold. So it is with you, you hold in your hand an image of what the new age offers. You have a thought of what the fourth dimension contains. You hold it between the fingers of your life experiences as you view it from a perspective of spiritual […]

June 22nd, 2010|Awakening, Energy|


A Course in Understanding Universal Energy
Human Energy Field
The human body is a finely tuned and complex receiver and transmitter of Universal Energy. It is born from the trinitized consciousness of utilization, identification and definition and is a perfect vehicle to maintain and facilitate conscious being. It is also the perfect mechanism to facilitate and utilize energies. No other species on the planet has as great a sensitivity to the reception of Universal Energy or the ability to manipulate and project it as does humanity.

Manipulation of energy is different than definition. Definition is the ability to create a specific resonant signature, it is the message being energetically delivered. Manipulation is the ability to direct the energy to enhance the definition. It is means in which the message is delivered. As a result the human organism, its physical, emotional and mental bodies are highly susceptible to any variation in energetic frequencies.

The chakras of the physical body are a thousand times more sensitive to energy than the iris of your eye to variations in light. The energetic chakras of the physical body are specifically designed to only accept the specific Universal Energy to which its frequency resonates and to either filter out […]

May 5th, 2010|Energy|


A Course in Understanding Universal Energy
The Mechanics of Manipulation of Energy
As we have discussed, the human body is a perfect transmitter and receiver of Universal Energy, capable of receiving the entire spectrum of energy and using it for manifestation. The trinitized consciousness of humanity, in conjunction with the available energies of the universe and the ability to manipulate energy at will, gives humanity dominion over its reality, the ability to change the very essence of the reality in which we dwell.

Just as we realize that an automobile is an efficient means of transportation, simply knowing that fact does not assist us in utilizing its potential. The same is true of the physical body, it is one thing to know its capabilities, another to utilize it. Any piece of machinery that performs a task must have fuel and that fuel, in some way, must flow through that machine and be transformed by that machine so it can be utilized. Therefore, in order for the mechanics of energy manipulation to be accomplished, one must allow the fuel (Universal Energy) to flow through and be transformed (consciousness of definition) into an energy that can now be manipulated.

Remember, your intent for the manipulation […]

April 24th, 2010|Energy|

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